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I got a citation in Atlanta GA for HOV lane violation. I got

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I got a citation in Atlanta GA for HOV lane violation. I got lost in downtown Atlanta a couple weeks ago and after getting gas and I came back over the interstate, I only saw one lane option for getting back on the interstate, but it was an HOV Lane. This is common in Atlanta, but it was around 5:30pm during rush hour traffic, and I did not see another lane going north, so I pulled on this lane. My question is whether I will be assessed any points when this violation transfers to SC. Georgia DMV, told me to call and ask SC DMV. SC DMV tell me that they will not tell me until they get the ticket in their office how the points will work out. There has to be some kind of precedence set up, to know what the answer to this question. I am sure that SC DMV get 100's of tickets from GA officers for HOV Lane Violations. My driving record is horrible right now. I can't take a chance. I have 8 points against me. I will fight it in court before rolling over and paying the fine.
Hello, a few questions before I answer, have you paid the ticket, did you appear in court?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
No, my court date is on August 20th. I need to know in order to fight it or not. SC does not have HOV lanes. It is very confusing. I can't have it on my driving record.
Hello, HOV tickets in Atlanta are not very serious tickets and many are given out. However you may want to take a safey driving class before court and take the certification to court with you. I am assuming you are going to Atlanta Traffic Court therefore there is a chance the officer who wrote the ticket may not show up, then it may dismissed. But do not count on that. If you explain that you are totally not use to the HOV system and the Atlanta area and that you have taken a driving class to enhance your driving skill, then plea a nolo. The judge will give you an opportunity to make a plea. You can also retain an attorney but still there is noway you can tell the outcome.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

I understand that the ticket is not that serious, but SC DMV should see hundreds of those tickets coming in from GA every year. Is there a point value to an HOV lane violoation. SC does not have them at all, so it coulkd be a 2point violation or 0. there has to be an answer to this question. There won't be a judge in SC looking at this violation. It should be black or white, points or no points?

I do not want to drive to ATL, but I could. My traffic court date is August 20th. Is there any way that I can get the date pushed out if I cant get enrolled in a class by that time?

If you are concerned about points, the HOV violation will only bring 1 point after you have 4 or more HOV offenses. Therefore if you only have 1 violation you will not get any points. However, if you get 3 more HOV violations you would get 1 points. Again this is not a very serious violation. Georgia has a point system from 1 to 6 points.
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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
South Carolina didn't see it that way. I know that there is know way for you to predict what SC could or would do, but they translated it differently and gave me a 2 point ticket. Maybe I should send that information to tyhe Department of Motor Vehicles for a better consequence?