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Toyota rx 300: Hello! I searched an read your diagnosis of

Customer Question

Hello! I searched an read your diagnosis of a rx 300 that does not shift into overdrive...mine shows up after the car has been running for some time and is then ok if I restart. What do you think?
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Toyota
Expert:  ToyoPro replied 4 years ago.

ToyoPro : Hello and Welcome to JustAnswer. I am reviewing your question and will be back with you in just a second.
ToyoPro : Most times when there is a problem with that model not shifting into overdrive it is due to a knock sensor failure. Is your check engine light on?
JACUSTOMER-yb2n8bq6- : Yes, ii
ToyoPro : Most of your auto part stores will check it for codes for free. If there are knock sensor codes that will keep it from shifting into overdrive. When repairing this issue replace both knock sensors and the wirng harness for them. Only use sensors and a harness from a Toyota or Lexus dealer. To have a dealer repair it will cost around $800-1000.
JACUSTOMER-yb2n8bq6- :
ToyoPro : If you can get the codes and post them here I will be glad to help go over them with you.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Hi, I did go to Autozone. There are three printouts:
p1130 air fuel sensor range performance
p0030 knock senor 2 circut
p1135 air fuel sensor heater circut

On the last two probable cause listed probable open or short circut .
I wonder if it could be a ground problem. What can you make of this?

Many Thanks
Expert:  ToyoPro replied 4 years ago.
P1130 and p1135 are bank 1 sensor 1 air fuel ratio sensor codes. Which are very common on that model. The sensor is located in the exhaust manifold closest to the firewall. When replacing it make sure to use a factory sensor or at least a Denso sensor if using aftermaket. P0330 is a knock sensor code and will cause the no overdrive issue that you are having. The knock sensors are located under the intake manifold. Like previously mentioned when replacing them all ways replace both of them at the same time along with the harness for them. Only use factory knock sensors for that repair there have been a lot of issues with aftermaket knock sensors. I would replace the knock sensors first. Clear the codes and if p1130 or p1135 come back replace the air fuel sensor at that time. It is possible that the knock sensor could cause the air fuel problem but be prepared to replace the air fuel sensor failure is common. If you have other questions just reply to this question I will be glad to help.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Hi Sorry for the delay. I took it to a small shop that Autozone gave me to visit. He replaced the Speed Sensor for $188 and it is still not shifting ibto overdrive after travelling about twenty minutes. He says the 02 and kbock sensors will not cause this and wants to drop the transmission plan. How confident are you that is your before mentioned kbock sensors? What should i do now?
Expert:  ToyoPro replied 4 years ago.
The knock sensors will 100% absolutely cause the transmission not to shift into overdrive. I change them on a daily basis for your condition. The o2 sensors will not cause the no overdrive condition.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Thanks very much. How much with labor should cost to fix?
Expert:  ToyoPro replied 4 years ago.
We charge 4 hours labor to replace the knock sensors. Which is $460 at my dealership.

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