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I recently bought a vacation package which I was not told

I recently bought a vacation package which I was not told how long to cancel. The cancelation period not explained to me. Now I'm stuck paying 150.00 month after pay 1500 down for a vacation that is about 10.000. I was told I would only have to pay for 3 year but the paper says 10 years. I'm not sure what I got into. They will not expect my cancellation even though I sent it within the 5 days of money coming out. Not sure what to do now.

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Dwayne B.

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I am worried about my lawsuit getting dismissed due to

I am worried about my lawsuit getting dismissed due to inaction.I hired an attorney to sue a realtor who forged my signature on something I was vehemently opposed to signing. The result was devastating financial loss in the form of my only robustly profitable rental property and the income that formed the backbone of my retirement income.It's been 2 years since I hired the first of two attorneys. I let him go a year ago when he refused to help me respond to discovery and was demanding $6000 to continue, despite having $2400 of mine and a retainer that said he would never ask for more than $3000 at a time. The second attorney revised the complaint by adding causes of action related to tortious interference in my business relationships with my former tenants, filed it as the first amended complaint, and helped me respond to discovery.There was a case management this month, but it was postponed at my attorney's request.Recap: The forgery was in June 2013. I hired a lawyer in July 2014, filed the lawsuit in May 2015 and a filed a first amended complaint with a new attorney in June 2016. My legal costs to date for both attorneys have been about $24,000 and I couldn't be less happy about progress than I am now. I haven't sent out discovery, for example, and it's essential that we talk to the escrow officer, the buyers, and their agents to find out what they recall about my agents' disclosures about me and my desire to cancel, if any. Three years out, they might have forgotten, and can easily get away with saying they have forgotten, even if they haven't.I imagined an aggressive advocate fueled by indignation and righteousness, fascinated by damning evidence in the contents of 3 years of email between me and my agent, which I organized for ease of study. I have only discussed the case once with the new attorney, and I don't know if he sees it as I see it. What I lost was rental income until the day I died and an asset to leave my brother's children. He is focused on the selling price being too low, but that's chump change compared to its income should I live another 30years, and likely to devolve into dueling appraisals; I am outraged that it sold at all.Could the defendants (the agent and her broker, who repeatedly told her not to cancel the escrow, she said at the time) move to have this case dismissed for lack of prosecution at this point? Would it be considered malpractice if my attorney, by neglecting the case, allowed that to happen? Finally, should I look for attorney #3 at this point?

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Eli, Kathy here, my motion was granted to amend my second

Hey Eli, Kathy here, my motion was granted to amend my second amended complaint to include four additional parties to my section 1983 federal lawsuit. These four defendants have been previously mentioned in prior complaints but are now defendants. Must I now issue The notice of a lawsuit and waiver at the service of the summons and have a summons issued by the court. ?

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This question is regarding a non-disclosure/non-compete

This question is regarding a non-disclosure/non-compete agreement. There is a computer software design company whose main customer has been the schooling systems. In an effort to expand, the company hired a team of approximately 23 employees to expand sales along other avenues to generate business. My cousin is one of these employees. This venture started approximately 8 months ago. However, the sales just have not been successful. What started out with the team of 23 has now dwindled to 7. Initially salary was to be paid for 9 months and then would turn over to commission on sales. Salaries had to end before the 9 months because the sales were not there. Even some of the schooling business is also gone. My cousin did sign a Non-Disclosure and Non-Compete Agreement at the beginning of this venture. However, now he is having to look elsewhere for work. The three sections in question are 1. Disclosure of Invention to Employer. This is only regarding patented or copyrighted applications and is not applicable. 2. Non-Competition After Termination. This says that he cannot be employed by any person, firm or corporation in competition with Employer, etc... How enforceable could this be? He currently has no real option but to look for another job and has an opportunity to work with another Software Design Company, but just wants to make sure that this would not be a real issue. There are no "trade" secrets that he has any knowledge of to divulge and there are no "customers " that he would be trying to obtain from his former employer....which brings me to 3. Solicitation after Termination....Again, there are no customers that were obtained that would he would be soliciting. He is simply wanting to make sure that he handles things correctly. But is there a specific thing that makes a contract such as this null?

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Olivia Kent

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How are you! My friend want to sell her house in las vegas,

Hi, Sir/MadamHow are you!My friend want to sell her house in las vegas, the house has a small mold area in bathtub area(he can fix it), right now, he had an offer come in, but the purchase agreement require him DISCLOSURE WITHIN 5 DAYS OF ACCEPTANCE OF THIS AGREEMENT:FUNGAL(MOLD) NOTICE FORM( NOT REQUIRED BY NEVADA LAW)his question is: he would agree or not agree this term, how would him do, to fix it or just disclose this mold, if later, the buyer can claim with him with the mold?I really appreciated your great help.Thanks and best regardsMaggie

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My daddy died in 2012. My mother chose to come to my home n

My daddy died in 2012. My mother chose to come to my home n live with me. In 2012, She executed a power of atty, durable n general, for me to take care of her. I do EVERYTHING for my mother by myself. I take care of her, my six dogs, my home, laundry, cleaning, EVERYTHING. Now, right at 4 years later, ONE sister is angry because she says she can't visit "freely". My other sister has written my mother's attorney a letter on my n my mother's behalf. I also have PROOF my "mean" sister visited MOST every time she has wanted to, but I have always ASKED for a day's notice so I can make sure I'm not in middle of bathing mama or in middle of MANY other things that my mother is supposed to have done. (Walking 5 times a day, inhaler puffs 4 times day, neb treatments 2 X day, breakfast, lunches supper, baths, meds 3 times a day, her hair cutting n coloring done by me). Without going into EVERYTHING, this one sister has hired an attorney n they THREATENED that if I did not get my name off of a POD acct which my mother (without my knowledge at that time) put me on to, and send them copies of all my mother's bank statements (which my MOTHER does not want to do), send them proof of home insurance showing the ins coverage on my mother's house (she was left a life estate but she wanted to come live with me. Her house is in a bad neighborhood AND I could not take care of her at her home with all my dogs n I have had 2 back surgeries as well) that they would file for a conservator or guardianship. I got my mother an attorney. My mother took a mental evaluation and passed. My mother is happy, healthy safe n secure with me. Her doctors BOTH say her health has improved. Sunday my sister was confronted by my mother asking WHY WAS SHE DOING THIS. My mother told her u DO see me n told her that she n I both let my sister see n visit with her. My mother is very upset over what my sister is doing. They have tried to infer that my mother has dementia (she does not) n that I CONTROL my mother. (If anything my mother controls me). I'm just at a loss when I e done NOTHING but put my mother's physical and emotional well being above mine. If my mama is happy, I'm happy. The untrue, false n, in my opinion, letters that clearly are a defamation of my character....., nasty n mean letters have been going on since June 15, 2012. My mamas atty says that "they" (my sister n her atty) r crazy n she's not worried. BUT im devastated, hurt n I just don't see how so many lies can just continue. It's taking a toll on me, but I'm doing everything just as always for my mother and her house and her meds n Drs n paying her homes bills. Then of course I still have to take care of my house. Please help. I know this is jumbled information, but I'm at my wits end. Any advice would be appreciated.

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My home is in escrow in California. The buyers have not

My home is in escrow in California. The buyers have not signed off on their contingencies. Questions: In the TDS ( transfer disclosure statement), I forgot to mention the hairline cracks in the ceiling. The home inspection report , though, mentioned the hairline cracks. Do I need to send an Addendum of the TDS to the buyer, stating that there are hairline cracks in the ceiling, even though it was mentioned in the buyers inspection report? How many days, upon receipt of new information and/or disclosure, does it extend the buyers right to review information , prior to buyer being in breach? Is it 7 days from receipt?

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I would like to know if my son's Medicaid provider violated

I would like to know if my son's Medicaid provider violated HIPPA. My son receives services from a Medicaid provider. We were in the process of adding another provider to provide a service. We were going to pay out of pocket for this service. My son's current provider called the provider we were going to add and now the provider is unwilling to provide services. We have a signed release form on file with his current provider to not release/share/obtain information without the consent of his guardian.Is this a HIPPA/Confidentiality issue?

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Gerald, Esq

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I am applying for a drivers license and am on disability for

Hi, i am applying for a drivers license and am on disability for mental illnesses as well as a back injury. Im already aware that they will ask if I was ever declared to have a mental illness by a judge. My question is this ; am i required to disclose to the motor vehicle commission agent about a past (5 years) ago. Condition i had in which i was fearful of striking pedestrians. Even though it never affected my ability to safely operate a motor vehicle. Anything you can tell me about the licensing process in this situation would be greatly appreciated. Am i required to disclose anything at all? If so, what and what is ok to not disclose? Thank you

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