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Chris (aka- Moose)
Chris (aka- Moose), Technician
Category: Transmissions
Satisfied Customers: 1661
Experience:  16 yrs. experience with auto, manual, & CVT drivelines
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I have a 2009 Ford Tauras X. It had started to jerk, as if

Customer Question

I have a 2009 Ford Tauras X. It had started to jerk, as if changing gears, it is an automatic. I took it to get the transmission serviced, also had the gas sensor replaced so now my gas guage works. I took the car back to the shop and on the way the car jerked but of course when I got to the shop, it would not do the jerking when the mechanic drove the car or when I drove the car. It does this at about 40 miles per hour. It seems to do it when the car is warm about 15 minutes of driving.
Submitted: 12 months ago.
Category: Transmissions
Expert:  Nate replied 12 months ago.

Has the vehicle been scanned for misfire codes? A misfire in the engine could cause the condition that you are describing.

Customer: replied 12 months ago.

Yes. The tech also had the code reader plugged into the car the entire time we were driving.

Expert:  Nate replied 12 months ago.

Sound like it is likely an internal transmission problem. It very likely could have been caused by disrupting the transmission fluid. How many miles are on this vehicle?

Expert:  Nate replied 12 months ago.

What did the transmission shop say when you took it back? were they able to get it figured out? please let me know if you need more help!

Customer: replied 12 months ago.

The car jerked a couple of times on the way to the shop. The tech drove the car, then I drove the car with the tech and the car never had the issue. He had the code readed plugged into the car and of course did not get any issues.

Expert:  Nate replied 11 months ago.

Maybe some dirt or debris was dislodged when performing the transmission service. This could have caused a shift valve to stick which is maybe what you felt while driving the car initially. Is the problem resolved now?

Customer: replied 11 months ago.

I have put in injector cleaner into the gas tank. Seems to be better, not had the issue recently.