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Lasc claimed I failed to pay a ticket from 2011. I became aware

Customer Question

Lasc claimed I failed to pay a ticket from 2011. I became aware of this only when I received notification that The dmv will not renew my drivers license until the balance is paid. But here's the thing,
I did not neglect my responsibility to pay. In fact I paid the fine in full on my court date after I saw the judge. I still have the receipt from the superior courts cashier which referenced my case #***** I also have a copy of the check, which they cashed.
I never received notice from the court that there was a problem, but not long after my court day gc services called l and said they show I hadn't paid the ticket. I faxed my proof of payment, and they said they would clear it up with the court. I didn't hear back I assumed all was fine.
When I received the letter about my about to expire drivers license, called gc services to see what they had to say. They told me that they presented to the court my faxed proof of payment but unfortunately the court denied it because my account was already in collections. Gc services said there was nothing they could do.
I went back to the downtown court house to attempt to resolve. The clerk had me right the judge (who I am unable to go before) a "consideration letter" which I had stamped by the city attorney and filed with the clerk. They immediately mailed it back to me stating they did not read it and furthermore they do not accept direct correspondence from the public. They referred me to gc services, as my account is in collections.
My drivers license expired on the 5th of July. I paid gc services the $796 that they wrongly imposed against me for claiming I failed to pay a 466 ticket which I have 2 forms of physical proof that I paid satisfactory and on time. I paid because I simply had no choice. I have exhausted every avenue I can think of to correct their error, but it seems literally, no one can or is willing to help me. Please tell me I am missing something, because this just cannot be the way our state conducts business. It just can't be!
Could you please share any advice or guidance that might help me recover the hard earned money that was extorted from me? Thank you for taking the time to read this.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Traffic Law
Expert:  Zoey, JD replied 1 year ago.
My name is ***** ***** I am an experienced criminal lawyer. Thank you for having requested me.
I agree that you've been treated badly here, and I'm sorry to hear about it.
One possible avenue to recover your money would be to appeal your conviction on the grounds that you were subjected to an illegal sentence. If you prevail because you never should have had to pay this twice, then you should get the second payment refunded to you. Another would be to sue the county.
Either way, this is not something that you should take on without a lawyer. It's possible that if you win your suit you may get your legal fees back, but a civil litigator would know better than I would in that regard. You might at least want to consult with a local litigator in general practice who handles administrative appeals and suits against government agencies. Many have free or low cost initial consultation and you could get a good idea of the cost of retaining such a lawyer vs the likelihood of success and how much (or little) you could expect to recover. $786 is not an amount I would like to lose either, but it would likely cost you a great deal more than that to try to retrieve it, and it may not be worth that to you.