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need help locating the oxygen sensor for bank 1 sensor 2. Rav4

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need help locating the oxygen sensor for bank 1 sensor 2.

Rav4 2.0 2003 model
I know there are 4 of them and looking in I can see 2. I hope it is one of them.

thanks a lot!



Your layout is reversed from most vehicles, as the pipes cross over each other, as shown in the following diagram:



You will need to access the sensor from the bottom of the vehicle, however. Access from the top is very difficult. From below is not bad at all however.

You will need an O2 sensor socket, or a 22mm wrench to get it out. I strongly recommend using a generous amount of penetrating oil or similar an hour or so before attempting to remove the sensor.


Customer: replied 7 years ago.

is bank 1 on the driver side or passenger?


I ordered a replacement using the bank 1 sensor 2 and the service rep placed the order but the info detail was listed as passenger.


I'm assuming sensor 1 is the top and sensor 2 at the bottom.


Does it matter is it's bank 1 or 2?



The sensor you need to replace is the drivers side lower sensor, circled in the picture above. You are correct, sensor 1 is the upper sensors, and sensor 2 is the lower sensors.


It absolutely matters bank 1 versus bank 2. If your code is bank 1 sensor 2, you must replace the sensor circled above (driver side, lower)

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