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need a question answered about medication....only want to speak

need a question answered about medication....only want to speak with a U.S. doctor please...

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stroke/tia I was recently in the hospital for stroke/tia.

stroke/tia I was recently in the hospital for stroke/tia. no cause was identified and all tests were normal so discharge dx was officially tia but due to continuing weakness in my right arm I was told it was clinically a stroke?I was put on plavix and asprin. I am fairly young at 37, I smoke, have mildly high cholesterol so was started on crestor as well. I do have some family history with my dad having a tia at 38. my mother had a dvt while pregnant and my daughter had a dvt soon after starting birth control. I have never had issues with that though.I have some history: endocarditis, spinal epidural abscess, post strep glomerulonephritis, epilepsy-last seizure 10 yrs ago, hypothyroid, bradycardia-only symptomatic below 45, GERDabout 10 days prior I had fainted due to dehydration after having been ill with mycoplasma tracheobronchitis for nearly a month. they said one of my tests said I may have a blood clot so they checked my lungs but all was well so I was rehydrated and sent home feeling fine.I am having some trouble understanding how all of this happened and don't know what I should do if symptoms come up again. Obviously if they are continuous I would call 911 but what if they come and go quickly? it has happened already once but was very brief. My understanding is that the only reason you need to go to the hospital with temporary symptoms is so they can find a cause and treat it to prevent a stroke, but I have been tested to kingdom come already. I could really use some advice on this.the temporary symptoms I had were not identical to the previous ones btw. just husband wants me to get a medic alert but I have never been sure what is important to be on it...can you help me with that too?

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Dr Basu


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Im a 65 year old female with mild hypertension..have been

I'm a 65 year old female with mild hypertension..have been on Dynacirc CR 5 mg 1xdaily and Clonidine .1 mg 3x daily for about 5 years....have recently found that the Dynacirc is not available and GSK is not sure when it will be back. My doctor prescribed Amlodipine Besylate 10 mg daily as a substitute which, after taking 10 days, caused my feet and legs to swell massively. I went back to my Dynacirc (have only 11 tabs left). I don't have a lot of confidence in my doctors prescribing abilities and am searching for advice as to the availability of a drug that is very similar to the Dynacirc CR that I can use...can you help??? Many thanks!!

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what medications are affected by grapefruit juice

what medications are affected by grapefruit juice and by pink grapefruit juice, thanks

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occipital..back..terrible headaches that I passed off as migraines

My wife has been diagnosed with greater occipital nueralgia and has exhausted all known treatments. Her Dr wanted to implant a stimulator, but the insurance co has denied that. I recall back in '99 whe I had these terrible headaches that I passed off as migraines. I had the same type of headache as her nueralgia, starting in the eyeball and travels back to the back of the head. I have had them on left and right sometimes both sides and in which case very painful. I know how she is suffering. Now back in '99, I was diagosed with high bp. High meaning 230/xx. I am now on bp controlling meds and my headaches have disappeared. Including those such as my wife has. Is the there connection to my bp meds that could possibly aide her? She has a much lower hi bp 140/xx and is under a differents sets of meds. Would it be worthwhile to mention to her dr? Is there any other option to help resolve this condition??

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Dr. Stan

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treatment for esential tremor

treatment for esential tremor

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