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Chris (aka-Moose)
Chris (aka-Moose), Auto Technician
Category: Toyota
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I have a 1996 rav4 with a misfire on no. 3 cylinder replaced

Customer Question

i have a 1996 rav4 with a misfire on no. 3 cylinder replaced all plugs an wires dist. cap and rotor button. compression checked out ok. replaced no 3 fuel injector. it only misses when your cruseing with light throttle 55 to 60 mph. when you accelerate it goes away. 211,000 miles.
Submitted: 6 months ago.
Category: Toyota
Expert:  Chad Farhat replied 6 months ago.

Hi, I'm Chad. Welcome to JustAnswer. I'm reviewing your question and I will be posting your reply ASAP.

Expert:  Chad Farhat replied 6 months ago.

1- distributor is still original

2- have you checked for intermittent ground to injector from ecm

3- any check engine light on .

4-egr system cleaned and throttle body plate ?

Customer: replied 6 months ago.
distributor is original as far as i know. check engine light was on code was misfire 3 cyl. intermittent ground to injector from ecm can you explain. throttle body plate and egr. system has not been cleaned. vehicle has been setting for about a year been puttin fuel injector cleaner in every tankful. runs good except for the miss.
Expert:  Chad Farhat replied 6 months ago.

ok sorry for the delay i m back had to step out

let pull out the circuit diagram for it

Customer: replied 6 months ago.
have only ran about 400 to 500 miles. previous owner said i used very little oil.
Expert:  Chad Farhat replied 6 months ago.

what was the compression value?

do you have a black & red wire and black & yellow wire on the injector connectors

Customer: replied 6 months ago.
compression 100 not sire about wires i didn"t change injector.
Expert:  Chad Farhat replied 6 months ago.

The compression should be 185 or at minimum 135 per specs .

what are the rest of cylinder ?

did you change injector or not ?, you said you did in first notes, please let me know


1996 Toyota Truck RAV4 4WD L4-2.0L (3S-FE)

Compression Pressure ............................ 1,275 kPa (185 psi) or more Minimum Pressure .......................................... 932 kPa (135 psi) Cylinder Pressure Differential .............................. 98 kPa (14 psi)

Customer: replied 6 months ago.
injector was changed by a local mechanic not by me. all cylinders checked at 100 psi. he said he did a leak off test on no. 3 and it held pressure.
Expert:  Chad Farhat replied 6 months ago.

these are the specs of my all data subscription account for my shop

if we give the allowance of the 14 psi differential between cylinders we still low , don't you agree.

i understand what he is saying , but my 100 psi is low across the cylinder and not within specs,

if all the plugs,wires, cap & rotor button have been changed and you still have that hesitation ,what else is there

the car will run at 100 psi , with no issues especially these engine pretty tough , but the ecm will sense that issue

and throw the check engine light on .

is it more evident on idle the skip ?

Please let me know

Thank You

Chad Farhat

ASE Certified Technician

Customer: replied 6 months ago.
it idles,accelerates,and runs smooth a low speeds. can only feel miss at around 50 to 60 mph at around 2000 to 2200 on tach at light throttle.