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I was in a minor car accident a few months back. The Truck

I was in a minor car accident a few months back. The Truck that was one car ahead of me had dropped his mattress on the freeway. The car in front of me stopped suddenly and I had no time to stop so I had scraped the side of his trailer that he was pulling. This is the first accident that I've ever been in so I was very shaken and had accidentally given the officers the wrong insurance information. My car was fully covered at the time. My insurance reimbursed me for the value of my car. I have just received a complaint from the plaintiff whose car I had scraped. Since i had given old insurance info they weren't able to get a hold of my insurance. They are asking to file an answer. Should I just call the plaintiffs attorney and give them my correct insurance information or should I file an answer and include my insurance information on there?

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I was recently involved in a car accident while intoxicated.

Hello,I was recently involved in a car accident while intoxicated. I was by myself in the car, and no one else was involved in the accident. I suffered some minor injuries, and was taken to the ER via ambulance, where I was released the next day.I do not remember much about the night of the accident, and I do not recall whether I was interviewed by police. I was not arrested, and I was released the next day with my drivers license. The doctor knew that I was intoxicated; it is possible that I told her, but I have no memory of that night.Is it possible that I will be charged with a DUI once the police report is released?Thank you very much for your advice.

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I doing a personal injury case by myself girlfriend.

Hello:So I doing a personal injury case by myself for my girlfriend.Accident background:Car Accident happened 1.5 yrs back in a car with a friend following that she had neck brace, bed rest, PT( no-fault kicked in and paid 6k for first few months) lost tuition, lost employment etc but she had permanent damage on loss of height on spine, induced arthritis etc, you can look at her and tell her neck is curved. She certainly cant stand for a long time.So my main question is coming up with a quantifyable number:While I am writing my claim, I cant claim any countinued medical treatment as medical specials with multiplying factor as she was unemployed and resorted to alternative pain easing methods.So I am only left with general damages(permanent damage, pain and suffering and emotional depression(cant get any standing jobs as it hurts and w/limited education).the crux of the claim is even after 21 months(just recently) the general damangespermanent damage are hard to quantify so the claim amount I have seeked is same as max of the liability policy i.e 500k.If I calculate the long term effects its easily reaches this number.I just want your opinion on the demand amount what are the downsides that the adjuster thinks too much or I am simply seeking the max?regardssl

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I have a quick question. Two years ago I was injured in a

Hi! I have a quick question. Two years ago I was injured in a car accident in New York. I was rearended by a drunk driver going 50 mph while at a stop light. My life hasn't been the same as I have suffered from vertigo, dizziness, balance issues, neck pain, back pain, headaches and migraine related vertigo since the accident. After the accident I had symptoms of a concussion- primarily vertigo when turning my head which is slowly improving. I did not take time off of work since I never wanted to give in to this injury, however I can no longer commute by train - I needed a ride from a friend. I have seen top specialists even consulted at the mayo clinic and was told I am dealing with post traumatic vertigo. I go to PT 3x a week still and it's been 2 years later. I do have a personal injury attorney and the insurance company made an offer of 16k. The drunk driver that hit my car passed away a year after the accident from unrelated injuries therefore this could take years to settle in court since they haven't appointed someone to his estate. Therefore based of my injuries and the fact there is no one appointed to the estate my lawyers think I should settle outside of court. The problem is all the money I've spent going to top doctors that I paid out of pocket for is more than 16k. From day one- I was never looking for money from this case but wanted to only be reimbursed what I've paid out and have some leftover for future treatment. We are not sure how much longer I will have vertigo and neck limitations. My lawyers say since my injuries while documented by top doctors are serious- and have post concussion syndrome it would be difficult to prove in New York. Like I've told them coming back with 20 or 25k would make me even as far as what I've paid out of pocket but again they sai should have seen doctors that were covered. Is this good advice? Should I just settle for 16? Thank you. P

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Let's say someone owned a car with their 21 year old son and

Let's say someone owned a car with their 21 year old son and the only reason the mother owned the car jointly with the son was to keep the son's insurance cost down. And let's say the son was in a car accident and god forbid was either over the drinking limit or had ingested some type of legal or even illegal substance. Would the insurance pay out if any of these were proven? I was wondering if this would be a reason for the insurance company to get off the hook? And could the mother remove herself further away from liability by transferring the ownership of the car into the son's name only?The son in this scenario lives at same address as mother if that makes any difference.

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I had a rear-end accident last October 2015. I saw my primary

I had a rear-end accident last October 2015. I saw my primary doctor and ended up with 3 physical therapy appointments for back pain but had also complained about my feet pain to the doctor and PT. Due to this and that, I did not settle right away (moved, etc..), but had continual foot pain and since the accident, I have been diagnosed with plantar fasciittus (Mar 2016). This is not considered "usually auto accident caused." Around the same time, I began having numbness in my arms when I laid down in certain positions, and raised my arms in certain ways. The other insurance company offered to pay the 3 PT bills and 200 extra, raised from paying the PT bills only which was $300. As I said, I was not expecting any long term injuries which is why I went with the other insurance company. I would consider this a small potatoes case, but what are my options? Is it worth my time to get a legal consult? I am all of 52 y/o; meaning that I'm not 20, but have not had any diagnosed back problems or feet problems prior to the accident. Do lawyers accept payments after settlements?

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Small Claims Court Question My home owner's association

Small Claims Court QuestionMy home owner's association hired a property management, who later hired a landscaping company toprovide lawn services for my home development. The hired landscaping company damaged myproperty. More specifically, my main water pipe line and the water hose were damaged. I notified theproperty management company, who hired the landscaping company. The landscaping companyinformed the property management company, they did not damage my main water line. I took picturesof the damage pipe and my water hose, which was cut in half. For a month and half, I did not have norunning water. I was greatly inconvenienced. As a single dad, my four minor children were severelyeffected by not having running water coming into the house. The reason I went so long without runningwater is because, a new home owner's association was in the process of election. The old board ofdirectors were dysfunctional. The old board of directors added to delay of my water being repaired. Anew home owner's board of directors was elected. The new home owner's board of directors fired boththe property management company and the landscaping company. The landscaping company is nationalcompany. The regional direct for the landscaping company stopped by home to look at the problem. Ishowed him evidence, pictures, and the physical damage his lawn crew conducted. I told him the totalcost, which include the city I live in charged me over $700 for the high pressured water leakage. Thewater lead at a high pressure for more than eight hours. The plumbing cost was $475. I am going tohave to take this case to small claims court. My question, what is the procedure for small claims court?Also, how can monetized a claim to put in small claims court that falls just under the maximum amount Imay be awarded? For over a month, I did not have access to taking a shower, toiletry, cooking, bathing,and eating. I am want the small claims court not only, possibly, to award my expenses. I want to alsofind a way for the grave inconvenience. I am not in financial position to hire an attorney and pay aretainer. Also, can you please provide me with an estimated time I may receive a hearing date for thismatter? The company has a history of poor performance, nationally, and property damage to otherhome owners.

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Got in a car accident yesterday not my fault, other driver

got in a car accident yesterday not my fault, other driver was ticketed, I went to hospital neck back head pain, has gotten worse over night supposed to call his insurance company today

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I am being sued in small claims bill regarding

i am being sued in small claims for medical bill regarding a car accident that happened 3/19/2014. Both parties insured by the same insurance company.

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