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Can I sue my HOA and/or fellow condo homeowner for not settling

Can I sue my HOA and/or fellow condo homeowner for not settling a lawsuit file by the homeowner to reveiw the HOA books and his debit history. Their failure to settle is preventing my fha refinance loan from proceeding and costing me a great deal of money each month.

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My husband and I are divorcing. We have a home in both of

My husband and I are divorcing. We have a home in both of our names we purchased in 10/2007 and then refinanced in 01/2010. Our monthly mortgage payment is $2625 including PMI. He has not paid mortgage since May of this year and I have been obligated to pay monthly through the divorce proceedings. He is out of the home now. We anticipate a finalization of the divorce by the end of 2011. We have a HARP loan (01/2010) at 6% interest on a home in which we owe $320K. The home is valued by Zillow currently at $240K. Banks locally have all been telling me the same thing; they can offer a lower rate so long as I refinance. They usually say that they cover 90-95% of the appraised value for the loan (Appraisal is $240K - coincidentally) and that I would have to come up with the rest to get the interest rate lowered. So following their thinking, Let's say I could luckily find a bank to refinance at the 95% rate, it would still be a loan for $228K and I would need to come up with ~$95K including closing costs!! That's jsut ridiculous. If my husband and I cannot qualify for the assumption via WFB (which has refused to lower the rate), we would be obligated to sell (try doing that in the winter in New England) and each respectively eat the $50K difference. I'm worried about losing my job also and as winter approaches the cost of heating is just frightening. I would like some solid advice as to what options I have (aside from the assumption). This is a huge responsibility which I may not be able to handle alone and would like to know if there is any federal monies available or banks which help customers get a lower rate without an appraisal. I dread the thought of foreclosure or short sale as I do not want to destroy my credit.

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I signed preliminary documents with Freedom Mortgage Company

I signed preliminary documents with Freedom Mortgage Company to do a streamline FHA refinance. Their original GFE for my expenses was $325. Then it was $810. Now they say $750. If I go to the closing and it's a lot higher and I decide not to close, am I responsible for still paying other fees to them?Cathy

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