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Toyota Corolla My check engine light just came on, it came

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My check engine light just came on, it came on while I was driving and when it did the car lost power so I had to restart and rev the engine to keep it going. While driving it home it was fine but when I turned it off, turned it back on and started to reverse up hill it lost power again. One time before the light came on it seemed to stutter once while I was accelerating up a hill. I can get the car in tomorrow but I need to take it to work, what do you think the problem is? I am past due on an oil change, I checked the level and it seemed to be good.
One of the computer sensors has had a hard fault and the computer is in a default mode to try and keep it running. It may be a crankshaft sensor since if it fails it can stall the car, many others will not do that. As long as the light is not flashing you can drive the vehicle but it will need to have the computer scanned to find the faulty part. If by some chance when you start it tomorrow it runs okay and the light is off, take it in anyway as a code will be recorded in the computer to assist the technician in finding the problem. (For reference it will not "fix" itself but may not act up after the car cools.) It is not related to your oil change so you can get that done at your convenience.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
If the check engine light starts flashing at me should I take it in immediatly? right now I have scheduled a time at 4pm after work to bring it in.
If it starts flashing it means the car can be damaged by the failure, have it towed if necessary but don't drive it.
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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
but driving it in default mode for the day will not damage it? only if it starts flashing? just want to be sure i understand :)
That is correct you should be able to drive it as long as the light doesn't flash. I do have to say though that if the sensor fails completely there is the possibility the car will simply stop running, but that is a small possibility. (Since it already got you home.)
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Do you know the how much fixing the crankshaft typically runs in a corolla?

If it just needs the sensor you would be looking at less than $150. Since there are so many sensors it will have to be scanned to get a decent estimate of repair.
Ted G. and other Toyota Specialists are ready to help you

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