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I have a gender discrimination and harassment case with my

Hi, I have a gender discrimination and sexual harassment case with my former employer. I've decided to be represented by a lawyer here in New York. I have received his retainer agreement but I feel it's not very detailed. I'd like to scan it, removing all names and information on the agreement, and see if another professional could tell me their opinion. I feel that the agreement should state what he explained to me during the consultation. That for 40% he will take care of all filling fees or any future fees if the case prolongs. Would it be possible to send this retainer agreement or perhaps I'll type it in for someone to read? It's very short. I, of course, won't disclose any personal information from my attorney or my side.Thank you in advance.

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I have a question regarding potential blowback for invasion

I have a question regarding potential blowback for invasion of privacy. A married woman had an affair with a CEO of a national private company. Her husband recovered sext messages from her phone where he states he is "sitting in this meeting thinking about her juicy ......... (You get the idea). He then says this is fun doing this at work. Could her husband send copies of those sext messages to his HR department? Especially since he is the CEO sexting on his personal phone at work during a meeting?

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Please help me know what legal options are available

Please help me know what legal options are available for this situation, as well as what the legal ramifications for the church might be.My 23 year old married daughter is the secretary of a Baptist church in Texas. Two weeks ago her husband recently confided in me that he found out she was actively having an affair with the 36 year old married, father of two, pastor. I we to his office, confronted him, he went home and confessed to his wife. The affair stopped that moment. My daughter and SIL are trying to rebuild, as are the pastor and his wife, or so he says. I attempted to get him to leave the church or I would report him to the deacons. He turned it around and said the the next deacon meeting in a couple of weeks, he will tell them he has been unfaithful to his wife and that they are now in counseling, and she has forgiven him. She will be present at the meeting with him. She has forgiven him. He says if I press him, he will tell them my daughter is the one he had the affair with. The mother in my wants to protect my daughter at all costs. I know the right thing is for her to go to the deacons. She is embarrassed and scared. Given the fact that she is an employee under his direct supervision, is there a legal issue here that I could use to urge him to resign and leave? Hasn't he put the church and his family in danger of a lawsuit since she is under his supervision?

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A car salesman whom I was conversing with via text message,

A car salesman whom I was conversing with via text message, attempting to send him pictures of my truck for trade-in value and help me apply for a loan, sent me a picture of his penis. He sent it twice. The pictures were actually taken in the car dealership bathroom from what I can tell.During the conversation, he continually tried to get me to take screen shots of the truck photos to send to him from my phone photo album (they would have thumbnails of other photos in my album) because he claimed they would not upload properly being sent directly. He also continued to mention that he "sends the wrong thing" accidentally all the time and kept warning me not to send HIM the wrong photos.I thought this was odd, so I did put my photos into an album only containing truck pictures, and did as he asked with the screen shots.In the end, after refusing multiple times to do this via email to make it easier, I asked once again to just do it through email because I had no idea what he did and didn't have at that point. He then requested to send me what he did have, I sent him my email, and viola-penis pictures. Ugh. I didn't know they were there at first, as they were thumbnails at the bottom of screenshots and I actually had to open the photo in text to see them, so the conversation continued until he insisted he HAD sent me the "wrong thing," at which time I checked and told him off.During the course of all of this, he was ALSO texting me from a different phone number and harassing me as well. I didn't know WHAT he heck was going on! He used he name of a person I thought was a family member, which was very confusing. I didn't know if I was overreacting to the odd things he was saying to me because I was paranoid from this other number harassing me out of nowhere. The messages were also idle synchronized [do you want to see my penis (from unknown number), I'm pulling it now (from salesman), I need someone to pull it for me (salesman), etc.].Anyway, the dealership first did nothing. He claimed it was an accidental picture, so they basically blew it off, saying he broke down and admitted it. First he said someone must have taken his phone and he didn't realize.I had to call corporate days later to have any action taken at all, at which time they asked for transcripts of my text conversation and saw that he did indeed not only send me photos of his penis, but was trying to trick me into sending him photos of himself. This was all during a time frame of 10 am and 4 pm! They also discovered he was using an app that allows him to change the phone number shown while texting from this other number and believe this may not have been a first offense. They are conducting their own investigation.The dealership did fire him after corporate forced them to, but made sure to let me know that he was their best salesman who is engaged and building a house with his fiancée and is absolutely devastated.I am waiting for corporate office to contact me on Tuesday regarding "further action/restitution." If I do not hear from them or nothing is done, should I seek any legal counsel or let it go?I am concerned that this man has my personal information. I know he has my phone number, address, license plate, VIN number, and name and may have my SSN. He did run my credit.Thank you for any advice.

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Zoey, JD

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Im having trouble with a practice manager at work that seems

Im having trouble with a practice manager at work that seems to be gunning for me. My supervisor has told me that the manager and vet I work for HATE me and will fire me. He said they hate me and want to fire me becasue I told the regional manager things about them that got them talked to.. the vet belittles me, talks to me rude often, yells at me. Tells other staff in front of me how she wants to clone them as the only workers becasue shes so great and the rest of us are not, Im standing 2 feet from her when she looks at me like im awful. Im standing right there feeling like she just be littled me to a person I trained and has worked with us 7 months. Ive worked at this 15yrs. I have a lot of skills and training most of them do not have. The manager has a bad temper and yells and swears at all of us daily, pulled her scrub pants down in a meeting to say Crack kills. This was to demonstrate how another person wears her scrubs and that they fall down. Pants falling down was not allowed.. really? So she did this to talk about this employee, in a staff meeting and showed her butt and underwear to make a point.. She also sends cartoons on company e mail of a cartoon woman, Maxine cartoon photo coping her butt and thinks its sunny. She gave people pay raises she likes. even though I got a good evaluation. I didn't have a review or pay raise or even an evaluation meeting to say my good and things to improve. Just ignored me while everyone else had one and most got a raise. She also told others what I make and why she feels I wont get a raise. I actually talked in on the conversation. she shares personal information with others. I was sick an in the hospital and she was telling people I can;t be sick and she didn't believe me. I was off for almost 2 months and she didnt call me once to ask how I was. I almost died! Clearly hates me.. She tries to write me up for things other techs have done, not me and when she finds out, She lets it go becasue it was someone else. She just looks for things to harass me and make me un happy at work. . I was also pushed by a Doctor into an exam room to discuss pets medicatons with a client. apparently he didn't like I was standing in the doorway and literally shoved me into the exam room almost knocking me down. when I told my other supervosr about it..he said he doesn't mean it.. He has a disease called ashburgers.. SP? So he reminds him of his grandpa and feels he does things but not meaning to.. Not sure what that means but I don't want him to touch me or push me for any reason. As you can see. There is so much, its absurd.. I called the head of all of the departments and she wont return my call. I asked to meet with her and I had a meeting set and was sick more than once so she has not answered me back since.. I feel harassed, singled out for punishments and no end. I have been told by my other supervisors how much this manager hates me and wants me gone. Im very polite to her and one minute she is nice, then rude and I'm just not sure what to expect. I don't want to go to work there anymore but seems to me she wants me to quit. I hear she wont fire me becasue then I have course of action. I want to do something about this but not sure where to turn. Im 51 and feel im being discriminated for my age as well. There is more but I just can't even begin to say it all. I could really use some advice of what I can and ca't do about this. I know if the owners knew the truth about her, she would be gone. So many employees hvae left becasue of her this year. Its hard to find work here . I want to leave as well. Shes starting to damage my career and health. what can I do? Anything?

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Asad Rahman



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My supervisor glab my breast and grab his private part and

My supervisor glab my breast and grab his private part and said I got him on the hard I told him to stop do I have a case

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Lucy, Esq.

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Years a woman I worked with year, not only

for three years a woman I worked with for one year, not only harassed me, than, but also did so for two consecutive years elsewhere. The harassment consisted out of, grabbing, stalking, high tech stalking, spreading rumors about my sexual orientation, according to her!, in locations I moved to, an some form of 'prostituting' in which I would be dangled out there as a available woman en men responding to that, would be teamed up with other women, she had already forced to a similar procedure at an earlier date. She stalked me to my native country, roamed through my house and went through my personal belongings when me and my husband were gone for the winter. and last but not least, she had the blood I donated voluntarily to the red cross, redirected to herself, because she, not on active duty, was under stress because of the war in Afghanistan.

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I am a manager of a barbershop, I have a barber who recently

I am a manager of a barbershop, I have a barber who recently tried claiming "sexual harassment", which ar false, the police got involved and said she has nothing to go with. Now the person is "fearful" to work with me, but when offered by myself and the owner to work at another shop she refuses.How can I/we evict her with no legal actions being used against us? We are in the state of California she is a booth renter.I've started looking into contracts with shop guidelines and having everyone sign them. Is that proper route?

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Olivia Kent

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While under duress while crying profusely the workplace, I

While under duress while crying profusely the workplace, I wrote a statement that may have incriminated myself. I was terminated because of what I wrote and I am innocent. Is it legal for a manager to act in that manner?

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