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Last will and testament question. My boyfriend and I have

Last will and testament question. My boyfriend and I have been seeing each other for 2 years. He and his current wife have been separated for 3 years and came up with an agreement to remain married for 5years after separation only for insurance purposes and to give the current wife a chance to get on her feet. This agreement is signed, including a division of assets as of the date of separation. He wants to create a Will that would leave her what she is entitled to but then to leave the rest for me. First question can he divide a pension where she is entitled to 10 years of, then the remainder for me? Assuming the pension allows for that( I know they are all different) but assume, if so how would that need to be worded? Second question along the same line his agreement with her states that when they sell the home they shared she is entitled to half of the profit, how do we phrase the other half comes to me should anything happen before the divorce is finalized? Like would you state that person A is entitle via agreement signed XXXX2012 to one half of profit from selling house at***** and the remaining 1/2(his part) shall go to person B.. or would just say the remainder shall go to person B?

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A friend gave my son a boat with the agreement that my son

A friend gave my son a boat with the agreement that my son would pay him $7500, $300/month until paid off. There was no transfer of title or registration and no paperwork. It was strictly a verbal agreement. My son secured boat insurance but failed to get comprehensive insurance. The first time he took the boat out, the depth finder failed, it ran aground and the boat was damaged. The previous owner is demanding that my son pay the $8000 damages. Who is actually liable for the damage to the boat.

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I am considering doing some concert promoting. I am told

I am considering doing some concert promoting. I am told it's a good idea to have cancellation insurance in the event the concert doesn't go on as planned. Where can I get this kind of insurance and do you agree it's necessary?

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We own a chandelier service company in Texas and we restored

Hello,We own a chandelier service company in Texas and we restored a crystal chandelier that was shipped to us from Boston. The restoration was paid by our clients insurance company since it got broken during moving. After the restoration was done we packed the fixture fully assembled and hanging from the top of the box and well packed so it wouldn't move or bounce. The box was reinforced with wood and cardboard corners so it wouldn't crush. The top was reinforced with metal bars so it would not bend with the weight. Packing chandeliers is one of the services we offer to our clients too.We used a UPS store to ship it back to out client. We explain the contents of the box to the ups store and asked them to put "fragile" and "this side up" stickers on the box. We purchased insurance for the package for $5000.The chandelier arrived with one part broken and some of the assembly had come apart too. The only explanation for this to have happened is that the box traveled upside down for quite a bit, or it was dropped. Our client contacted us and we advised him to contact ups to file a claim. The claim was denied due to "insufficient packaging", which I believe is the standard answer to every claim that company gets.We asked our client tot ship the chandelier back to have it fixed while we figure out the claim process. They didn't want to ship it back, they decided to repair the damage themselves and we provided the parts they needed for free.UPS said the UPS store is the one who we should redirect the claim to, since it was through their account the item was shipped. Since then we found out that they have very strict policies about how the packages should be packed. For example, the box has to be brand new, not recycled, not the original package for any claim to be valid. Our box was obviously reviled, but the store sold us the insurance "knowing" that the insurance would not pay if it wasn't packed in a brand new box. They sold us an insurance policy that was useless. They didn't explain, they didn't put the stickers we asked for. They supposedly never keep packages with one side up either. They treat all packages the same.So. Our client has a functioning chandelier, but still asking about the claim. We wanted to go after the UPS store but we wonder, even if we won, what would they pay? the client made the repairs himself, so there is no receipt for expenses on repairs or parts.We are thinking on not pursuing this claim any more since we have always acted in good faith and done everything to help our client. We are just in the middle trying to hire a lawyer to advise us in how to file the claim against the store. But what is there to win? So we are thinking on asking our client what are they expecting, since there is no benefit for us and we are just loosing time and money trying to solve something that may end in best case scenario not paying much.What do you thing would be the best approach?

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We rented a "climate controlled" storage unit in Connecticut

We rented a "climate controlled" storage unit in Connecticut for 7 or 8 years at a cost of ca. $14,000. Yesterday, we went to empty the unit, and found a dripping ceiling and water on the floor. Mildew was rampant on furniture and in the cardboard boxes. Around 25 or more boxes were totally soaked and we had to return with dry boxes to get the contents from the ruined boxes. My daughter took lots of photos of the issues. What recourse do we have? The contents are moving to Texas in 2 days and we don't want a long drawn out battle. Can we just ask for our money back since we paid for a safe, clean, environment for our goods? Do we need a lawyer?

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We had an ice dam. The landlord spent the money on personal

We had an ice dam. The landlord spent the money on personal bills instead of paying for the repairs with the insurance money. After 4+ months the repairs were finally completed . Now he wants the rent for those 4 months. We had no toilet, shower, appliances were covered with tarps. All of our dishes, utensils, pans ect... were packed in a Pod which he wants us to pay for. We continued to maintain the property (mowing, gardens, ECT...) We also had to have family friend who was an apprentice plumber come in to re-install the toilet. Another contractor who had come in for an estimate said it was a 2 week maybe 3 week repair. longer than that and our renters insurance would not cover alternate housing due to the type of damage ( not considered structural)We also moved out for the first month but were unable to stay in alternate housing.

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I recently helped a friend buy a car. We are both listed on

Hi, I recently helped a friend buy a car. We are both listed on the title with '&/or' separating our respective names. I paid the down payment and the first months loan payment. He was responsible for getting the car insure and registered with the state; he has yet to do so. As I am not the primary drive (he has the car and the car's only key), would I face any legal battle if I had the dealership make another key and I take the car from him? Could I sell without his permission or signature? I currently am the one in possession of the physical car title as well.

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We are in the process of a move with Allied Van Lines. the

We are in the process of a move with Allied Van Lines. the contract reads the move will occur in a 4 day window (all of our items). 95% of the items arrived yesterday. the remaining 5-10% did not as they could not fit on the truck. this was never discussed that there will be overflow. Never. They are slow to respond and no date has been set to move the remaining items. Many of which impede how we function (no bikes for the kids) armoires and bookshelves not delivered so cannot unpack (they were to unpack) many boxes. They have payment for the whole move but how can we proceed? We have moved multiple times both national and internationally and this is the worst service to date.Very poor service: Movers didn't tag all items on day 1, refused to take items (boxes not flammables) as they said my husband said not to take when he was reminding them to take them, they intentionally left items behind and when we ran after them to notify them that there were tagged items which remained they said "truck is full" and left. No intention to come back..Most important is that they are breaking the contract.

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I'm selling a boat in Cornelius, NC on an installment basis

I'm selling a boat in Cornelius, NC on an installment basis and will retain title until the entire purchase price has been paid. As part of the contract, I'm requiring the buyer purchase insurance coverage in the event of damage or liability. If the buyer is involved in an accident and gets sued, does the fact I still retain title put me at risk of lawsuit as well?

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