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Order of Protection

I had an order of protection against me for "text harassment" for the past six months in Rockland County, New York. I never pled guilty and the case is just about to be dismissed. Is there anything I need to do on my end to make sure it is? Also, is the order of protection a separate matter from the harassment charge? I've heard that it is a civil misdemeanor, whereas the harassment charge was only a violation. How could I be guilty of a civil misdemeanor have not even pled to the harassment charge? Will everything disappear from my record without my doing anything? If not, what must I do?

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Zoey, JD

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I live in Kansas. I had a boyfriend living with me who had

I live in Kansas. I had a boyfriend living with me who had major substance abuse problems and was mentally ill. I had him removed from my home by a social worker/friend. We made arrangements for him to rent a truck and pick up his belongings after THREE months, but he came to town, went on a bender, and told me he was going to kill himself. When I did not hear from him the day I took off to be at home so he could get his things, I put his belongings in storage. With the exception of his cats.He resurfaced the next day and went on a days-long campaign to terrorize me, including threatening to come to my home and cause damage while I was at work, threatening to come to my office, and threatening to go to my daughter's school to cause her harm. There is an active arrest warrant for domestic harassment in Johnson County, KS since then.He is living in Indianapolis with his parents, as far as I know.Now, 366 days after I asked him to leave, he wants to know if his cats are alive, and for me to return them. He says they are stolen property; I believe, in the state of Kansas, ten days makes them abandoned. Now someone posing as his attorney is contacting me-- although you should see her communications-- they are laughable. She is really his girlfriend. She used a gmail account with a full profile; he is in photos on her Facebook page, and there is no one registered with the Indiana Bar Association by that name.I want these people to leave me alone. I don't think words are going to get them to stop bothering me, so I want to take some kind of action. Even if it's just posturing. What can I do?

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I am a single mother. I have a current legal no contact order

I am a single mother. I have a current legal no contact order from the court that the baby's father can have no contact with me due to his recent guilty plea to domestic harassment & interference with making a 911 call. Do I have to let him have visitation with my 5 month old daughter out of my presence? I live in Oregon.

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What information do you have about courts holding harm or no

What information do you have about courts holding harm or no harm when a parent tape records a child in the midst of recording other parent and whole interaction? Misrepresentations were attempting to be prevented, and many times both adults knew of the taping, sometimes one party.

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