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A friend left s vintage drum set at my house about ten years

A friend left his vintage drum set at my house about ten years ago. I don't expect to hear from him. I have attempted to text and call. He is out of state. He has a son that lives nearby who has made verbal claims of the property over the years and has continually neglected any effort to recover it or claim it even after informal requests. I don't wish to have responsibility for the property anymore and I also don't wish to have any further contact with the son. I do respect my old friends property, but I am tired of storing it and being responsible for it. I want to do the right thing. My fear is that if I get rid of the drums, or even put time into refurbishing them and using them, that it will somehow be held over my head in the future in a negative way. This would be entirely consistent behavior for the son. What can I do? Thanks.

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I was the manager/secretary of an unincorporated business trust

I was the manager/secretary of an unincorporated business trust in 1992. It had a little money, my parents home and a small property. I sold the home, used the money and let the small piece of land go to the washoe county treasurer in Nevada. I was notified that the property was sold at auction for $10,000 and there is $8,343 left in excess funds. I applied for the funds but was denied because, even though I am the heir to my parents, the property was in the name of the trust and my father. I sent death certificates, birth certificates and several affidavits stating I was the manager of the trust. The problems is that in 2011 all of the trust papers were destroyed in a flood and I have no way of proving I was the manager. I sent sworn affidavits stating that I am, but was still denied. I want to appeal and I can't afford to get an attorney in Nevada. Is there any way I can appeal and hopefully convince them that I am the rightful heir?

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A distressed residential property in California is

A distressed residential property in California is foreclosed on and a unlawful detainer action is filed to evict the former owners from the property. After leaving, some personal property is left behind and considered abandoned. Is the new owner free to dispose the property as he wishes or must he follow the property abandonment laws in California? Support your statements with the relevant statues.

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Approximately 3.5 years ago my son was evicted from

Hello -- Approximately 3.5 years ago my son was evicted from the condo he had owned for about 10 years for being behind in his condo maintenance fee by less than $1000. He has the bank records to show that he had written her a $700 check and she did not cash it. The property had no mortgage as we (his parents) had paid it off when he lost his job (approx. $140,000). Upon coming home one day, he found his lock removed and a sheriff's note. He entered his unit and the person responsible (the President of BOTH the Condo Association AND the Condo Board, who had not allowed an audit of the books for over 15 years at that time) came into his unit and started screaming "get out", "this is my unit", and I am calling the police. She had always caused him trouble and had done the same thing a few years earlier and moved all of his furnishings out, ripped up carpeting, removed light fixtures, painted and rented the unit for 3 times the maintenance fee for a year. He received no money from that and, after paying all of the storage and moving fees, finally got back into his unit. This time, she banned him from the building and sent his mail back with "return to sender, address unknown" even though she had his address.All of his furnishings were removed and were of high quality. Also, his title, et al were in the apartment. In the meantime, she was removed from one of her positions by a group of irate owners and an attorney that took over at an association meeting and proved her tampering with the ballot box that night. About one year ago, we found out that she had remodeled the unit and SOLD IT. The files were all locked and no one could get any information. She has done this and many other things to many other owners who have had lawsuits against her but she has had a judge in her pocket and has never lost, to our knowledge. Since then, the attorney that she had been using forall of her illegal actions has been disbarred. There is a new association attorney and the woman still lives in the building. She is elderly and a staunch German. There is no record of this sale with the new management company. Where do I begin? We have a loan that we have been paying for that condo. So, we have no money and no condo. The condo is on the beach in Chicago.

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I had a storage unit (let's call it "A") in UT, that I

I had a storage unit (let's call it "A") in UT, that I shared with my (now ex-) husband. During the divorce, I went to UT and removed the things that I needed from unit A and got a separate unit B. I updated the records at the management office.Last summer they changed management and based on the original records, they have been contacting me regarding Unit A which he abandoned. I went to UT and emptied unit B. I advised the office of this plan the day I arrived. The next two days as I sorted the boxes I found a lot of my things had been destroyed by water or rodents. I told the office about it and just got a blank stare in response. The office was closed on Sunday when I left and removed my lock, I did leave some of the ruined items there when I found dead rodents in the boxes (I wasn't puting that into my car!)1) what can/should I do about Unit A? - they claim they do not have the revised paperwork and I have moved and since he was paying for the unit I wasn't concerned to keep track of it.2) they also didn't record my verbal vacate advice. They want me to send an email confirming that I vacated unit B. I plan to sue for my losses, I want to be sure my email doesn't create a problem. Do I mention the damages in THAT email?Thank you.

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I filed bankruptcy in 2011 which included my home. Final Nov

I filed bankruptcy in 2011 which included my home. Final Nov 2011. Wells Fargo, leinholder sold off the debt without letting me know. They did not foreclose the home. When I went to apply for a home loan, the county recorder still shows me and my ex as owners of the home. I don't know what to do amor where to turn. I have looked it up and whoever owns( not sure if they own the property or debt) have paid the property taxes. What do I need to do? Wells Fargo shows I no longer owe them I just want the property out of my name so I can move on. I do not want theProperty back. Where do I start???

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We asked our renters to leave the end of April. They still

We asked our renters to leave the end of April. They still have trash and personal belongings in the house and garage. What recourse do we have? The rental house is in MN and we live in TX.

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I live in NJ. I purchased a water heater in October and it

I live in NJ. I purchased a water heater in October and it was delivered promptly. It was also incorrectly specced by the manufacturer and so didn't fit in my house. I told the seller, who refunded the money. However, it has been 4 months and they have not picked up the water heater. They made two attempts with a truck that couldn't fit in my driveway before they stopped trying.The water heater is blocking my garage, part of my driveway, and is unsightly.At what point is this abandoned property? What recourse do I have to get this water heater off of my property?

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Is there still a way to claim the excess proceeds of a sale

Is there still a way to claim the excess proceeds of a sale once it's been ordered transferred from the Court trust account to the County Treasurer pursuant to 2924j(c) and (d) May 2013. I called the court and it actually hasnt been transferred..still sitting in court account.

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