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scion Xb: Scion 2005 Xb 160000 miles, just had brakes all around

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Scion 2005 Xb 160000 miles, just had brakes all around replaced and tires. Starting about a week before they were replaced I started getting a hum once the car warmed up and about 40 mph up. I thought it was wheel bearing but shop that did tires and breaks said they could not repeat it and did not think it was. I'm still getting it maybe for 20 minutes or more and then it stops or low enough I can not hear it. This occurs on straight highway driving and turns.
Any suggestions, my wife thinks it is the transmission, but I don't think so. Not tide to when it shifts, it stays the same.
hello, welcome to just answerIt sounds like a wheel bearing to me, it may be just starting to go out,if the noise changes when turning it's a good indication as well as doing so puts more weight on one side, if the noise gets louder when turning left, for example, then it would be the right front bearing, the opposite is true when turning right
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