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I now have a client of a closed company threatening me. The

I now have a client of a closed company threatening me. The owner of the company closed this company, and the owner declared bankruptcy. The trustee of the bankrupt disclaimed rights over the closed company. The client said the owner of the closed company assigned its rights to the client's remaining inventory I hold. The client is threatening me regarding the status of other inventory I hold, wanting a full status report on all inventory. My question is; does this client have rights over their own inventory only or can the owner of the closed company assign all the rights to remaining inventory, even those the client does not own the inventory, but other people who paid for this inventory are the owners.

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My mom's credit card has gone to in-house collections.

My mom's credit card has gone to in-house collections. She has total debt of $23,200 on the card. Before it went to in-house collections, the most I could get them to settle for is 50%. Chase is her only creditor.The NUMBER ONE concern is for my brother. He loaned my mom 35K for house payments, bills and repairs to get the house sold. She paid him back when the house sold t in September 2015. She then stopped making payments to Chase because she did not have the money to do so.1) Is there any time that must go by where my brother' 35k would NOT be considered as part of a bankruptcy? That is, would he have to give any of the 35k to Chase?2) If they sued my mom, could they touch my brother?3) If she decided to declare bankruptcy, would my brother be impacted in a negative way?My brother loaned her $35,000 for house payments and fixing up the house, so she paid him back first. She absolutely does not want my brother to be dragged into any of this, or get screwed if she gets sued.She is on Soc. Sec. and has a small pension from a divorce which I believe are untouchable. $1354 is here monthly income and she now has $18K left from selling the house.1)In bankruptcy would her income be a factor2) In bankruptcy, would the lose the 19K of savings anyway? But she did sell her house back in Sept. of 2015. Would I lose my savings to Chapter 7 regardless?Thanks for any help you can give!!!

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Does the trustee have to have judge sign of on any payment

Does the trustee have to have judge sign of on any payment increasesJA: Because laws vary from state to state, could you tell me what state is this in?Customer: FLJA: Have you talked to a lawyer yet?Customer: I told my attny last year that my income was going up but she never responded to my many calls or emails. I only have 6 payments left and i noticed today on the data center that my case status went from active to pending trustee payment v reviewJA: Anything else you think the lawyer should know?Customer: How much can they raise my paymentJA: OK. Got it. I'm sending you to a secure page on JustAnswer so you can place the $5 fully-refundable deposit now. While you're filling out that form, I'll tell the Bankruptcy Lawyer about your situation and then connect you two.

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My ex-husband is in Colorado and is filing chapter 7

My ex-husband is in Colorado and is filing chapter 7 bankruptcy. This is after he filed a chapter 13 bankruptcy 10 years agoHe has his own truck that I am not signed on and the payment is 490 a monthMy ex-husband and I have a vehicle together, he is primary I am co-signer.The vehicle is in my possession and I make the payments.He is claiming chapter 7 bankruptcy in Colorado, I am not.What will happen to the vehicle that is in both our names?Will this affect my credit?What is best to do with the vehicle keep it or get rid of it?If i don't want the vehicle can he include it in the bankruptcy?

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In a Chapter 11 bankruptcy, does this document (text below)

In a Chapter 11 bankruptcy, does this document (text below) mean the "Bank of Big" is giving up all claim to the note and the collateral, and making Shaky Financial the beneficiary, no matter what happens in the bankruptcy?United States Bankruptcy CourtCentral District of CaliforniaCase No. 1:16-bk-12345-WBChapter 11In re: Debtor(s) (including Name and Address)John Doe*****Levitown, PANOTICE OF TRANSFER OF CLAIM OTHER THAN FOR SECURITYThe Claim No(s). listed below was/were filed or deemed filed under 11 U.S.C. § 1111(a) in this case by the alleged transferor. As evidence of the transfer of that claim, the transferee filed a Transfer of Claim Other than for Security in the clerk's office of this court on 05/02/2016.Name and Address of Alleged Transferor(s):Claim No. 2:The Bank of Big, Trustee,c/o Subservicer, Inc.,P.O. Box 555, Dallas, TexasName and Address of Transferee:ShakyFinancial LLCPO Box 999Rapid City, SD-- DEADLINE TO OBJECT TO TRANSFER --The alleged transferor(s) of the claim is hereby notified that objections must be filed with the court within twenty-one (21) days of the mailing of this notice. If no objection is timely received by the court, the transferee will be substituted as the original claimant without further order of the court.Date: 05/05/16 Janet J. JonesCLERK OF THE COURT

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Chapter 13 bankruptcy, I have 10% title interest in each of

HelloFor a chapter 13 bankruptcy, I have 10% title interest in each of 3 single family homes. I am not on any of the loans just only my mother is. To calculate if I am not over the chapter 13's 1.1 million dollars rule for assets , do I add up my interests in all of the properties or do I add up the loan amounts on each property of which I am not on? Thanks

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I am filing 13 bankruptcy in florida.Can the trustee force

I am filing for chapter 13 bankruptcy in florida.Can the trustee force my previous employer to show me a copy of my noncompete?They refuse to give me a copy.Is the non compete enforcable?I have not worked or breached it.Its been 8 months I have not worked.

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I am in a 5 year BK that is to end July 19th, 2016. What if

I am in a 5 year BK that is to end July 19th, 2016. What if I am a few thousand short? Will the Trustee dismiss it or give me another month? I noticed that there was more charged to my account than I budgeted .I have already paid about 250K

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Usually my questions are 1-2 need the facts

Usually my questions are 1-2 need the facts and last hearing info with my questions to answer (may need to talk plus have timeline of events/action that will describe better if can send you...will help explain these questions.1) How can Plaintiff get a judicial default when based on a Motion that was not even part of this hearing; I didn't even bring my Motion that countered that to the hearing as it wasn't on the list to be discussed.2) When case was dismissed in 12/2013, did Plaintiff need to go back to bankruptcy Court before re-sueing in 5/2015…seems everything I read on Cases that Federal Court and Trustee are in charge3) In the Motion in Court to Preclude Defendant's In Rem…the same issues brought up in this were ones that I refuted in the original response (4/19/15) to the Motion to Strike (4/7/15). Court above at hearing only took note of 4-7 Plaintiff Motion and as stated DID NOT ALLOW DEFENDANT TO BRING UP ANYTHING…minutes not attached by I got 1 minute of 25 minutes. All issues were quickly discarded by Plaintiff and the Judge citing only cases that agree with their side…Judge allowed nothing else. (those cases are very recent in FL…refute case law in 49 other states and federal court…just like the bs with 5 yr statute limitations going on in FL)4) Also…documents that I go after bankruptcy stated among other things that Plaintiff must be valid creditor…my affirmative resp have evidence that in any jury trial they'd hang Plaintiff5) Last, Judge asked Plaintiff if it was cross-noticed (Plaintiff affirmed) (WHAT DOES THIS MEAN…what action would plaintiff need to take to accomplish) when I kept complaining about where this Motion to Preclude Defendant was basically illegal in these proceedings6) Judge thought this might be contested and he should leave for others…interesting comment…WHY7) Other thoughts helpful on how to contest, what to file?

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