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Could this work and is it legal It is a chain email with a

Could this work and is it legal? It is a chain email with a twist. Asked to get a standard paypal account, which cost me nothing. Asked to set up an account at an online site, which will allow you to sell downloadable ebooks. (Cost $5 a month.) Money earned by selling an ebook will be forwarded to my paypal account. Upload an ebook that is attached to the email. The book is free and author gives anyone the right to sell or give the ebook away. Go back to the email and click on each of the five numbered links given, which takes you to five different accounts on the same website you just set up your account on and buy the same book you just uploaded for $5 each. (cost $25)Then delete the top link and add yours to the bottom. Go and buy 5,000 opt in email addresses of folks who are looking for a business opportunity. Send the emails out to them asking them to do the same. Earn $5 per ebook sold and the upper tier could sell thousands. Supposedly, everyone can become a millionaire if small % contacted would follow program. Well, what does the law of the land say?

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Is MHB a legal organisation that will give us monies promised

Is MHB a legal organisation that will give us monies promised? they are bases in Italia and Austria.

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Is tax gifting a crime

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