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My brother and I were raised in care and we were always

My brother and I were raised in foster care and we were always under the assumption that we were half-brothers (same mother). I recently read some old court documents that listed my brother's father as the 'natural father' of both of us. Is the legal term 'natural father' the same as biological father or is the term used more loosely? Could this guy be my biological father?

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I'm 16 years old, 17 on August 29th, in South Carolina. My

Hi, I'm 16 years old, 17 on August 29th, in South Carolina. My mother took in my boyfriend in early August of 2015, when I was still 15. She cared for him, being that at the time he had nowhere to go. She has just recently kicked him out. But I am pregnant. I want to be with the father of my baby, for him to help support me and the baby and so that my baby has both parents, not just one at a time, but my mother won't let me see him at all. I have wanted to go up and visit his family but I cannot because of my mom, and I don't want to do it behind her back, partially because of legal consequences, if there is any. I have read that it is not an offense to "run away" persay at 17 in SC, and that police cannot bring me home, but she can file a lawsuit against his family for harboring a minor? I want to be with him, because I'm looking out for the baby to have both parents, and I love him of course and don't want to be separated. How can I legally get my mom to let me live with him and his dad and sisters? They have an extra bedroom, and at my house, there is 2 bedrooms for me and 3 other kids. The 3 other kids share one bedroom with one twin bed they all sleep on. I cannot raise a baby by myself there in such a crowded space, and at his dad's I have a guy who will support me, his family will also support me, and we have our own room there. I just want to know what I can legally do when I turn 17. If I can go to his dad's house, without having to necessarily come back to my moms house? Or if I can marry him, his parents would approve, my mom I'm not too sure. Please help, I need to know what I can do!JA: Because family law varies from place to place, can you tell me what state this is in?Customer: SCJA: Have you consulted a lawyer yet?Customer: NoJA: Is there anything else the Family Lawyer should be aware of?Customer: NoJA: OK. Got it. I'm sending you to a secure page on JustAnswer so you can place the $5 fully-refundable deposit now. While you're filling out that form, I'll tell the Family Lawyer about your situation and then connect you two.

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Am I able to get child support first three and a half

Am I able to get child support for the first three and a half years of my child's life (when I had no / nor sought an order previously) from a father who was in my son's life from birth through the first 5 months of his life, disappeared, and now recently has had a DNA test through DCFS, confirming he is the father? If so, what form and in which Court would I need to file in? I am referring to years past, not moving forward.Thank you very much.Nichole

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Good morning. My ex wants to see my sons (both minors, 10 y/o

Good morning. My ex wants to see my sons (both minors, 10 y/o & 9 y/o) and he's threatening to get visitation. He's not their biological father; our relationship was a few months shy of 5 years. He states that he considers them his since he was the one who taught them how to swim, tie their shoelaces, etc. We never married and he's never adopted them. Can he legally enforce visitation rights?

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My granddaughter previously had a passport, (only mothers

my granddaughter previously had a passport, (only mothers name was on birth cert) we let it expire (14yrs old now) My daughter (her mother) was never married to the dad and when we sent in the paperwork for another one, we noticed somehow is name is ***** ***** the birth certificate. When we tried to get it renewed it was questioned. In Ohio the mother has sole custody, so not sure why we need his permission, never pd child support, has seen her less than 10 times in her 14 yrs. Here is a copy of the email we were sent.Thank you for your recent passport application. However, additional information is needed to process your request. The Code of Federal Regulations, Title 22, Section 51.28 provides that U.S. passport applications for children under the age of 16 require the consent of both parents or legal guardians.Since the application was only signed by one parent/guardian, please submit one of the following:· A notarized statement of consent including the child's full name and date of birth and listing the non-applying parent's/guardian's relationship to the minor, along with a copy of front and back of a photo identification from the non-applying parent/guardian authorizing passport issuance for the child. Limited or qualified consent statements are not acceptable. (The non-applying parent may use the enclosed DS-3053, Statement of Consent: Issuance of a U.S. Passport to a Minor Under Age 16); or· A court order specifically permitting the applying parent/guardian to apply for the child's U.S. passport; or· A court order granting sole legal custody to the applying parent/guardian (unless the child's travel is restricted by that order); or· A certified U.S. birth certificate, foreign birth certificate, or Form FS-240, Consular Report of Birth Abroad listing only the applying parent; or· An adoption decree if the applying parent is the sole adopting parent; or· A judicial declaration of incompetence of the non-applying parent/guardian; or· A power of attorney that specifically grants the applying parent/guardian permission to apply for the child's U.S. passport; or· The death certificate of the non-applying parent/guardian.Please note the following important details on acceptable documentation:· Court orders must be complete, and include the child's name and judge's signature;· If the name of the parent/guardian is different than the name on the documents, evidence of legal name change is required.· Notarized statements of consent must be signed on the same day by the non-applying parent/guardian in the presence of a certified notary public, be less than three months old, and accompanied by a photocopy of the front and back side of the photo identification presented to the notary public.What can we do to obtain a court order or something else?

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I have a question about adopting my 2 year old grand

Hi, I have a question about adopting my 2 year old grand son. His mother, my daughter has asked me to adopt his because her realizes that she is not able to raise him. She is currently in jail awaiting to go to rehab due to a heroine addiction. She has been in jail now on a probation violation from being caught with heroine. She and her boyfriend, the baby's father pretty much has abandoned the baby. Although she has been incarcerated for a month it has been over 4 months since she has seen him, they pretty much don't care about the child. My daughter told me that her and the baby's father will sign whatever paper work there is to get this done. My wife's sister told her that we would just have to file something with the juvenile court and go from there. When she was interested in seeing the child I would let her take him home with her for a weekend every once in a while and every time the baby would come home to us injured in some way or the other including once with a cigarette burn on his cheek which I have pictures of. Before being locked up she lived where ever she could. I couldn't allow her to live here because of her drug use and she always has been very violent. Although I doubt you live in the state of Ohio as we do, could you possibly check Ohio laws to see what I need to do. I was told that although I would like to hire an attorney that would be difficult as i am living o a fixed income, disability and cannot afford one. the baby has been living with us with out one dime support for his parents for the past 16 months. Any advice would be greatly appreciated on what steps we need to take to adopt this little guy. Thanks Dale

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I am in California. My ex wife has sent me a notice to

I am in California. My ex wife has sent me a notice to appear in court for child support in Virginia. What do I do?

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Is there anyway to have my son's father's parental rights

Is there anyway to have my son's father's parental rights taken away if there isn't anyone to take over financial responsibility? Also his father wrote a song recently that involved the story of shooting an ex in the head, presumably me, should I do anything such as report it to the authorities in case we ever go to court? or would the song (and video of him singing it) be sufficient? Also does it even matter since it is an artistic expression and not a direct threat?

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I am a licensed MA attorney who was just asked to defend a

I am a licensed MA attorney who was just asked to defend a family for a 51A I am not a CAFL attorney but I do plan to take their training in the fall. If the family pays me directly am I allowed to defend them in juvenile court even though I am not CAFL certified? Should I refer them somewhere or can I help them? I have tried to call CAFL but they don't call back. Thank you. The mother and father are married and the child is 9.

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