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My nephew was involved in a fight he did not realize the guy

My nephew was involved in a fight he did not realize the guy was dying when we left the scene. Instead of going to his home he went to his mothers because she was out of town. Police came he barracaded himself in her home. after 9 hour stand off they tear gassed the house and now her insurance won't cover it . Is there any service that will help them or recourse with the insurance.JA: Because real estate law varies from place to place, can you tell me what state this is in?Customer: ColoradoJA: Has anything been filed or reported?Customer: Yes the adjustor will be there tomorrowJA: Anything else you want the lawyer to know before I connect you?Customer: The son was charged with first degree murder.

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When I was a teenager in 1972 my friends and I stole some

When I was a teenager in 1972 my friends and I stole some items from a local school in Illinois. The items were a typewriter, a couple of cassette players, some cassettes and a fire extinguisher. The items would have been worth about $100-150 in 1972 dollars.Now some 42 years later I feel guilty and compelled to make restitution. I wrote a letter to the school district confessing to the theft and sending them a check for $2,000 as a donation. But I haven't sent it yet!Are there any legal ramifications to confessing a crime that took place over 40 years ago? I want to send the letter and donation but wonder what the risks (if any) may be to confessing a crime in writing. Thanks!

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Would it be appropriate to send a notice of Impending

Would it be appropriate to send a notice of Impending Legal Action, to the attorney who submitted the forged affidavit and to their client, a major US Bank? Regards ***** *****

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My friend kill his girlfrien with a gun with no license, he

My friend kill his girlfrien with a gun with no license, he said was a accident but he was on the house went happen and he dont call the cops o nothing till next day and he has 3 cases of for domestic violence 2 with the girl the he kill how long can he be on jail for that?

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I had a 3 month old son that had passed away in 19990, the

I had a 3 month old son that had passed away in 19990, the case had initially been ruled as a SIDS death. I was the only person that witnessed the events that took place, prior to me finding my son deceased, and i knew he did not die from SIDS. I recently found corroborating evidence to what happened the night i found my son, and it was testimony of people who had heard the person stating they had killed my son, and should have done so to rest of their own children. I have notified authorities on all this, and they are now looking into it.I requested for a full copy of the police file, so that i could look over the information and pursue a private investigation on this matter. All that police said was in my child's police folder was an autopsy report. I obtained a copy of thee autopsy report, and was told there was no photographs, police report, statements or anything other than the autopsy report. From what I understand, there was medical lab reports of tissue samples that had been sent out but never received to complete the full determination of death of my son. Police are now just trying to find those other medical records! As one might believe, i am extremely pissed on this whole thing now, cause in the autopsy report, the hemorrhaging, in two areas clearly showed that he died from TRAUMA, yet nothing was done about it, no investigation, not even a simple police report!!! There is no way any of this should have taken place either by the killer, and then later by police and medical personnel that had the evidence in the autopsy report to show my son did not die of SIDS!!I am contacted the State Attorney Generals office, and the United States Senators Office and spoke to each of these departments on the phone, in forming them that i refuse to put my sons name back into silence, and want this all exposed and new laws mandated in his name, to protect children from suffering the same or similar miscarriages of Justice. This was a premeditated FIRST DEGREE MURDER, of a innocent 3 month old. This person has been allowed to walk free and brag about it, and police and medical had allowed this to go on, by straight negligence and if it had been any other person, they would probably be charged with accessory, since the medical records showed it was not SIDS and was in fact murder, but did nothing to pursue, and did nothing to properly inform the right authorities, for what it was!I am looking for some major home hitting laws, to be placed in my sons honor, one in which i would like to pursue a fight to make child murders pursued under Federal offences, and punishable under a federal crime when they are murdered without reason, such as in my sons case. I know this is going to be a major change to fight for, but enough is enough, and this is a case that definitely calls for a death penalty action, if you hear it all. There was no medical issue here and it was nothing more than pure EVIL!What i am looking for I guess, is answers on how i can pursue the state laws to be turned over to Federal laws, when it comes to murder of innocent children. If you kidnap a child or adult and take them across State lines, that is Federal Crime, and if you kill anyone on the Native American Reservations, that is a Federal Crime, so why isn't our underage innocent children protected from Murder under Federal Laws 100 percent of the time??? Especially when it comes to the point when they cant even run, in a attempt to protect themselves in that of the simplest ways??? I would ask for any help you can provide me, and would ask if someone might be interested in pursuing changes in laws with me on this, by providing counsel, this would be much appreciated. If there is anything i could do to hold the State of Minnesota accountable for their own negligence, that would be help full also.Sincerely,Thunder

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Im currently in a complex situation which involves my sons

I'm currently in a complex situation which involves my sons 2 year old father... I'm a professional sales representative for a major hair care distributor. Carlos (sons father) works at was my #1 account I recently provided him with this opportunity because of the business relationship I had with the owner at the time Carlos ended the relationship Feb 12... During this time I notice the owner Laila Taheri was very distant which I decided to speak to her in efforts to fix what I assumed a problem with customer service. On Feb 20 we had our business meeting set which then turned personal and was spoken too of personal issues in my life and insulted on things that don't involve business.I took it all in and said what can we do to fix this and move on for the business... i assumed everything was taken care of and would to continue to service the account..Throught the course of the time I find out othrough 3rd parties that Laila has been sending emails to corporates offices requesting a new sales manager in which I was close to being terminated she then wrote a email to the manufacture of the brand my company distributes but the company refuses to detail what it says.. I now had to get all the companies involve to explain a personal matter that didn't involve my professionall business skills. I just found out that Carlos committed adultery and is now living with my ex associate Laila and the cause of "real" actions that ruined my business reputation and the income I generate to care for my son... I'm also concerned because Laila has a bad reputation in taking on people as projects although I do not care what project she decided to take on with my ex he has now decided that he will live with her and take his son to her home (a home that doesn't have separate bedrooms) which worries me because she's hurt fully intended for me to lose my job for result that boss and owner are romantically involved but I have suspicions that my son shares their bed together. Also her mental and history affects me because her brother is in jail for committing a crime of terrorism march 3 where he faces a sentence of 150 years

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my son was killed nov 7th 2012 in alabama in a drug deal gone

my son was killed nov 7th 2012 in alabama in a drug deal gone bad he was set up by his cousin to meet her after she got him to the third place her boyfriend and another guy lie in wait my neice turned off his car and thru his keys in the floor he found them and started his car then her boyfriend jumped in his car my son drove off as he was fighting he flipped his car throwing the aggresser out and then him flipping the car on him killing him a girl that was with them conffessed at our house 2 weeks ago i recorded everything took it to the sherriffs office they said they had a warrant on her they r gi\oing to pick her up the next day 3 people are n jail now on other charges but still not done anything as of now need your help thnx

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what is the California code section that says a California

what is the California code section that says a California court/judge has the power to set aside a fraudulent sister state judgement.

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