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If you are diagnose with social anxiety then were put on

If you are diagnose with social anxiety then were put on pills. Is that going to show on your medical record when you give access to it while filling out a job application

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Daniel Sheibley, MD


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I am hoping to ask my primary care physician to prescribe me

I am hoping to ask my primary care physician to prescribe me something that deals with both my depression and social anxiety. She's kind of reluctant to treat my mental health,because she thinks I should see a psychiatrist, but alas none are in my insurance network for outpatient visits. So I am trying to help her out by researching on my own what would the be the best medicine for social anxiety, since it appears to bother me more than depression by inhibiting me and keeping me friendless and outside of social interactions - which exacerbate my depression greatly - and I was like that since I was a kid.I had Lexapro and Wellbutrin before for a while, like into a 1 to 2 years each , and I think they did make me more sociable and daring. I am wondering though if there is even more potent/proven drug out there for social anxiety. I don't think I gave Zoloft much of a chance due to some side effects, but would it be superior to Lexapro for social anxiety or quite similar (I think Lexapro has fewer side effects than Zoloft, so all things equal I would prefer Lexapro, but not if Zoloft is significantly better for social anxiety)

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Over the last 30 some years I have had 4 or 5 episodes where

Over the last 30 some years I have had 4 or 5 episodes where I have lost control of my bowels in public. It seemed t be within an hour after eating where I would be going about my business and have a sudden severe cramp in my lower stomach then waste matter would just start rolling out of me.To say this was embarrassing is an understatement and I now wear absorbent undergarments when going out even though it's only happened 4 to 5 times.My question is what could have caused this. I had a colonoscopy and it showed no problems to even one polyp. My GP said Irritable Bowel although he did not know about these episodes. I really would like to know the cause though and maybe you can tell me.

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Dr. Ravoof

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I've always had high stress, anxiety and social anxiety

Hi,I've always had high stress, anxiety and social anxiety since I was in my 20's.But April last year I woke up feeling like my mind stopped working, I couldn't even think, or do anything. it was Like my mind couldn't even process how to turn the tap water off, or even send the message to my hand what to do, I would freeze trying to find the correct message in my mind on how to do it. My mind forgot how to send messages to the body.Year later, I still had the feeling, but got used to it, even tho it's not nice. The last 6 weeks it's got worse. i Get confused when doing things. when someone i talk to, and they tell me things, I have to ask again, as I forget what they said. Even when doing things, I forget what I'm doing, I don't remember doing that, or did I just do that I ask my self. It's like I went into a different dimension, and time stopped, and I can't recall what happened. Like going from A to C instead of going from ABCDE ETC. It's like my mind isn't in control of the present moment, like a big blur of thoughts in my head, blur blur, with no understanding of words or thoughts. it's something else is leading the way in my head, but not letting me what's really going on next. if that makes sense. My thoughts are just so strange. Like the the other day, the tire guy I been talking to changed my tires on my car, but later on he kept popping up in my mind, and my mind would keep repeating the image of that person and then decides if it's negative thought/picture, and reacts to it is a horrible fear like feeling... even when looking at someone, something, hearing something etc, my mind decides what it sees or hears, if it's negative or not. if negative, then the mind goes crazy, blured mind, fear. it's like a jumbled up puzzle in my mind, and consciously my mind can't work anything out! so stress, anxiety, confusion, huge fear kicks in. even looking at my mum today, i felt a huge fear.. i thought, my on earth did my mind decide that image was danger. it's like a have a bully in my head. i also get crazy breathing, and pains etc in my body when this happens.. i know what a panic attack feels like, but i'm not having a panic attack, this is just odd.. it seems i have a new sensation each week. there must be 100's of symptoms when it comes to anxiety. it's like i'm on a spinning wheel and can't get off. the Minds unable to process the present moment of what's happening when i'm doing things. At times in the day, it's like for a split few minutes, I could feel not as bad, but then bang a thought or just walking into the next room, going for a walk, my senses always seem to be on the alert for danger. I feel so sensitive to things, it's so easy to make me anxious and stressed.. which affects my mind and body. Even a pain in my body sets the stress and anxiety off. Then the confusion keeps it. At times the confusion kicks it, which then makes my stress and anxiety high. Then depression.. my mood is like a yo yo. Like there is a on and off switch.. the confusion and Memory part is the new symptom, which is so scary. I get really scared and paranoid also..Doctor just says oh take this medication.. tried it all, but made me worse. i feel like i'm different person from one day to the next, i scared i'm going mad :( So really I'm not sure what's going on, or how to get well x

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Dr. David

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I've been on Restoril 30 mg and it's not helping so

Hello I've been on Restoril 30 mg for awhile and it's not helping so much now that I have more stress and am peri- menopausal. I'd like to ask my doc to try Xanax CR as it helped my father. Please advise

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JA: . How can we be of help? Customer: Ive had anxiety

HiJA: Hello. How can we be of help?Customer: Ive had anxiety years ago and it went away. So earlier this yearJA: OK. To minimize me, please click the down arrow at the top right corner of this box. OK. To minimize me, please click the down arrow at the top right corner of this box. OK. The Doctor will need to help you with this. Please give me a bit more information, so the Doctor can help you best.Customer: i took Lipo 6 rx fat burners. two times on a Saturday in February. then once at lunch time on Tuesday (few days later)JA: Is there anything else the Doctor should be aware of?Customer: My anxiety came back as a result of this low dosage (just two days of fat burners)JA: OK. Got it. I'm sending you to a secure page on JustAnswer so you can place the $5 fully-refundable deposit now. While you're filling out that form, I'll tell the Doctor about your situation and then connect you two.

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I am a 19 y.o. male, /P 115/58, weight 155 lbs, vitals

I am a 19 y.o. male, B/P 115/58, weight 155 lbs, vitals normal. S/S: extreme persistent daytime drowsiness despite good sleep, exercise, morning caffeine, medication dosing changes; inability to concentrate; lack of energy. Current medications: Trazodone 50mg 1x at night (as needed), 40 mg Prozac 1x daily, 15 mg Buspirone 2x daily. Hx/ prior dx: Dysthymia, Social Anxiety Disorder, borderline tendencies (not officially diagnosed). I've tried increasing caffeine dosage, no effect; i've tried stopping caffeine, no effect; I've tried exercising, no effect; I've increased and decreased dosage of trazodone, no effect; I've tried going to bed earlier, no effect. Diagnostic tests were performed: thyroid function was normal, negative for diabetes, CBC and CMP were normal, Epstein-Barr virus test was negative, HIV test was negative, rapid flu test was negative. My question is what could be causing my drowsiness, inability to concentrate, and fatigue and what could I do? Would you reccommend a nootropic agent (Provigil, etc) or a CNS stimulant (Ritalin, Adderall, etc)?

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Dr. Kaushik


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My lower stomach has been hurting a week now. It is a dull

My lower stomach has been hurting for over a week now. It is a dull pain but sharp on occasion. It feels like it is upset but has lasted so long

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Dr. SH

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Most of the time i cannot look directly to a person am

hi,most of the time i cannot look directly to a person am talking to. waht problem is this. I also get tears while talking or laughing..

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Dr Chaithanya

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