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What are the ways in which a case can be dropped or

What are the ways in which a case can be dropped or dismissed after the lawsuit is filed? You wouldn't believe what I've been through just to get the defendants served, every possible trick that can be played has been played. The politics involved here have made it unbelievably difficult to bring this case to court, the defendants are literately billionaires and have even gotten to my own attorney. I've been on this website on and off for over a year complaining about this case so the odds are, whoever picks this up might already be familiar with it. I'm the beneficiary of a trust and the trustees have commited a number of torts against me that include false imprisonment, abuse if process, intentional infliction of emotional distress, forgery, one heck of s case of defamation and more. I just served the petition last week but fought like crazy to get it done, my attorney had flat out disappeared and I had to track him down and threaten to hold him responsible for missing any dates. He was almost willing to accept a malpractice suit for not serving. My question is this, how could my case be dismissed or dropped at this point? The first status conference is on 9/15 and my attorney isn't lifting a finger. He said he could ask to extend the dates in order to find an attorney and I'm trying hard to do that but what should be happening at this point in the game? The trial date hasn't even been set yet, in fact, I haven't even received their answer yet but I know that it will basically say "to heck with you". I feel like my case is slipping away and definitely isn't being monitored, if there is a sneaky way of getting it dismissed these guys are sure to try it.

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My non verbal special needs child was restrained in a 5

my non verbal special needs child was restrained in a 5 point harness on the bus based on a old IEP, this is the second time this has happened in two years.this restraint want not due to a safety issue or a behavioral issue, it was done as soon as he got on the bus. The superintendent apologized but this has to be illegal, my child was terrified and even the Pca said that he was was " freaking " out. I want to know if this is a illegal.

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In Minnesota, I had an auto repair that I believe was done

In Minnesota, I had an auto repair that I believe was done incorrectly, resulting in a cost of about $4,000 to replace the engine. I'm considering Conciliation Court.What is the Statute of Limitations for bringing such a claim ?

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I need to report an assault in Houston, Texas and I need to

I need to report an assault in Houston, Texas and I need to know how to do that smartly.My employer shut me into my office and pulled the door closed and paced outside. He didn't physically lay hands on me then, or threaten, but he has gotten in my face barking venomous words. Can I report this as assault? If so will that get back to my employer? In the midst of an already ugly severance negotiation.

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I was unlawfully detained by a neighbor with a firearm. I

I was unlawfully detained by a neighbor with a firearm. I was told where to sit and was told to provide my ID so my neighbor could photo copy it. The neighbor and his wife both had guns behind their backs and stated that I had better follow their commands. I was held for nearly an hour before I decided to leave even though I was told to wait. The same evening and around the same time, my father passed away at a nearby hospital from cancer. I would like to press charges against the neighbor for false imprisonment, trespass and harassment.

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1. On Sept. 23 2015 I suffered a massive Bipolar Manic

1. On Sept. 23 2015 I suffered a massive Bipolar Manic Episode.I was totally out of control for 3 months until mid December when I was arrested for Domestic Violence. I spent 30 days in Jail (over Christmas), 3 Years Probation and 1 Year Domestic Violence classes for something I do not remember.I also lost my Job, Home and Family. My family still cares about me and we get together at least once a week. They do not blame me for having a MEDICAL DISORDER. My poor wife and children were severely traumatized by all the terrible things I did that I do not remember. My Episode was more like a Split Personality Disorder.I tried to hire a lawyer to claim that I had a Mental Problem and wasn't liable for my actions.But I was told that I had already pleaded Guilty and there was nothing he could do.I am normally a very nice person but during the Episode I am told that I was a raving lunatic. I don't remember any of the terrible things I did.2. That was bad enough. In early May, I went to court for my Probation Review and was ARRESTED AGAIN. The first 2 days in Jail I did not know what I was arrested for. Then I learned that I had 5 COUNTS OF BATTERY from Oct. 5th 2015. That was at least 2 months BEFORE I was arrested for DV a week before Christmas.The court had made a mistake and charged me with a PROBATION VIOLATION.I spent 9 days in Jail, Paid $2,000 in Bail and $7.500 for a Lawyer else I would still be in Jail!Again: I DO NOT EVEN REMEMBER BEING IN THE HOSPITAL AT ALL!Please advise me if I have any rights for compensation for either of these violations.______________________________3. Also: Back in 2006 I had my first Bipolar Manic Episode.The police entered my apartment and found my closet full of marijuana plants that were for MY OWN USE. I did not have the Medical Card at the time but I was eligible because I was having severe stress because I knew all about 9/11, the so-Called "Federal Reserve owned by the Rothschilds (Illuminati - Satanists).I had received a Medical Card before the trial.Instead of having 6 large plants, I had 50 very tiny clones that were mature and would not grow much bigger than about 12". I was very stressed and needed the medication as soon as possible. The total yield would have been less than 2 ounces max.I was FALSELY accused of "expanding my operation." Which was a TOTAL LIE!Since I knew about Ed Rosenthal's trial I dare not say anything in my defense.I had to "bend over" and take what they dished out!When I asked my lawyer about my God-Given rights, my lawyer dared not answer. He could only laugh. I know why! But I dare not say that I knew I had NO RIGHTS.When I asked for a Jury Trial, I was told that I would surly get 3 years in Jail (as the DA wanted to punish me for growing my own personal use Medical Marijuana.____________________I have been abused by the system 3 times in 10 years and suffered from condemnation by the courts for several years. (being on probation)I lost over $20,000 in fines and Lawyer fees.($12,000 in 2006 and $9,500 in 2016)Please advise...Thanks,Stanley **********************************

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My husband was diagonosed with Alzheimer's last August 12,

My husband was diagonosed with Alzheimer's last August 12, 2015 at the age of 55 within four days before he was diagonosed he says that his bosses called him into a room and forced him to sign paperwork to retire on December 31,2015 he states they told him he could not leave that room and other things till he signed the papers which he did. He never received a copy of anything. Retiring would have made him ineligible for long term disability he has worked for the company for more than 35 years. The strain of that meeting upset him so much that he got up for work on the fifth day got fully dressed for work came downstairs and said I don't think I'm going to work today when I asked him why he said I just don't feel here, my husband never ever took off work, that day I asked him to please call the doctor which he did, they wanted to see him right away and the next day he was diagonosed with the Alzheimers. They ran tests and did a cat scan he had a scan in 2009 to compair it to. I found out about the meeting when the doctor said well at least he well be retiring in December I stated he's not retiring that's when he spoke up and told me they made him sign the papers. The following week he went to his office to clean out his desk his boss saw him and commented something to the effect of have a nice life you get nothing I have the papers you signed to retire. He called the HR department the next day the person he spoke to told him they could not do that, they told him they would have to talk the the HR manager about two weeks later the HR manager called and told us the retirement papers would be with drawn he would be eligible for disability for the next ten years and he set them straight and told my husband he would never have to deal with them again. I asked him to please send me an email stating this which he did. My husband has told this story to a few people who has advised him to contact the police that it was against the law for them to force him to sign the papers along with not letting him leave that room he says that he did contact the police, he states they told him a crime was committed and he should contact a lawyer, he says he spoke to a few lawyers who he says they told him he has a case against his employer. What or should we do anything about it!

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I work full time company. They also contract me as an

I work full time for a company. They also contract me as an independent contractor for design work accounted for separately than my regular paycheck. As a contractor I created some of the logos the company uses. May I copyright my work or does the copyright reside with the employer? Was this work for hire or not since I did it as an independent contractor?

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In california, is it legal storage facility manager to

In california, is it legal for a storage facility manager to threaten to lock a customer inside the facility if they are not finished unloading at gate closing time? Is it legal to lock them in the facility if the manager lives onsite but at closing times leaves and locks the customer in? What if it's in a bad part of town and the customer was only two mins late leaving? If the customer of two years is rushing to finish and closing time is 7pm. but finishes at 702 and is locked in, how are they supposed to get out when its unsafe in this part of town and the cops do not have keys and will not respond to get you out?

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