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Short form: How do we evict friends from our home in

Hi..Short form: How do we evict friends from our home in Nebraska who will not move out and find their own new place? We just want to sell our house. We are living in Indiana currently.Starting in April 2015 we have had friends house-sitting for us (in Omaha NE) while we started slowly transitioning to a new home near out of state family. In May 2015 our friends said they were soon getting kicked out of their apartment complex due to mold in their building. We verbally agreed to allow them to live in our large home until they found a new place and just pay us whatever they were paying for their apartment. Our mortgage is around 1380/month and their rent was 555/month (both without utilities figured in). Since October 2015 we have been telling these friends verbally and in emails that we want to sell our house and they need to be moved out.Frustrating for several reasons!!Greg

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I have a question regarding an auto accident personal injury

I have a question regarding an auto accident personal injury settlement. The insurance company sent a settlement offer (very low) I then called and told them what I thought was fair and they raised their offer $1800. The problem is I do not think that is fair. I've done research online and used the 1.5-5 multiplier and their final offer is lower than what it would be if I used a 1 multiplier. Their client rear-ended me and I hurt my knee. I had a CT Scan and Xray which did not show a break or tear. However my normal activities have been affected by this injury. I used to walk three miles everyday, I can barely walk one. I used to wear heels everyday all day and now can barely make it through half a day without putting on my slippers. My knee gives me problems in the cold and with activity still today. My medical bills total $4,090.00 and lost wages total $960.00. I was in treatment for nearly 6weeks. It has been 9 months since the accident which occurred on October 21, 2015. The insurance first offer was $7300 and then after I called to decline it they raised it to $9,000. I am just wanting to know if this is a fair offer. I feel my pain and suffering will increase as I get older. I've been diagnosed with anxiety and I have had to raise my dosage of insomnia meds because of what my lifestyle has been limited to since my knee injury.

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My husband and I purchased a Used, Class C Motorhome from

My husband and I purchased a Used, Class C Motorhome from Media Camping Center, PA. We put a total of $6,000 down and signed for financing of 12 years at 4.99% on April 16, 2016. We had issues with the cleanliness (the dealer had promised to clean the motorhome inside and out but had not done that), but the dealer agreed to give us a credit of $350 to cover the cost of having to get the motorhome cleaned ourselves. We then drove the camper home.On April 28, 2016, we received a letter from Bank of the West saying they do not grant credit for the term requested (12 years), but can offer credit for a ten-year credit term.I called Media Camping Center about this, indicating we didn't want to go with ten years, which would make the payments higher. The dealer said not to worry, that was a miscommunication with the bank. It was all cleared up and the 12 year contract term still stands. Then I got a call from the dealer saying we needed to sign a new financing contract, he would mail it to us, we were to sign it and mail it back. This new financing contract is with M & T bank for 12 years.Problem: In the interim, we have not been able to start the camper. We tried charging the battery, but it didn't help. When we had it looked at, we were told the battery in the camper is not the right one for that motorhome. We feel we have been lied to in that the dealer told us the batteries were new and correct for this motorhome. He also lied when he said he would clean the camper top to bottom, and he lied when he said the original financing contract was "just a miscommunication" and "was all taken care of."Question: What are the legal options for returning the motorhome? Can we tell the dealer to come get his motorhome? We don't feel we should have to sign a new financial contract. We just want out, but would like at least some of our down payment back.

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Is a Florida lawyer placing himself at risk of any kind from

Is a Florida lawyer placing himself at risk of any kind from anyone if he informs his client that a proposed action, although not legal, will produce no adverse consequences?Scenario: A Florida Cond Ass'n has a unit under water, is owed large sums of dues money and has the owner die intestate and without any heirs. The unit is in bad shape. The Lendor is paying the taxes but is otherwise nowhere to be found, and does not respond to any attempt to reach it.Options:1. The legal option: Have the Ass'n lawyer petition the court for an ad litem representative in order to start Foreclosure proceedings. Said proceeding could take six months to a year. Overall Cost to the Ass'n in lost dues during the year - some $25,0002. Second option: Take over the unit; fix it up; rent it out; collect the rental against the dues losses.The only stakeholders are the Lendor (nowhere to be found) and the Ass'n.Option # ***** provides the Ass'n with maximum financial relief; repairs and preserves the unit in good shape, thus maximizing the Lendor's value when it forecloses. It also insures that the unit is not a source of mold from the absence of A/C because the electrical bill is unpaid.In practice lawyers will privately acknowledge the truth of Option # ***** as being the only common sense option in the interests of all parties. Nevertheless they appear to be reluctant to even confirm the truth of that in writing, regardless of how many caveats they include in their opinion.Why? Are they afraid of dire consequences from somewhere?

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I am not sure if this is the right area to ask this

Hi,I am not sure if this is the right area to ask this question but it is regarding takening an emergency withdrawal from a 457 deferred comp plan. The plan does not offer loans. My spouse lost her job last February, then had an accident which delayed getting back into the work force, due to this we became behind on our house payments. We have tried to qualify for home modifications and have been denied. Last hope to become current is to take money from my 457 plan. The administrators of the plan have denied the request stating foreclosure is not a reason for an emergency withdrawal? Everything I have read says it is? Is there anything I can do?

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While discussing settlement of child support, my ex sent me

While discussing settlement of child support, my ex sent me an email with the banner "*FOR SETTLEMENT DISCUSSION PURPOSES ONLY WITHOUT PREJUDICE". We are located in Maryland. Can this email be used in court? Can following emails which dont contain the banner but refer to the initial email usable in court?

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What is the statute of limitations in California to sue

What is the statute of limitations in California to sue someone in small claims court? The case has to do with the purchase of a used car from a dishonest car salesman at a wreaking yard?

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I was arrested by the parish saying that I failed to pay

I was arrested by the parish saying that I failed to pay seat belt ticket. the ticket had been payed earlier, but was arrested on a bench warrant anyway and spent four days in jail until they realized the charge was false and set me free without even a sorry. I'm really stressed and bothered by this to the point of having bad dreams and sleep problems. I'm so angry about this because my two children had to witness their mom being arrested right out of their home in front of the neighbors wondering what was going on I'm so imbarrased...please advise methank you very much

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I am suing a company workmanship on our home. They admit

I am suing a company for defective workmanship on our home. They admit fault and are low-balling a settlement offer pending trial. I just found out they are going out of business, selling assets and their attorney told our attorney that they are 'judgment proof' because they do not have anything to pay. I noticed that they are auctioning off their equipment ... is there any way to stop that until the lawsuit is over?JA: Thanks. Can you give me any more details about your issue?Customer: We had a restoration company perform fire restoration in our home following a fire. The largest item was painting .. the painting subcontractor walked off the job 1 day in. It cost us $23,000 just to fix the mess the painting guy made (and our whole claim originally was only $15,000). Our damages are up to $65K now including $15K in legal fees. There was a structural beam that was installed without drawings and without a permit, and other stuff too.JA: OK got it. Last thing — Lawyers generally expect a deposit of about $36 to help with your type of question (you only pay if satisfied). Now I'm going to take you to a page to place a secure deposit with JustAnswer. Don't worry, this chat is saved. After that, we will finish helping you.Customer: We are in Indiana

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