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Ted Ritter
Ted Ritter, Toyota Master Tech
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I'd prefer Genchi Genbutsu, Skyvisions or Ted Ritter but if

Customer Question

I'd prefer Genchi Genbutsu, Skyvisions or Ted Ritter but if they're not readily available anyone can probably answer this too.Hello,I'm having an issue with water leaking on my trunk carpet. The vehicle is an 02 Toyota Sequoia SR5 with 176000 miles. I'm not sure when this started as I've never seen an active leak. I'm just discovering the carpet wet underneath the mat when it's been parked for a while.My only repair attempt thus far has been replacing the weatherstrip. It had some tears in it, and I could see water accumulating on the bottom of it, so I presumed it was all related.The new weatherstrip didn't fix the problem, and I do see water pooling on the bottom of it when I open the trunk. I do park on a decline, so am wondering if water is just building up on the bottom of the weatherstrip, then leaking into the trunk. But I'm not totally sure that's it either.Another thought I had is whether or not there is a rear hvac drain hose that could be clogged. But I looked underneath on both sides of the rear bumper & tire areas and didn't see one. I also pried off the rear HVAC trim cover in the trunk & didn't see any rubber drain hoses there either. I did notice a lot of condensation in that area, on the metal HVAC lines and on the housing of the rear blower motor. With that area open, I glanced in the area of the taillights, but all looked dry there. I'm not aware of any problems with the heater/hvac operation. But I'm mentioning the condensation in that area if by chance it may be related to causing the trunk carpet to be wet. I'd also like to know the location of the rear hvac drain hose, if there is one so I can make sure it isn't obstructed.And lastly, anything else I should be looking for that would cause this? It doesn't seem to be any worse when I go through a car wash either. Any insight or troubleshooting tips you could give me would be greatly appreciated.Thanks in advance!
Submitted: 16 days ago.
Category: Toyota
Expert:  Ted Ritter replied 16 days ago.

Thanks for you request

There is a evaporator drain tube attached to the rear unit housing, you should be able to see it inside the grille cover that you removed before, the evaporator housing is very close to the floor of the vehicle about an inch or so, the drain is at the left front corner of the housing, there is a rubber hose attached that exits through the floor so water can drain outside, it's possible that the hose just came off, if not then there is a chance that it is just plugged up with debris allowing water to collect and pool inside, in that case you can look underneath and you'll see the exit hole, carefully poke inside the opening with a thin piece of wood to dislodge the clog, if water drains out you're done. If the hose is still sticking out the bottom but disconnected just try to push it up to re connect to the evaporator drain connector. It may be necessary to remove that entire trim panel to get access to re connect the hose.

Customer: replied 16 days ago.
Thanks, ***** *****'t be home to check on the vehicle until tomorrow afternoon. If it's necessary to remove that panel, any special tips to keep in mind?
Expert:  Ted Ritter replied 16 days ago.

Not really, it's mostly held on with clips and a couple of screws, I'll give more details later if you have to remove it

Customer: replied 16 days ago.
Sounds good, I'll be in touch again tomorrow afternoon.
Expert:  Ted Ritter replied 16 days ago.

Have a good evening.

Customer: replied 15 days ago.
Hi Ted,So here's where I'm at:I found the rear hvac drain hose, not sure how I missed it the first time but it was right where you said it was.The hose was intact & seemed in good condition. I pulled it from the floor, and not a drip of water on the lower end so presumed there was an obstruction there. I didn't have a piece of wood handy so carefully probed it with a coat hanger instead. I expected some water flow, but not a trace. So I left the trim cover off and went for a test drive with the front & rear a/c on the whole time. I'm in Oregon, just south of Portland, it was just over 60 degrees outside during the drive. I went about 5-6 miles, then parked and no water dripping under the back right side of the car. I probed the hose again, still bone dry.Then I removed the hose completely, and was able to blow compressed air through it. Air flow seemed normal, but as an added measure, I connected one end of the hose to a funnel & poured water through it. It streamed right out the other end so concluded I've ruled out a blocked hose. My next guess was maybe an obstruction at the port itself. Visually it looked clear, to make sure I ran a narrow but long piece of wire through the port as far as it would go. I was hoping for some water flow, but not a trace. I tried a few times and the wire was bone dry when I took it out.Maybe it wasn't hot enough for the A/C to expel moisture, but I'm not well versed on A/C so really not sure if that's true or not.So I'm starting to run out of ideas. One thought: should there be a grommet around the floor opening that the hose goes into? I didn't see one when I removed the hose, so either it's missing, or there just isn't supposed to be one.Other than replacing the trunk weatherstrip, I haven't tried anything else yet. The common problem of a broken tailgate handle was remedied at a Toyota dealer a few years ago, but I can't think of any possible mishap with that repair that could cause the trunk carpet to be wet. And the time gap between that repair & this problem seems too long to be related to each other too.Any other thoughts, or what to do next? I've never seen an active leak; but maybe I need to run it through a car wash and video or have someone sit back there & look around while I'm doing that.Please let me know your thoughts at convenience. I appreciate your help thus far too.
Customer: replied 15 days ago.
The only other thing I can add is as mentioned before, I did notice condensation around the metal A/C lines & on the housing for the rear blower motor. Not sure if that's a normal condition from sitting outside (down to 38-42 degrees the past few nights) or if that could somehow be related to this.
Expert:  Ted Ritter replied 15 days ago.

Yes, there is supposed to be a grommet in the floor around the hose but I don't think that much water can come from outside through there. The condensation is normal, from what you're describing it's quite a bit of water that's entering. One other possibility is a drain tube for the sunroof, it has one drain tube on each corner, the sunroof seal is not watertight and some rain water will get in but it is supposed to drain out through the drains out the bottom, rthis problem would be related to either rain or through the car wash, considering your location I would lean towards a sun roof drain tube issue. You can check for this by opening the sunreoof then pour a little water into the right side of the opening drain channel making sure the water runs toward the rear then check to see if the water drains out the bottom or the inside of the car, if it's clogged it will usually cause the leak to be up higher at the headlinder.

Customer: replied 14 days ago.
I owe you a huge apology, I totally forgot to mention I don't have a sunroof. I did run my hand along various other areas of the carpet. It felt like there was also a little dampness on the left side between the #2 & #3 seats, and maybe a little on the left in front of the #2 seat. Still much worse in the trunk, so I'm guessing the main problem is there & some water is just flowing from there toward the front. Other than the trunk, the right side is totally dry.I may check the front HVAC drain hose too although I really doubt the problem is there. Any other suggestions?
Expert:  Ted Ritter replied 14 days ago.

Not a problem, try running some water from a hose over the back area, maybe have someone do this while you observe on the inside.

Customer: replied 14 days ago.
I'll try the water hose next but it's going to be a few days before I have access to the vehicle again. Would you prefer I rate you now or hold off? I'm totally flexible & will keep you posted either way.
Expert:  Ted Ritter replied 14 days ago.

I will still respond to your replies even after you give me a rating, it's up to you.

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