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Can I sue my employer my position while I was on medical

can I sue my employer for eliminating my position while I was on medical leave? I had brain surgery for an aneurysm.

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Dwayne B.

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I hurt my right shoulder november 12 2014 went to hospital

i hurt my right shoulder november 12 2014 went to hospital they said nothing was broken told to wear a sling for ten days.i went four days then had a stroke on same side that was injured.was inhospital for a month not until i got home and tried to rehab from stroke it was painful to lift right arm. so thearpist told me to go to dr. he stated he thought it was a torn rotator he could not be sure without mri sent to stroke dr. evauate condition of body to see if i could do mri because of stroke done nerve testing and was okayed for mri. it was found to be a major tear in rotator time passed and was finally ok for surgery that went well. to get what i wanted to know is the state offered almost 24000. the letter i receieved from them then i get letter from cowles company i used to work for stated i was over paid during all this they sent a check for 13000 and monthly installments 972 they take145. leaves 847. a month except last installment suppose to be jan2017 but it is only 132. according to my figures they still owed over 3000. what can i do also do i have to pay taxes on this being a was a personal injury claim.

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Alex J. Esq.

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Several years ago, I had a job which offered the fringe benefit

Several years ago, I had a job which offered the fringe benefit of long term disability for a small cost. Two years ago, I became disabled, and the insurance company has been paying me $800 a month, per the insurance agreement I had. I am going to my social security hearing in July, and now I find out that the insurance company wants me to pay them back the $800 a month when I get my approval. By the time I pay the lawyer, that's about what I will have left. Can they do that? This seems more like a loan than insurance. I am in Maine.

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Andrea, Esq.


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Why would a school send a certified letter to someone on work

Why would a school send a certified letter to someone on work related stress relief. I have long-term disability insurance. Also, I have been working with a psychiatrist M.D. since my early 20s for serious panic disorder, PTSD, a eating disorder. Two years ago I suffered a serious injury at work and had to get an attorney b/c my employer was so aggressive that my doctor actually said that he was worried for me. Since then the superintendent of the district has been really bad to me and he recently wanted to talk to me about a concern he had about my level of service. This just put me over the top and I had to leave b/c I was mentally such a mess. I called in sick and went to see my psychiatrist who immediately put me on stress relief until from April 10-July 1st. Now I received a notice that I have a certified letter waiting for me from my work. Any ideas on what it could be?

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I am an employee on stress related issues leave. I got my assurance

I am an employee on stress related issues leave. I got my assurance of work for next year. I have union disability insurance. My district has just sent me a certified letter. I have had a terrible two years because the superintendent doesn't like me however he is leaving at the end of this school year. I am an excellent employee doing a difficult job; however, this superintendent has really harassed me.JA: The Criminal Lawyer will need to help you with this. Have you consulted a lawyer yet?Customer: noJA: Please tell me everything you can about this issue so the Criminal Lawyer can help you best. Is there anything else the Criminal Lawyer should be aware of?Customer: two years ago I fell at work and ruptured my foot ligaments, my peroneal tendon, I had to have a wedge of bone removed and then the two pieces connected with a screw and my fascia released. Workman's compJA: OK. Got it. I'm sending you to a secure page on JustAnswer so you can place the $5 fully-refundable deposit now. While you're filling out that form, I'll tell the Criminal Lawyer about your situation and then connect you two.

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I am a 47 year old doctor making about $190,000 per year. Jan

I am a 47 year old doctor making about $190,000 per year. Jan 2015 I fell in the icy, unplowed parking lot of my office. The building is not owned by the hospital, my employer, but the hospital staff is responsible for plowing it. I was seen by our ED. They basically did nothing. I hurt my back, right wrist and left hip. I followed up with the Workers Comp Nurse Practitionaer as instructed. Her cleared my to return to work in in 3 days, the following Monday. I had previously had orthopedic surgery on that hip, 7 months before the fall and had a wonderful recovery until this point. Over the next few months, the back, wrist and hip pain continued and worsened. I corked my regular job all of this time. The NP referred my to a hand ORTHO specialist who did an MRI finding a torn interosseuos muscle and ordered OT and a general Orthopedicts who did not order any imaging and ordered PT. My employer insisted I use my own time to go to these appointments, which I did. The Physical Therapist is am employee of the Orthopedist. She was informed of the special instructions regarding my left hip due to the recent surgery in writing in my chart, by a questionnaire I filled out and VERBALLY, BY ME. She manipulated my leg in a way that caused my hip to dislocate PAINFULLY, I screamed, loudly. Others in the department came to see if everything was ok. She apologized and replied, "I guess I won't do that again." That session ended for the day. I called the Orthopedist's office when I got home and left a message. The nurse called me back the next day, told me to take Motrin and continue with my next therapy appointment. Over the next few months, my employer closed my comp case and they refused to pay for the medical bills. After a discussion, that was resolved. I had used all of my sick time for the therapy appointments and they were so painful for my hip, I could not tolerate it any longer. I went to another physician, not on their panel, a Physical Medicine and Rehab Specialist and had my SI joint injected. That helped a lot. He suggested that I see the surgeon who did the original surgery since this Orhopedist was not being helpful. That appointment was last week. I had an MR Arthrogram with intra-articulate contrast of my left hip. I just read the report. I have a new acetabular cartilage tear. If this is repairable, the recovery will be at least 3 months on crutches. If it is not repairable, I will need a hip replacement. The right wrist issue still needs to be addressed.Who is responsible? Workers Comp only covers a fraction of my salary. I have disability insurance. But, none of this was my fault. The parking lot was not plowed and the Physical Therapist did a maneuver I specifically told her was not allowed because of my recent surgery!!! The ED Doctor stood in the doorway and never examined me. He ordered a plain X-ray of my hip knowing I had had surgery on it 7 months prior and an MRI was needed to see the cartilage. I would bet that he documented a physical exam. I was cleared to return to work with no regard to my injuries and pain. I would bet that walking around on a torn labrum has been making it worse. The hospital did not allow me to pursue treatment and I have had to fight with them every step of the way! And I have been in agony some days, crying myself to sleep it hurts so much. But where do I turn? I just want to get this fixed and support my family while I recover.

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Am collecting disability payments

Am collecting disability payments from American fidelity. I can probably receive payments until age 63 but would consider a today settlement. My choice, work, or lose disability and current SSI payments. Is this considered a commutation? I am 58. Thank you.

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I am on disability and covered monthly check of 1735.00

I am on disability and covered for a monthly check of 1735.00 per month through Aetna life insurance. I was contacted by social security and told they will now begin paying me 1211.00 per month and pay a one time catchup check of 14,451.00 to bring my coverage up to date. Aetna tells me they will reduce their payments to 511.00 per month and the catchup funds are an overpayment and should be returned to them. Is that correct ?? Do I get funds from 1 companies coverage and pay it back to the other

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Gerald, Esq

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I have Had an aneurism nine years ago which required immediate

I have Had an aneurism nine years ago which required immediate surgery due to a hemorrhage. I've been collecting disability eversince due to the fact that a lot of my ailments are associated with my lack of balance,hand writing as well as severe headaches. I now have a PI following me everywhere I go as I've already caught two which required police intervention. My question is can it be disability or can it be an ex that I am in court with? The PI Is here until midnight. that's what's making me start to doubt that it's associated with my disability. I would imagine if it's the insurance company they would want to see my daily actions .JA: Thanks. Can you give me any more details about your issue?Customer: I was in the hospital for three months I was in a coma for a few days as I had something called an AVm which they treat like an aneurysm .JA: OK got it. Last thing — Lawyers generally expect a deposit of about $36 to help with your type of question (you only pay if satisfied). Now I'm going to take you to a page to place a secure deposit with JustAnswer. Don't worry, this chat is saved. After that, we will finish helping you.

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