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Toshiba TP61F90----Power indicator--blinking red light with

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Toshiba TP61F90----Power indicator--blinking red light with no operation when selected. Manual states red=on, green=standby. Tried reboot with no help.





Thank you for using just answer i ll be happy to assist you today,ok what exactly is your tv set doing also how many times is the red standby light blinking,moreover what have tried if anything to correct the problem thank you.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
<p>Red light blinks on followed by green light, then red light, then green light, (continually)</p><p> </p><p>No correction to problem made other than unplugging unit for extended period of time, then repowering with no change to above.</p>





Ok do you have the user manual or the service manual for your tv set thank you.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I viewed it online. It simply stated that when the light was steady red, the TV was in standby, and steady green the TV was on.

The Trouble Shooting section did not address the the alternating lights, which is probably part of a diagnostic mode.

However, on one forum, there was a post stating that there was a common problem with this model--something to do with "convergence" issues on the IC board for power.





OkCustomerthe problem that your tv set is having is coming from the convergence board,the two ICs that are there are faulty and causing the problem that your tv set is having,the two ICs on the convergence board have to be replaced,you can do this yourself with a little bit of soldering experience and a service manual (click on the link below to find the ICs for the convergence board)moreover if for some reason you do not want to deal with this and rather take it to a tv repair shop,this procedure should not be more than 250 dollars to get your tv set up and running,but it depends on the tv repair shop,hope this helps.


Thank You.

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