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Is it considered to be safe with Sjogren's

Is it considered to be safe for someone with Sjogren's Syndrome and Hypermobility Syndrome to have chiropractic work done? My massage therapist suggested it since she believes my sacrum is twisted (she wanted me to verify with a chiro). Would Osteopathybe a better/worse alternative?

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Dr. Phil, MD

Internal Medicine Physician

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Need specialized advice in joints, osteopathy, sports

Need specialized advice in joints, osteopathy, sports medicine, etc.: I started having a problem that worries me: my left knee ~5 weeks ago. When I walk faster than at a tediously slow rate, and with very deliberate care, the joint pops and rattles - tothe extent that I can even feel a small seismic shock in my spine. Backstory: I had an arthroscopic surgery on that knee 24 years ago (I'm 63). That was occasioned by no apparent event the day after I had done considerable physical exertion, cleaning and rearranging6 bookcases of hardcover books. Awakening the next morning, I had intense pain and severe difficulty walking, then the surgery 10 days later. Over months and years the discomfort and awareness did mostly subside, but a pillow between my legs makes it easierto sleep. BackBackstory: I think that I earlier injured a knee during my childhood and 20's. I recall at ~8 getting a limp while at camp. But it was gone a week later. And I recall getting a limp for no apparent reason when I was ~11 or 12 that went away aftera while. And I twisted my knee when I was ~25, skiing in new wet snow. I don't recall which knee for any of the above. Probably irrelevant aside: My right knee is not in pristine condition either. On 9/13/11 I twisted it while doing some plumbing. I was advisedto get an arthroscopic operation of it as well. But being unemployed, I put it off, taking aspirin, until I eventually concluded it was unnecessary, as it was better than the one that had had the surgery. What's happening: Until recently I had no significantproblems; I could walk, run hike, etc. But about 2 months ago I went about a major reorganization of a different 12x20' room. And yes, there were bookcases (9 this time), ~half of which held books. Plus putting down a carpet, moving boxes & furniture, andextensive vacuuming , etc. I explicitly remarked to myself to be wary of compromising exertions and did not notice any stress. Problem: Soon after I completed that reorganization, I did notice that walking at a brisk or even normal pace was problematic. Ihave only a middling understanding of knee anatomy and mechanics. But it feels like the tibia/fibula move away from the joint while the leg is swinging, or rotate relative to the joint, or translate (left/right, fore/aft) relative to the joint. Then as I plantmy foot and apply my weight, there is a squush or plop as it reseats into the joint. This ‘disconnect/reconnect' can also happen when I extend my lower leg, e.g. while sitting, especially if done quickly. What I've done: I walk as slowly as necessary to preventthe disconnect/popping. From my unschooled imagination, the symptoms seem consistent with either that the internals of the joint are eroded or that the tendons, etc. have become stretched. I went to Sports Authority, intending to purchase a compression ‘sock'for the knee that in my thinking might take the stress off the tendons, maybe preventing their additional trauma. Near closing, I tried on a couple cheap ones of the many they had, but both of them actually seemed to slightly make the disconnect/reconnectless preventable by slow walking. A friend said to me that I should tense the muscles around my knee, while lying in bed, as an exercise that would strengthen the knee joint. Seems like it can't hurt, but to no avail as yet. While I had hoped that this issuewould heal/go away, given the time, it is clear now that I need some learned advice. My medical insurance that used to cost $200/mo 6 years ago with a $2000 deductible, now costs $504/mo with a $10k deductible. So, I don't want to pay hundreds to someone whowill just charge me for advising me to help pay off their tomography equipment loan. I want to understand: Will this heal, of itself? Can it heal with specific diet, supplements, care, exercise, avoidance of stress, bracing, or therapy, etc.? Will surgerybe the only option? I request a conversation that might inform my thinking about the situation. Questions: What do you think could be going on? And what do you think I should do? - Joel xxxx 408 241-xxxx *****@******.*** Knowledge is knowing a tomatois a fruit. Wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad.

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Dr. David

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When I awaken and get out of bed, I have strong back pain.

When I awaken and get out of bed, I have strong back pain. After moving around for a few minutes, the pain is drastically lessened. As time has progressed, I also have pain after sitting a while. I have tried taking medications such as Alleve, asprin, and benefen(?) both on going to bed and when I rise to urinate during the night, but to no avail. Any suggestions?

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Dr. Robert



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I've been diagnosed with Meige Syndrome. Botulism toxin has

I've been diagnosed with Meige Syndrome. Botulism toxin has provided temporary relief for a very short time. The last time I received treatment, it was coupled with Artane. I had some relief for 2 months. I am in the 3rd month, still taking Artane. It is apparent that Artane is not working. I return to the doctor in January. In the meantime, I am curious as to what other treatments are used and can and be beneficial.

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what is the recognized toxic level of caffeine? and of sertraline?

what is the recognized toxic level of caffeine? and of sertraline? I am tired of psychiatrists claiming depression is not the problem even though I answer YES to each of 9 qualifying questions, and though sleep and actual real sleep is a real problem,sleeping pills are not the answer, Ive been on over 2 dozen meds and doses of sleeping pills and only one has done anything and it only makes time disappear, just to be woken as exhausted as ever. climbing tolerance to caffeine is getting very annoying andreally quite frightful since 6 or 8 extra strength vivarins barely will allow me to get dressed. but the growing depression is, well, depressing. it certainly is NOT confined to terms such as mild or moderate, yet psyc docs wont even try anti depressants andthe gp hardly wants to try any except low doses to maybe make me feel a little better. if what he means is give me an upset stomach to take my mind off how horrible life is, it doesn't work that way. the pail of ice cream isn't working anymore either. help!

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Anthony Bray, MD

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I have recently had a bilateral mastectomy and can now see

I have recently had a bilateral mastectomy and can now see a protruding rib on the right side. I have received the all clear fom my breast surgeon and oncologist. The breast surgeon advised the protrusion was probably always there, but covered by the breast tissue. It is not painful just a little odd looking. I did have mild scoliosis in my teens, nothing that required a brace or surgery, I was advised to swim more.......and the breast surgeon said the protrusion may relate to that. I do not have any lumps (rib humps) on my back though. Anyway, my question is: do you think a physio or osteopath could do anything to reduce/improve the protrusion? Or do I have other options to improve it please?

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Dr Basu


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I was diagnosed with Migraine Associated Vertigo in 2010. Since

I was diagnosed with Migraine Associated Vertigo in 2010. Since that time I had been taking Elavil starting at 10mgs. and slowly increasing to 70mgs. I also have a balance problem from nerve damage in my right ear(vng showed 45 %). For this I was given 5mgs. of Valium 3x daily. The Elavil was suppose to take over for the Valium but that didn't happen. When I moved I went to a new Dr. who wanted me off both medication because of my age(63) for the Elavil and because of the length of time for the Valium. I reduced both and am off the Elavil but had a bad withdrawal. I'm at half my Valium dose now. I was then put on Topamax and had a bad reaction so I'm off that too. Now I have Cymbalta after two doses I already have some reactions so I'm stopping it. As you might guess I'm very sensitive to meds. My next medication will probably be Gabapentin. What are your thoughts on this? Any other suggestions you have would great! I also have Fibromyalgia and the pain has been terrible since stopping the Elavil. Also my sleep is horrible. Thanks

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I had a traumatic left leg injury 20 years ago: multiple fractures

I had a traumatic left leg injury 20 years ago: multiple fractures tib/fib with ineffective initial repair resulting in unhealed fractures, tibial torsion, and 3 cm loss of leg length. Had 3 subsequent surgeries with Ilizarov external fixator to repair torsion, replace dead bone with graft, and stretch leg. Initial results were almost perfect but after 20 years I have lost a little length again and am now about 1.5 cm shorter on that side, have 4 bulging disks, and limp (even with a full-foot leg lift orthotic in left shoe). I have a moderate-large bunion on my left leg (have NEVER worn high heels, not even as a teen and certainly not in the last 20 years) which I think may be partially due to the constant 'reach' of my left foot trying to 'tiptoe' a bit with every step in an attempt to hit the ground at the same length as my longer right leg. (hope this makes sense, not sure how to describe). Question is: with my misaligned legs and back and poor gait, will my bunion just come back again if I have it surgically repaired?

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Dr. Thomas, I have an inflamed pore to the left of my nose

Dr. Thomas, I have an inflamed pore to the left of my nose about 1 inch and below the high cheeck bone. It began as a pimple....very very tiny about 1/8 th or less of an inch. I don't want an infection. I noticed it yesterday. It came after I had skippeda couple of days in washing my face well. What would you suggest I do for this so that it will heal and I can prevent infection?

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