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This might be some tax law and international criminal law

This might be some tax law and international criminal law and business law related questions: I am going through a bad divorce. I started a business back in 2007 with two partners. with a partnership agreement in place and filed a limited corporation paperin CA. ( I was 50%, my other two partners were 50% share by the partnership agreement) . Then in 2012, I met and married this women that I met online. During the marriage, she filed an article of incorporation under the same business name, and claiming herselfas 50% ownership, ( basically she screwed my other two partners's 50% share!).MY two partners never agreed or signed any agreement, me ex wife had no investment or capital contribution to the business. However, she was working as the book keeper ( part time_for the company and got paid 2500/ per month. During this period, she has stolen or taken over $250,000 cash from business and my personal account without any authorization, and I only found out this during the divorce proceeding. And this has caused severebusiness interruption and damages of the business. And we just found out that she has sent over $60,000 of this stolen money to China without paying any taxes. and most of the stolen money she has cashed out and hidden in some bank rented safe box ( whichwe have found out the safe box # ***** one bank.). We are thinking to file a search request through the family court. however, there is 21 notice requirement in the family court, so by the time the judge issues the search warranty to search her safe box or thehome or her office where these cashes are hidden, she may well transfer these cashes to elsewhere or close the bank safe box. So the only way is to file the criminal charges against her and get a search warrant to seize these cashes. However, which law enforcementshould we go: 1. local police, 2. FBI ( for the money laundry money). 3. IRS tax police ( she took this business income without paying any taxes. 4. local district attorney office? Please advise and provide the correct contact info for any recommended lawenforcement agency. I live in Riverside county after the separation in March of 2015. But this theft happened in Irvine, CA. Thank you.

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"for PaulmoJD"

"for PaulMJD" how do I get paulMJD to ask a question

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My deceased childs identity was stolen for tax refund purposes.

My deceased child's identity was stolen for tax refund purposes. What is the penalty from the IRS for this fraud?????

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