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TV is a 36 inch Hitachi about 7 years old. TV worked fine

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TV is a 36 inch Hitachi about 7 years old. TV worked fine when turned off last night. Today when turned on the screen is dark except for a narrow strip across the middle of the screen. Sound works fine. Tried rebooting the cable box but it didn't fix the problem. Tried playing a vcr tape but same problem -- screen dark except for narrow lighted strip. Don't know what else to do, but suspect some component in the tv went bad overnight. Ideas?





Thank you for using just answer i ll be happy to assist you today,first off can i have the model # XXXXX the tv set,also is this line just in the middle of the screen thank you,how about if you were to disconnect everything from your tv set would it fix the problem thank you.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Model No. is 32UX01S Hitachi Solid State Color TV


Yes, there is only one narrow (about 1/4 inch) strip straight across the middle of screen horizontally. If I use the remote to change channels or adjust volume I can see some color changes in the narrow strip. It is like the picture is there but I am only seeing a narrow portion of it.


Do you mean I should disconnect the Cable input and see if the screen is no longer dark except for the small line across the middle?






JUst disconnect cable input lets see what happens thank you.




OkCustomerif the above procedure does not fix the problem then the problem that your tv set is having is coming from the vertical deflection circuit,the most common problem is the IC on that circuit but it is hard to say from here with out being able to troubleshoot your tv set.This problem is coming from the vertical circuit,this circuit is causing that line right in the middle.My suggestion to you would be to take it to nearby tv repair shop and get your tv set serviced,depending on the tv repair it should not be more than 200 dollars to get your tv set up and running but it depends on the tv repair shop.



Thank You.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Okay, I disconnected the cable input and the line was still there without the sound. I figured it was a tv problem but it happened so quickly I just wanted to be sure. Thanks for your advice. Maybe knowing your diagnosis will save me some money when I take it to be repaired. Going to reply with this message so if you need to send another response in order for me to accept it, please do so.





OkCustomerthank you for your response,ok from my experience i am most certain that this problem is coming from the vertical deflection circuit, they will have to troubleshoot this circuit to find out which component is acting up and giving you this problem on your picture.Thank You,hope i was able help you today.

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