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1992 toyota paseo: know how do I get to remove

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I like to know how do I get to remove/replace the speedometer cable on a 1992 toyota paseo? I don''t know how to replace/remove the speedometer cable on the 1992 toyota paseo.

Hi Philly and welcome to JustAnswer,

The gauge cluster will need to be removed from the dashboard. I have attached a file for the procedure to do so.


Both ends of the speedometer cable is screwed in. I have attached an image of the cable going into the transaxle assembly.


Let me know if you need more help.


Customer: replied 9 years ago.
I don't understand why Toyota makes it difficult just to remove/replace the speedometer cable on a 92 paseo. Do I really have to do all those things you stated?

It's been awhile since I had to take a gauge cluster out on a Paseo, but I believe you can remove the steering covers on Step 5 and then go to Step 10 to remove the gauge trim panel.


Customer: replied 9 years ago.
I really want to pay you for the information, but I have one more question to ask. The question is: How do you remove the steering column covers? My 92 Paseo is missing the four screws, the bottom cover is off, but I cannot remove the top one. On Monday, 04/07/08 I tried to remove the top one but could not get it to come off.
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
I would like a new expert.

The top cover is removed by pulling up once the 4 screws are removed. No other screws hold that top cover in place.


Customer: replied 9 years ago.

Well it seems like I have more questions to ask.

Question 1: In the instructions you provided, step 11, "Remove Combination Meter", how do you remove the "Combination Meter", and why does that have to be removed?

Question 2: How do you actually get to the speedometer cable on the back of the dash panel?

Question 3: Do I have to perform all of the steps (21 in all) just to get to the speedomater cable on the backside of the dash panel?

Answer 1: The combination meter is held in by (3) Phillips screws. One on the top and the other 2 at each lower corners. The meter needs to be removed because the other end of the speedometer cable is attached to the backside of it and the other end is attached to the transmission assembly.

Answer 2: You need to remove the combination meter to gain access to the cable.

Answer 3: You do not have to perform all the steps given to you. The procedure to remove the combination meter is not seperate in the repair manuals from Toyota. Remove the steering column covers and the gauge panel and the combo meter should come out once the (3) screws are removed.


Customer: replied 9 years ago.

Well, your last reply was a big help. I removed the three screws (you mentioned in your last reply) that hold in the "Combination Meter". After I removed those screws I noticed there were two brass screws at the top of the combination meter, one each at the top right & top left corners. I went ahead and removed those two screws, but still cannot remove the combination meter. So, why can I not remove the "Combination Meter"?

Hopefully this will be the last question I have to ask.


In order to remove the whole meter assembly away from the dash, you need to unscrew the speedo cable that's screwed into the transmission assembly.


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