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I am a school psychologist in NJ. I pursued the adoption process

I am a school psychologist in NJ. I pursued the adoption process for a 5-yr old boy who is in foster for whom I have called DFS twice. Upon a court proceeding on the child's behalf, his public defender put my name in as a possible adoptive parent. DFS called me, and my husband and I consented to background checks. When it got to local police check, our township noted a domestic violence occurrence for which the charges were dropped (by me against my husband--I called due to destruction of property, had him removed, there was NO PHYSICAL ABUSE AT ALL) as my husband went to detox and has been sober ever since, no prior criminal, no arrest on this or ever, I dropped the TRO, made written statement at courthouse to dismiss everything. DFS will not place the child with us for this reason. There were no charges, no arrest, therefore no conviction. I want to fight this. Do I have a case? I feel we have been ruled out unfairly. What can I do? (PS, if he wasn't sober since then, I'd throw him right back out and told them and him so).

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My girlfriend lost custody of her daughter when she went to

My girlfriend lost custody of her daughter when she went to another state for a little over two weeks. She is a young new mom whose mother withdrew her from high school at the age of 17 when she found out she was pregnant. She was sent to live with a friend of her mother and have the child. She ended up going on a trip to California (she and I were on a break at the time) to see an ex. He neglected to get her back to the airport to catch her flight for the round trip ticket she had. Her father then filed for emergency custody even though she had left her child in the care of a friend of the family and even signed over medical power of attorney in her absence in case anything was necessary for her daughter. An ex-parte hearing was held and emergency custody was awarded. She has been trying to regain custody of her daughter now for months. Her father's attorney alledged that she was a drug addict and an unfit parent. She has since passed all drug tests and passed parenting classes and been through counseling. Her father's attorney even called her a whore in court. I wasn't aware that that had anything to do with being a fit parent. She was living with friends of the family because her father would not take her in. She did/does not have the money for an attorney was not represented by anyone but herself in the proceedings. Previously she had been through this process on her own. That is not and will not be the case any longer. The father of the child is not in the picture whatsoever. She is now a very young adult and now has her first job. She is persuing her G.E.D. and she and I are working on getting a place of our own. She is currently living with me, but I have roommates and we want an even calmer place for the baby. My parents would even allow her to live with them (which is an unquestionably fit home) if it would help regain custody of the baby. Can we get the baby back? How can they still have the child? What are the grounds under which her child was taken from her?

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New york state child support law a parent pays until the child

New york state child support law: a parent pays until the child turns 21, are there any rules where this can end before that age? EX. child drops out of high school (signed out by parent) EX. Child doesn't go to college, gets a full time job instead? EX. Child moves out on her own at 18? EX. Child marries at 18?EX. Child has teenage pregnancy?

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