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Customer: I am looking regarding public urination

Customer: hi I am looking for answer regarding public urination in Nevada JA: Thanks. Can you give me any more details about your issue? Customer: i think I was caught urinating outside a casino in Nevada on the stateliness. They charged me with drunk and disorderly conduct and public nudity. I am worried I could be put on the sex offender register. I was extremely drunk and do not remember anything JA: OK got it. Last thing — Criminal Lawyers generally expect a deposit of about $18 to help with your type of question (you only pay if satisfied). Now I'm going to take you to a page to place a secure deposit with JustAnswer. Don't worry, this chat is saved. After that, we will finish helping you.

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Zoey_ JD

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Sorry for the long message. I have a few questions that Id

Sorry for the long message. I have a few questions that I'd loved answered if possible :) -Hi, I'm 29 male and I was ticketed for urinating in public under penal code 374(a) as an infraction (that was written on the ticket) in Redondo Beach, CA. I was with my girlfriend at the time who was doing the same thing but she was not ticketed and was not initially seen by the cops. We were in a residential area at 1:15am and no one was around except us and a squad car pulled up with two officers.The reason why I'm concerned is the cops didn't really like me that much and I was a little difficult to work with BUT I never called them names and I would comply with actions they wanted me to take (like sit down, uncross your legs, etc..) but I think they were irritated on my little questioning and one of them called me an asshole. I think I was just asking questions because I was nervous.That being said, my girlfriend was crying her eyes out and we were sitting next to each other on the curb. We were NOT handcuffed and we were NOT administered any drunk/alcohol tests of any kind (no sobriety test, no breathalyser, no blood test) - they didn't even ask us if were were drinking. While they were writing her information down they asked her what was wrong and she didn't respond. I tried to answer for her but they told me to shut up.Anyways, after all that was being said I was issued the ticket and it said this: "374(a) PC - Urinating in Public" - Infraction was circled. I even asked the cop if it was a misdemeanor and the issuing officer said no - also verified by the circled "I".My friend who is an attorney in Santa Barbara, CA told me that cops can push for any charge they like.. he said what would concern him is that if they really didn't like you they can write in the report of 'spousal abuse' and there is a potential to have me charged with that because she was crying, etc.. but he said that it is unlikely.. and they can't get me for drunk in public because there is no evidence based on no test was given, nor did they ask. My questions:1) I understand that the DA can always add charges to any case.. but in my particular case do you think anything added would even be considered before my ticket date? Since I was a little testy with the cops but complied and never resisted anything - can they add something like disorderly conduct, or lewd act or public nudity after the ticket has been issued to me? I know the cops can write what they want in the report and the DA has the ability to add charges but all that happened that night was they wrote me a ticket, never really asked us any questions about our night and went away. 2) My ticket says "On or before this date: 10/15/13 @ 8:30am." Does that mean I have the ability to pay the fine at the criminal clerk window on or before the date/time.. or does that mean I have to go to court on that day?3) Do you think I will get away with just an infraction? I have never been in trouble with the law and I heard stories of charges being added on - but I assume it's more for DUI, assault or more severe crimes. 4) I could be wrong but apparently urinating in public is not a punishable crime in California. I'm assuming it would be under municipal code or ordinance once it gets to the DA? If so, can they change it to a misdemeanor?Thanks and very sorry for the long essay :)

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Samuel II


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I was arrested for public nudity and breach of peace As I

I was arrested for public nudity and breach of peaceAs I was in a public restroom changing After running and was seen naked by2 women. The door of the restroom wasLocked with an open view. I was drying Off and had a slight erection. I didn'tThink anyone was around and did notExposé myself intentionally. I'm charged With a class B misdemeanor and have a Court date next week. No otherMisdemeanors or any charges ever. What should I do? What is your advice?I live in CT. Thank you in advance.

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TJ, Esq.

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If you have a six foot wooden fence around your yard, and you

If you have a six foot wooden fence around your yard, and you are not clothed, and someone goes out of their way to look over the fence and see you without clothes in your pool or sunning yourself around the pool, is there any wrong doing on your part?

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Dave Kennett

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I am renting a house on 144 acers. The landlord lives on the

I am renting a house on 144 acers. The landlord lives on the property to but I cant see there house, or any other house from mine. When there going down the driveway is the only way they can see my house. I know this is a odd question but I like to be nude outside and they will see me sooner or later. Im I braking a law by doing this on there land? There a nice retired couple, and I think it would be ok with them if I asked.

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Alex J. Esq.

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