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Pontiac: After multiple trips to the dealer to fix "VSC OFF"

Customer Question

After multiple trips to the dealer to fix "VSC OFF" light, skid icon light, and "check engine" light all going on after I down shift to 3rd or 4th gear to pass a car & rev the Toyota VVT engine in my Pontiac vibe to between 5 & 6000 rpm (NOT hitting the red line), finally a GM "field service technician" travels to the dealer, does a diagnostic, and pronounces that replacing the cylinder head will fix the problem. Dealer mechanics and field serv. tech. say #2 cylinder is misfiring. When I drove the car I didn't notice any misfiring - performance was normal until those lights went on (in other words, when Stabilitrak disengaged). Previous "fixes" have been: reprogram computer ("scanned DTSC and found P0335, P0304, P0300, re-programed with latest software), "found #4 coil was cracked on top & found carbon tracking on #4 spark plug - replaced both," "performed top engine cleaner for carbon build up on valves (valves may be hanging up), cleaned valves." None of those "fixes" solved the problem. 2 more trips - dealer says nothing is wrong, after 2nd trip I take car back & the 3 lights go on one block away from the dealer when I've only gotten into 2nd gear as I approach a traffic light. I've had 3 different local reputable mechanics say that cylinder heads "don't just go bad," and they're all mystified as to any connection with cylinder head and Stabilitrak going out. They're all willing to look at my car, but only w/ minimum $100 per hour diagnostic charges, & it may take more than one hour. GM says replacing cylinder head will cost $5400 due to 16.6 hours of labor because engine must be removed. Please Help!
Steve D
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Toyota
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
is this a question that might be better for a Toyota mechanic to answer (It's a Toyota 1.8L 2WD Toyota VVT)?
Expert:  Toyota Service replied 2 years ago.
Hello. Welcome to Just Answer. Vp lease allow me to assist you. You really need a Toyota tech to look at this car, not a GM tech. Based on your explanation of the problem, I would recommend that you have the VVT control gear replaced on the camshaft This is a known problem. The VVT gear advances the valve timing and U.S. Prone to stick or not respond fast enough U would not trust a basic GM tech for this replacements, as the cams need to come off of the cylinder head. An A rate Toyota tech would be the recommendation here. If you have any questions, please feel free to reply.

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