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I have been ordained online by the United National Ministry

Hello. I have been ordained online by the United National Ministry of Atlanta, GA, to perform weddings, baptisms, and funerals. My (plastic) wallet sized card says Christian National Church, and there is a license number on it. I also have paperwork from them that says I am ordained by them. I have already checked with my county clerks office, and was told I don't need to register to perform a marriage. After reading some info about MI taxes, I was so completely confused as to weather or not I owe taxes if I get paid for performing a wedding, ect.. I read online that if I start a church I have to file a charter, and I don't want to start a church. I DO want to have Christian fellowship, one on one or in small groups. I want to do what is right, and pay taxes if I owe. Do I pay taxes for any payment for performing weddings , baptisms? thank you for your reply

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I own a house with my husband and father. The three of

Hi, I own a house with my husband and father. The three of us are on title. My father and father-in-law took the mortgage out on our house so we are not on the mortgage, but we have notarized documents from them that the house is ours, we put all moniesinto the house (down payment, insurance, mortgage payments, improvements etc). My father-in-law passed and now my dad's the only one on the title. He has been taking the IRS write off's on the house for the last 5 years but never actually paid a cent on thehouse. We've never taken the write-off because from our understanding it's illegal since we're not actually listed on the mortgage. Is it legal for my father to take the write-off?

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Hello! I am planning on marrying my military fiancé on 12/12/14.

Hello! I am planning on marrying my military fiancé on 12/12/14. But prior to doing so we have a few questions that we are hoping you can help us out with. I have tried IRS.GOV but there is no contact # ***** the options for email help doesn't even cover anything like we are experiencing.1) I am currently going thru some financial difficulties, I am working on cleaning it up. I am currently in the rehabilitation program for a school loan debt.2) My credit score is a whopping 590 :(3) We are really concerned if they will take his refund to pay off my debt if we file jointly.4) Should we file married/separate? (Obviously we are looking for the best return possible, You know, Military salary!5) And lastly, should we wait to marry until after the end of the tax year? PLEASE SAY NO!!!! PLEASE SAY NO!!!! LOL!!!!Thank you in advance for any help you can give!Angie

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For several years I have been doing my own taxes using turbo

For several years I have been doing my own taxes using turbo tax and it have always went through fine with no issues, Recently i noticed that my social security number is ***** digit off in my tax reports for several past years, The question is how big ofa problem is it with IRS and how would i go about getting this corrected. I am in the state of Colorado if that matters. Thank you

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I am a CPA with a client question. client sued a local school

I am a CPA with a client question. client sued a local school district in an age discrimination case and won an award for a total of $240,000.00 In a letter he received from his attorney, it indicated that in the express terms of the settlement that the sum of $64,800.00 was categorized as a payment for "TAXABLE LOST WAGES."From the total award, the attorney deducted a legal fee of $24,000.00 OR 10% of the settlement. The remaining sum of $151,200.00 was categorized as "A PAYMENT FOR PERSONAL PHYSICAL SICKNESS OR INJURY SUFFERED BY HIM."QUESTION:He received a form 1099M which showed only the sum of $64,800. in box 3-Other Income. In preparing and filing his return we included that sum as miscellaneous other income but showed it as NOT BEING SUBJECT TO SELF EMPLOYMENT TAX which now, the IRS is diagreeing with and is assessing the tax (also giving hime the SE Adjustment of 1/2 on page 1). The form he received was prepared by the attorney himself. We do not know whether the school district ever reported to the IRS any of this information.Since the attorney's letter to the taxpayer is not even signed by the attorney which could also indicated that someone at the IRS was copied or anything else. Is it, in your opinion, since it is referenced as taxable lost wages-IS THE IRS CORRECT IN ASSESSING THEY SE TAX??? Also, if these were actually ttue wages paid the to the employee, wouldn't he have limited to a tax rate of %5.65 FICA TAX since that was the rate deducted from employees on any type of wages paid in 2012 irregardless of whether they were from work, sick pay, vacation pay etc???Also, since the legal fees paid ($24,000.00) from the law suit was for the purpose of age discrimination, shouldn't we be entitled to amend the return, file a schedule "C" for that year and deduct in full against the wage portion of the settlement (27% of the total settlement?)

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Cat: Tax Law Employment Deductions My wife has 3 part-time

Cat: Tax Law Employment DeductionsMy wife has 3 part-time jobs, 2 with the same college, the 3rd self-employed computer related web development etc. Job 1: departmental writing tutor. About 80% telecommute, occasional meet and greets. No supplies provided. Job 2: college-wide thesis editor. 100% telecommute, lap-top provided. She is on the CA PST retirement savings plan. Q1. Although part-time Job 1 & 2can come to a head at the end of a quarter. My wife took these jobs in part because she is an older worker with health / stamina issues. For the crunch time she took on an assistant for Job 2, paid her about $1000 and provided a 1099. Although the assistant was perfectly qualified, i can imagine a legal issue as this was informal job sharing. For these jobs 1 & 2 the college treats her as an employee, not a contractor so I don't know if she can claim the assistant as an expense deduction? Q2. What about normal office expenses (cpu back up storage etc)? As mentioned, Job 1 provides nothing, Job 2 after a while has provided a laptop. Of course, I believe the educ. field is shorting many employees this way. Final aside: Generally we itemize, but may not this year since I was out on disability much of the 2013.

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I was just reading a question from a gentleman that was exactly

I was just reading a question from a gentleman that was exactly what I was asking a couple of months ago. My husband is a disabled retired police officer. Income is reported on a 1099R completely tax free with distribution code 3. I did not include this income when I applied for Affordable Care Act. All was fine until my kids got locked out and I was informed that they needed to apply for state Medicaid. The State of Montana says they count this income and denied the kids. SO, I went back into the and added some of this income so that I could purchase insurance for my kids (I was advised to do this by some person @ since I was stuck in a no win situation). NOW yesterday, I get cards from the state for a program called HMK - it's like a step above Medicaid. I called the state to find out what is going on and now they're telling me that I MUST provide this 1099R income on I realize that at this point the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing, however I am now concerned that I am going to get in trouble with all this mis-information. After reading your answer to this gentleman, I am fairly confident that I have done nothing wrong, but I guess I am looking for a little bit more confirmation in this. The young lady I spoke to this morning at the state was very firm on the fact that I have been told incorrectly from numerous sources. She further stated that her supervisor was going to start making calls about telling people this income does not get reported. The issue I have now is this: I am a licensed insurance producer in the state (P & C only), I am being told by the state that I've basically lied on an application. I have copied the information from laborcenter.berkely which shows I haven't, but would love something from you which I could also give to the state showing that I am NOT being deceptive in my reporting.

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A divorced couple have an agreement that the ex-husband will

A divorced couple have an agreement that the ex-husband will pass 50% (after tax) of any commission through to his ex-wife. He made an error on his tax withholding and owed $60,000 to the IRS. He paid the IRS and is asking that his ex-wife repay him the $30,000 (half of what he owed the IRS). This situation presents several questions. Is the ex-wife obligated to pay the ex-husband the $30,000 for his taxes owed? If she does pay him can she deduct this as taxes paid when she prepares her 2013 return? Or is this simply her returning an overpayment of the commission? Because he withheld too little in taxes and therefore passed more than he should have to his ex-wife? Also, will the ex-wife have to report the commissions as taxable income on her 2013 return? There is a separate payment for spousal support. Thanks for your help!

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