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Toyota Corolla: I have a 2010 Corolla. Suddenly, out of the

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I have a 2010 Corolla. Suddenly, out of the blue, a red flashing light has come on for the passenger side airbag with an icon of a lock on it. When I started the car, the indicator light said the passenger side airbag was on, but it still flashed red. I tried disconnecting the battery to see if it would reboot the indicator light. It did not. It continues to flash. Even with the car is not running.

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Are you saying that the warning light is continuing to flash even with the key out of the car and the vehicle locked?

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
That is correct.
I'm still trying to narrow down what warning light exactly you're seeing. Is this a picture of the key in a small car? Is it possible that you can post a picture of the warning light you're referring to? If you insert the ignition key into the lock cylinder does the light go out while sitting in the driver seat and the passenger seat empty and the seatbelt disconnected?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
The warning light is in the lower center of the dash next to the clock. It is a red flashing signal that is only on when the key is out of the ignition. The icon that is flashing red is that of half a silhouette of a car and a lock with a keyhole in it. And the answer to your last question is yes, the light goes out while sitting in the driver seat and the passenger seat is empty and the seatbelt disconnected.

Additionally when the car is started the indicator light for the passenger side airbag shows "on." Even if there's no passenger. When a passenger sits in the passenger seat while the car is running and puts on the seatbelt the indicator light also shows "on."

Also, when the car is turned off with the key still in the ignition, the flashing red light does not come on at all even when there's a passenger buckled in to the passenger seat. If the passenger is still buckled in, once the key is removed the flashing red light still comes on, and stays flashing even when the passenger is no longer sitting in the seat.
Okay, here's what I think we got going on. First of all the little red light with a picture of the key/car that goes out when you insert the ignition key into the lock cylinder and flashes when you remove the key from the vehicle, is the security warning light. This is normal. Essentially what this is doing is the moment you insert the ignition key in the lock cylinder the immobilizer system recognizes the code in the key and allows communication with the engine control computer to initialize the vehicle to start. When you remove the key the security light flashes to identify that the system is set and waiting for the proper authorization from a registered ignition key. If you were to stick a non registered key into the ignition lock cylinder the light would flash a code 21 or a series of different flashes. Now regarding the seat belt or airbag warning light. I am a little unclear yet. The warning light will be illuminated but will switch from off to on if someone is sitting in the seat. The seat belt buckle at this point makes no difference. The warning light for the seatbelt buckle will chime and illuminate. If the warning light is illuminated and it constantly says ON then there may be a calibration or weight issue with the right seat track. If this is the case this is still covered under your factory warranty for three years and 36,000 miles. You may need to have this inspected or have the seat calibration checked.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Ok. Thank you. My only question about the whole thing is that we've never seen this flashing red indicator light until tonight. And we got the car in May. Your explanation makes perfect sense, but what doesn't is why this indicator light has just started flashing. And no, we're not inattentive, crazy, or stoners who don't know what's going on with our car. Many thanks.
Trust me I am as confused as to why you didn't notice it or why it is on now. If you have the immobilizer/security system all I can tell you is that light is responding normally. Perhaps it was out or there was a loose connection and it never was on? It's very difficult to say for sure why you didn't see it or why it was not on before. If you're still having an issue with the security light or the airbag light staying on when no one is seated in the seat these items are still all covered under the your electrical warranty of three years and 36,000 miles. If there is a malfunction in either system typically there will be codes set for each subsystem. By this I mean the SRS ECU and the immobilizer ECU.
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