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A religious non-profit organization was incorporated in New

A religious non-profit organization was incorporated in New York State in 1978 in Queens County and recognized by the IRS as an exempt 501c3 organization, that same year. It's status was again verified by the IRS in a 2012 determination letter.For more than ten years, the non-profit did not require any bank accounts thanks to donors offsetting its various operating expenses directly.Recently however, the organization saw need to open a bank account (in NY) but upon trying to do so, the bank cited that the organization was "not on file" with NY state department of corporations in their electronic database.Upon following up with the NY department of corporations, they confirmed no record of the nonprofit corporation on file and advised filing a new application.This doesn't make sense as The organization was even issued a sales tax exempt certificate in the 80s by NY state.Question:Is it indeed the case that a new application must be filed with NY state?

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I have a question re: PayPal collections. I have a 501 (c)

I have a question re: PayPal collections. I have a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit tax exempt corp. I have a PayPl account I created for this corp. I also have a personal PayPl account under my name. The INDIVIDUAL Account fell into a negative balance due to some chargebacks.PayPal wiped out all the charity funds, some $9,000 and moved them to pay the personal negative balance.Is this a legal collection action? What's the point of having a nonprofit corp business account on PayPal if it's not protected against board members and/or officers of the company. All I did was open the nonprofit corp business account. I was in tears when I saw they transferred the money.Their reason states:AMOUNT USD PayPal Posting Date Apr 26, 2016;Payment to: ***** ***** there is indisputable evidence that both PayPal accounts are owned by the same person, we have moved AMOUNT USD to resolve account: EMAIL.COM This transaction is subject to a buyer Complaint, Chargeback or an Unauthorized Claim. Go to the Resolution Center to resolve this issue.Looking for some guidence. Can I sue PayPal for illegal collection action?

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Ray only please... Ray.In my lawsuit, Defendants & C

Ray only please...hi Ray.In my lawsuit, Defendants B & C both filed general denials within the 20-days. As of today, nothing new has been filed with the clerk.Today, I received a packet in the mail, non-certified, from an attorney's office and he requests disclosure, production and interrogatories, their documents state nothing about discovery level. If you recall we did not have discovery in our original pleadings.Question 1: Do the Defendants need to notify me and the Clerk/Court that an attorney has been retained to represent Defendants B & C?Question 2: The attorney's papers state/signed they were mailed certified mail, but it came by regular mail and the post office has no certified mail for us. By saying they mailed it certified, then mailing it by regular mail I feel this is improper. Do I disregard these requests until proper notification of representation has been submitted? Am I required to respond with discovery within the 30-days if they haven't requested it properly?Question 3: If notification of representation is not required, do I ignore said requests as they we not mailed certified?Question 4: We are re-filing new pleadings next week with discovery level 2 added, will that re-set the clock?Thank you Ray!

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How many states don't require sale tax and which ones are

How many states don't require sale tax and which ones are they?

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I am currently a network engineer small IT company, however

I am currently a network engineer for a small IT company, however I would like to start a small non-profit IT company on the side to do free IT work for places like churches, volunteer fire departments ect. Thing is, I'm not sure where to start as I know there are a lot of legalities to become a 501(c)3 organization. And can I do this working another job as my source of income? The non-profit side company I don't plan to make money from, just to cover my gas or other resources I have to use. I can't find a good way to explain it, but essentially I am just using the knowledge of my trade and apply it to non-profits at no cost to them.

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My mother passed about a yr ago. She didn't own a house but

My mother passed about a yr ago. She didn't own a house but owned a car and furniture and what not. She was on Medicaid and passed. Now my siblings and I don't know what to do legally with her car and furniture and her purchases. As I said, its been a yr and no call from creditors or anything. The only thing we get is a bill from the hospital, which I figured would have been covered through Medicaid. We live in WI and any info would be helpful

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My attorney wants to walk away from my case. I live in

My attorney wants to walk away from my case. I live in California.Background info:1. My trial is coming up in three weeks2. My attorney is super busy with other trials, does not want to spend the time and money to take my case to trial. They've done very little on it so far.3. There was a small settlement offer on the table a few months ago; I've asked for an updated offer in writing a few times but have not gotten me one yet4. My attorney sent me an email today and wants me to voluntarily sign a form to release him as counsel in 4 days ( A substitution form).5. He says if I don't sign and return this in 4 days he will make a motion to withdraw. He says our client attorney relationship has been severed because I wrote in a email that I felt "threatened" by his comment about abandoning my case. He says a client should never feel threatened. Well he is the one instigating and making these remarks. I've been super cooperative with him in every which way. I've always said that I have faith in my case and in him and I want to keep him as counsel. I just haven't agreed to take the settlement, which is my right base on my retainer.6. He thinks his motion for withdrawal will be granted and he tells me that this will hurt my case so therefore he is urging me to sign the Attorney Sub form.7. I doubt I can find a replacement attorney to take my case with trial being three weeks away even if the judge offers a continuum so I can not sign that Attorney Sub form.8. Also I doubt I can get a legal consultation in the next 4 days.I personally don't think the judge will grant him a withdrawal even if he bullshits that we our client attorney relationship has been severed, but if he files for withdrawal it might hurt my case. What do you think? How can it hurt/help my case?I am waiting for final written offer but they are not giving it to me? Not sure why they are not giving me this? What's holding them back?Time is of the essence, so I am thinking of making the first move and emailing them the settlement that would be acceptable to me. What do you think? Is this a good idea?If we don't settle there are two possibilities:1. they motion for withdrawal and the judge allows them; I am up shit's creek to find someone to take over my case. I then would need to find a legal malpractice attorney for their negligence.2. they motion for withdrawal and the judge does not allow them; then chances are they will do a shitty job at my trial forcing me again to go after them for malpractice.Please answer my specific questions and give me something to sink my teeth in. Please don't give me advice that I should find an attorney to consult. I know that already.

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My husband and I founded and were pastors of a nj non-profit

My husband and I founded and were pastors of a nj non-profit church for over 30 years. The church building was purchased over 30 years ago. We were a 501c3 organization. Husband has long passed and while we no longer have church services, I have maintained the church entity status, etc... The church building was sold on last year and the sale was profitable.How do I handle the proceeds from the sale? According to some laws, a non-profit can only transfer proceeds to another non-profit. Is this true in our case. Many people are advising me to just utilize the funds, some tell me to take it as a retirement income, since I was the founding member....what is the right thing to do.

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