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What Happens if You Defaulting on a Merchant Cash Advance.

What Happens if You Defaulting on a Merchant Cash Advance.JA: What state are you in? It matters because laws vary by location.Customer: Ga.JA: Has anything been filed or reported?Customer: NoJA: Anything else you want the lawyer to know before I connect you?Customer: The advance company is base in ny

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Brandon M.

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I had a 1099 employee work for me last year and she signed a

I had a 1099 employee work for me last year and she signed a basic non- compete / non - solicitation agreement. She left on bad terms as she stole proprietary client info via email so I had to let her go ( and I had to do a cease and desist). She went to work at a competitor and I was fine with it as long as she did not call on my clients as I let her know that and she did not call on my clients as far as I know. But a year later she is trying to poach my current 1099 employee to come work for her company. She did it via Facebook and my current employee is very loyal so she sent it straight to me. This ex 1099 contractor has caused me so much stress, should I just take her to arbitration ( that is how things would be resolved per my agreement) since she is now soliciting to my current 1099 contractor? I want her to stop driving me nuts . I have a feeling she is still mad I caught her stealing and trying to get under my skin or something . I also feel like calling her current employer ( where she is also 1099) and ask them to keep her from poaching my staff. What should I do?

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My partner and I want to change our DBA relationship to a

My partner and I want to change our DBA relationship to a sole proprietorship with me as the sole person. We have a very small business that consists of selling our self-published book about caregiving and dementia. Can I keep the same DBA name and just file an Amended DBA with our county clerk and draw up a new document stating that the partnership will be dissolved and a sole proprietorship formed with specifics about the dissolution and what the partner that is bowing out gets in the settlement? My main concern is keeping the same DBA name.JA: Because laws vary from state to state, can you tell me where the business is located?Customer: Upper New York State - Monroe County.JA: Has anything been filed or reported?Customer: We were going to make the change December 31st so we would submit our tax statements within 20 days of that date, then the next year I would file as a sole proprietorship with a new EINJA: Anything else you want the lawyer to know before I connect you?Customer: Our present business is registered as a DBA - The Rain Group and I'd like to keep that name. We have under $1000 in our bank accounts. We are presently a simple partnership. We are not a corporation or an llc or anything. I drew up the partnership agreement from an online expample and we had it motorized.

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Irwin Law

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Have an Abstract Judgement from four years ago on a property

Have an Abstract Judgement from four years ago on a property that I want to sell. The company that set the judgement is no longer in business. What are my options to try and get this removed. Would like to speak to someone in Austin,Texas.

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Dwayne B.

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I want to send a Chapter 93a demand letter to an attorney

I want to send a Chapter 93a demand letter to an attorney who does not list a corporation or partnership on his letterhead. I checked the secretary of state web site and did not find a listing for the law office1. Is there a 93a equivalent for professionals?2. Is there a venue to settle monetary disputes like the bar association or other?3. Any other considerations?

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Law Educator, Esq.

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Is it better to set up a business as a sole proprietorship

Is it better to set up a business as a sole proprietorship or llc or s or c Corp? I will be the only employee/owner. Which is better for tax purposes?

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Kim Courtney

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I need a second option. I opened a blog on my life living

I need a second option.I opened a blog for awareness on my life living with Fibromyalgia. I am going to start selling apparel on my website. My question is, what is the best way for me to incorporate my new venture. I've read that a nonprofit is never really own by one person it's actually never owned by anyone. It's managed by the board members, etc. The funds I use to open this venture with never be recuperated because it will stay on the nonprofit or donated to another nonprofit is dissolved.This is a story on my life and I obviously want to make money. I eventually want to open a non-profit. To provide services for the fibro community, help with grants to pay for treatments or medication, help with support groups and a support hotline, raise awareness and funds to help with research etc. But, I have already opened my blog and started branding my name and myself, just haven't incorporated yet because I'm not sure which way to go. Thank you.

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Gerald, Esq

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I entered into a Contract w/Sears replacement of an HVAC

Hi, I entered into a Contract w/Sears for a replacement of an HVAC system in my condo unit. I had been calling and emailing Sears to get the Sub Contractors name, and necessary lic. and insur. info to my Mananging Agency, so that they could review everything before the install. I was stonewalled at every phone, email to info. as to what the Contractos name was, if the documents were being sent to my managing agency(in which they had confirmed via email to me that Sears has not yet notified them nor sent the info.) Sears would only confirm that the installation was still on and that a Paul would be calling me-- Well Paul didn't call, but his insur. agency didto find out where to send the insur. info. for Paul--the DAY BEFORE the installation ! I gave the woman the info. about my Managing Agency, and didn't hear anything more until the next day.Paul came to my house the day of the installation with two other people with him to help install. I finally saw his license and since he was late in sending it, His license was for a Sole Proprietorship, and he did not have Workers Comp. insurance. After My condo reviewed his paperwork ON THE DAY OF INSTALLATIOM they rejected him from coming to work in my unit, and he and his workers left without coming into my apt. nor doing any type of work, or leaving any equip. Also I found out that Paul did not file an HVAC Permit at my local Town Hall.I called Sears back and they told me that the equipment was installed, according to their computer-- I said it was not---I did not sign for anything, and I called all of the Managers involved. I have a finance agreement with Sears without a deposit, so no money was paid, and no services were rendered. I sent a cancellation of the contract to a fax number they finally gave me(after the 3 day grace period) as I do not want anything more to do with Sears do to being stalled, and lied to.Now, they are refusing to cancel me, and are trying to offer all kinds of concessions, which I do not want. What are my rights, as now I have been stonewalled again to hear from Headquarters, before I can be released of my contract, which I believe I have a case of Fundamental Breach of Contract, since their contractor was not properly insured and did not file a permit to do the work.Thanks very much, ***@******.***

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Home Insurance vs. Business Insurance.. Recently I

Home Insurance vs. Business Insurance.. Recently I purchased a vehicle for business purposes through my company, ABC, LLC. ( S-Corp) single member (Myself as the only member). What is the difference advantages/disadvantages of insuring the vehicle through me personally vs. through ABC, LLC in a liability perspective? NOTE: Some of my employees may drive the business vehicle at different times. I do get a significant discount insuring the business vehicle through me personally due to a multi policy disc

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