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On wed.3/16 there was a escape resident .I was doing my

on wed.3/16 there was a escape resident .I was doing my assigment as i was assing in the kitchen,the resident was with the assign co-worker at the time of diner.I together with a third co-worker got terminated by phone on friday8-5/16.There was lock system with alarm which he manage to open door which no one can uderstand how he did because door was lock and alarm was active was recomended by director that we couldn't restrick him from any walking thru the garden when he wanted ,his highly active all day long.the co-worker that was assign to the floor was serving said she didn't see him leaving the a caregiver never felt confortable with that situation every day.This is at will job.they tread us on the night they where going to report our three names to the state of nj.I want my name to be clear from the state and termination.?

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I feel my rights were violated at work : No : I had to give

I feel my rights were violated at workJA: Got it. The Employment Lawyer will know how to help you. Have you consulted a lawyer yet?Customer: NoJA: Please tell me everything you can about this issue so the Employment Lawyer can help you best. Please give me a bit more information, so we can help you best.Customer: I had to give a statement to lp for an incident that happened with another employee and a shoplifter. During the discussion she told me we could no longer go outside after a shoplifter. I mentioned something that happened a few weeks before and 2 weeks later she asked for a statement on the incident I mentioned. She never picked up the statement and 3 weeks later I got a final write up for something I told herJA: Is there anything else the Employment Lawyer should be aware of?Customer: I filed a complaint on the confidential holiness and the next day the dm came to talk to me about it. There's more but to much to get into right nowJA: OK. Got it. I'm sending you to a secure page on JustAnswer so you can place the $5 fully-refundable deposit now. While you're filling out that form, I'll tell the Employment Lawyer about your situation and then connect you two.

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Worked city years. Outstanding reviews and never been in

Worked for a city for 8 years. Outstanding reviews and never been in trouble, no warnings etc. Told by my manager my section was running outstanding just a few weeks ago. Worked my way up from coordinator to supervisor. Was in Union. Then they reclassified me into a manager not in Union. Had two shifts and both shifts agreed they wanted to have fun and discuss movies, dating, etc. We would joke about jello wrestling naked etc for fun. Everyone agreed to this so did not feel like any harassment. Plus had an open door policy anything someone did not like would be stopped. Our work was cleaning facilities so always had jokes about human waste etc. Then my female supervisor told me I was under investigation by HR and she was not suppose to tell me. She also said I am sorry I need my job you do not, I did what I had to do to survive I am sorry.I contacted HR and they put me on admin leave with pay. I was told I cannot contact anyone and they were following civil services rules. After a month they called me in and asked me questions. I told them what my supervisor had said about keeping her job and they said did not matter. She accused me of things I never did and told them I would be willing to take lie detector to prove I did not do what she said. She stated she was scared of me for over a year and I had stalked her daughter. I said no way. She was mad at me because I made her work and she did not feel she had to. During my time at home several of my coworkers contacted me and said this was a set up to remove me. Found out three of the women employees went to HR and filed a complaint. One of the three had a history of doing this and HR being all women said they did not care. I thought HR was suppose to be neutral but found out during questioning they were not. They said to me I was a bid guy, scary to the women and no one would come to me with a problem. Which I said was not true there are five other women in my department and they would tell you this is not true. City said they were planning on terminating me even with an outstanding work history. Plus never been in trouble before. I hired an attorney who said he knew the HR director and next thing he is telling me to take a separation agreement. He said they had a strong case. I was very upset since they were only going to pay out my sick time of 600 hrs and I would lose 1100 hours of vacation. I tried to tell my lawyer what would cause them to go so hard against me. Last year promoted and spirit ward winner for city. I talked with HR director and she said if I had not hired a lawyer would have been a different outcome. The separation agreement said I cannot talk about them/refrain or employees. Last week several of my coworkers contacted me and asked me to meet with them. I met them and out of 24 employees, 19 said I was getting screwed. They explained when called in they tried to explain our policy and HR said did not want to hear this. Some said they tried to twist their words. Also if they had good things to say about me they were asked to leave the room. I knew the HR director and helped her before in her facility issue. She had explained she was recent divorce and kept asking me to stop by and see her go to lunch. I never did. I was also told by my coworkers how I was set up. One of the females lied and said I made a statement about her going under my desk, and the other two females one supervisor one worker testified against me. The female employees who meet me said this was totally false as they were their when this happened I never said that to them. Now I am upset as this job I was making 70 and I am 56 years old--be hard to find a job. The separation agreement was has been signed and suppose to be followed. I feel the city has broke this agreement by still posting pictures of me saying anyone see me call police. Briefing city employees to be on the look out for me. I was told this by my coworkers and I went ahead and called the police.mthey said nothing on me, this was HR pausing the issue. Plus they has undercover cops come to my house completely out of their area. I feel harassment trying to get me to react. I would really like to break this agreement or at least file against the female supervisor who lied about me. She wanted to buy a gun off me and a shotgun. I did sell her several knives she bought for herself and husband but no guns as I had already sold them to another worker who would testified she was never scare of me. I know she set me up because I made her work. Please need help. The lawyer I hired I spent 5000 dollars and he did nothing for me but tell me to accept the deal.

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I've recently been terminated due to performance. My

I've recently been terminated due to performance. My boss says in writing he never told me to do "ABC".I have a recording of the daily-open-door meeting (to include other coworkers) of him telling me to do ABC. The exact thing I was terminated for.I have an upcoming meeting with HR and I want to play the recording.I was a VA gov state employee.

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I'm a pharmacy manager at Walmart. To make a story short, an

I'm a pharmacy manager at Walmart. To make a long story short, an employee made an "open door" complaint that I was not always professional when I spoke to her. Though I disagree, first my market director had my entire staff taken into the office and interviewed about how they like working for me. This was done in front of me while I was at work, causing me embarrassment and horrible anxiety. After day 1 of interviews, I called him to let him know I can't focus at work and having anxiety and he told me I basically had to deal with it. The next day they interviewed my remaining staff in front of me taking each one into the office and again, I was distraught and couldn't focus on my job. 2 days later in a meeting with him and 2 other managers, he asked me to divulge my medical conditions and asked what medications I was taking in front of everyone. I was embarrassed as he probed into my personal life and my anxiety disorder. At the end of the meeting, he asked me to hold a meeting with my entire staff and ask them what concerns they have about me personally, write them on a board, then take that list of "insults" to the pharmacy and post them on the wall with statement on how I'm going to change, then email him my plan of action. I feel horrified. I have not had this meeting because I feel it's insulting, humiliating, and belittles me as a manager. I feel all of this is wrong in so many ways. What should I do? Is it legal for him to put me through this?

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We are not a unionized company. We recently received a

We are not a unionized company. We recently received a letter of concerns that was signed by multiple staff. We have found that these employees often feel pressured to participate in these types of things and would like the employees to voice their concerns individually. Can we legally refuse to consider a letter that is signed by multiple employees?

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Is there a requirement to have a window on a classroom door

Is there a requirement to have a window on a classroom door while a teacher is giving a student 1x1 piano lessons at a music studio? Can the windowless door be kept shut during the lesson? Is there any requirement that the parents need to be able to see what is going on? Can a facility be sued if no video surveillance, or no open door/window to the room is provided.Teacher is male and in his 30s, students are male and female, ranging in age from 5 to 65+.Located in Willimantic, Connecticut.

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I am a Federal Employee with the VA here in Winston Salem

I am a Federal Employee with the VA here in Winston Salem NC. I was hired as a disabled Veteran in May of 2009. Currently I have been placed on what is called a Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) which is actually just a precursor to termination. I was placed on the PIP for being under the production performance requirement for my position for the previous 90 day period. I am a Rating Veterans Service Representative (GS-12). I rate disability claims for Veterans. At the time I was placed on the PIP, August 12, 2015, there were many more RVSRs who were also under the production performance requirement for the same position for the previous 90 day period who were not the subject of a PIP, it was only me. When I asked the Union VP, Geneva Moore, why that was, she told me the Service Center Manager, Douglas Chapman was angry with me because earlier in the year I had received a Reasonable Accomodation (RA) and he was excluded from the process. Requesting an RA requires medical evidence, records, certifications and diagnosis documentation be submitted to support whatever the RA is based upon. The VA was, at the time of my request, and continues to place as many people in the work at home program (telecommuting) as possible. Mr. Chapman had placed criteria on awarding participation in the the work at home program that I did not meet due to the effect my PTSD symptoms (which were worsening) were having on my ability to meet my productivity requirement. The Director of this facility, Cheryl Rawls, has an open door policy which she constantly reminds employees of and prompts us to use it for any issue we want to discuss with her. I utilized this open door policy to procure my RA because I was and still am extremely embarrassed about my PTSD diagnosis, the ongoing treatment requirements and in particular the symptoms I struggle with which were worsening due to the stress of the work environment at the VA Regional Office. Director Rawls was very understanding about my need for my private medical condition to remain as private as possible and processed my RA request in strict confidence and granted my request to be part of the work at home program. For about 6 months prior to requesting the RA to telecommute I had been keeping management up to date on my worsening medical condition (which continues to this day), because I had to take so much sick leave and anual leave because of the diagnostic and testing requirements. I didn't frame it as PTSD related, just that I was experiencing concentration and memory problems which were affecting my ability to perform at the level required for my position. The concentration problems were bad but most worrysome was the fact that my short term memory was deteriorating. After several months I received a diagnosis from a couple of doctors, most notably Dr. ***** *****, an expert in this field. There was no organic disease, like early onset Alzheimers, but that it was a brain chemistry issue driven by the increased symptoms of PTSD. I started the treatment regimen to address and hopefully improve this PTSD connected condition that were interfering with my ability to meet my job requirements. I am service connected for PTSD and my combined service connected disability rating is 100%. I informed management that I finally had a diagnosis, was beginning treatment with a new drug and that my prognosis was very good. I informed management that the time frame for full efficacy of the medication was 12-14 weeks and as I had done all along, offered any documentation they might require. After 4 weeks into the treatment regimen, I was singled out by Mr. Chapman and placed on a PIP. My union representative (who is himself an attorney and a member of the Bar in Georgia) counter proposed with a request to delay this adverse action until the end of the efficacy period when I had scheduled appointments with Dr. Hill and also with Dr. Pharr of Wake Forest Baptist Hospital's Neurology Department's memory testing group to evaluate me. Then I could be fairly evaluated for the normal period of 90 days and then a fair conclusion to place me on a PIP could be made. Our counter proposal was rejected by Mr. Chapman despite providing him with multiple provisions of the Master Agreement between Labor and Management that clearly supported our proposal. When pressed by my Union VP as to why he was singling me out for this adverse action which normally leads to termination, Mr. Chapman confirmed to her that he was angry with me for bypassing him in the RA process. That's about as clearly retaliatory as it gets. i would like to discuss this in detail with an attorney who specilizes in labor law as it applies to federal workers who have been discriminated against.Thanks,Bob Delp ***@******.***

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26 August 2015 04:20 I think the EEOC do have a file on me.

26 August 2015 04:20 I think the EEOC do have a file on me. The first termination was 6 months ago for absences that Had not been keyed yet by sedwick for my FMLA. The day of termination I tried to tell them that. But my supervisor did retaliate againstme. She got mad when sedwick called them not long after she started the process for terminatipn to let her know that my days were approved, So she went went way back to October to find something to use to terminate me with. I open doored it and got my jobback. Then last week a new supervisor for my department came out of nowhere and terminated me for job abandonment on my off days saying that I wasn't calling in But my days had already been approved under my FMLA. Any way things were not handled properly inboth situations. I was wrongfuly terminated in both situations. And again I got my job back. I'm tired of stressing about what's going to happen next with this job at walmart. I want to know if you have any suggestions for me as to what I should/could do froma legal standpoint.

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