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1998 Toyota Avalon XLS: I'm getting check engine lite on and

Customer Question

I'm getting check engine lite on and obd says p0125
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Toyota
Expert:  Skyvisions replied 1 year ago.
If you clear the code does it come right back? How many miles on the car? Any recent service history?
Expert:  Skyvisions replied 1 year ago.
Has there ever been any other codes set along with the 0125?
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I went back and checked again and yes there was another code in addition to p0125, it is p1153.
There are 78,724.2 miles on the car. Other than oil, oil filter and brakes there has been nothing.
I cleared the code and there is nothing. I did not drive the car, should I?
Expert:  Skyvisions replied 1 year ago.
Okay this confirms what I suspected bank two sensor one air fuel ratio sensor heater circuit has failed. The P0125 code is not a coolant or temperature issue. That code sets because the air fuel ratio sensor is not coming on line fast enough based on the given coolant temperature. It is a backup or secondary way for the computer to check the operation of the air fuel ratio sensor. The P1153 tells us that the heater circuit in the bank two sensor one has failed. The good news is this air fuel ratio sensor is easy to get to is the one right there in the exhaust manifold by the radiator. Disconnect the electrical connector use a 22 mm box and wrench or 7/8 inch box and wrench break the sensor loose unscrew it and install a new one. Use only a DENSO brand sensor. If you break the starts to come out then all of a sudden freezes up don't. Stop and put brake fluid on the base of the sensor at the manifold let it set for about 10 minutes then work it back and forth and it will come right out. Yes I did say brake fluid. Let me know how this goes or if you need any additional information. Please not forget to rate my assistance at three or higher so that I may be compensated. Any bonus would be greatly appreciated.