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I would like to know can I sue someone in small claims court

I would like to know can I sue someone in small claims court up to the legal amount for property taken from probate estate illegally?

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Need to respond a summons car accident that was not insured

Need to respond a summons for a car accident that was not insured and the affected parties were "injurred" they are now suing everyone in the family because they couldnt get the insurance to pay... I have nothing to do with this incident and my brother the president of the responsible company will take responsability... How do i respond the summons.. There is a $435 court filling fee plus lawyer fees to respond.. My question is are there any other things i can do to remove my name or to not hire a lawyer ?If i sue soneone just because will they have to hire a lawyer and pay the fee just to answer they had nothing to do with it..

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I was told my licence was suspended after my involvement in

I was told my licence was suspended after my involvement in a car accident (no fault , a SUV his a parked car in the HOV lane I was driving in the lane to their right and the SUV went air born and hit me.) I had no knowledge of this susspention of my licence and was informed that it was due to a late payment made to a traffic violation ( I pleaded from a criminal speeding violation to prudent) I agreed on a payment plan and regardless of if I made a late payment I payed the full amount and within the time allotted and was never informed by the DMV that my licence was suspended. I imedieatly went to the DMV and reinstated my licence which took an hour of my time and $25. I am a in home children's therapist and I would never consider driving with a suspended licence regardless, less the fact that my carreer would be adversely affected. The Az state prosecutor is offering a plea of a fine of 200 and pleading guilty to a class one misdemeanor. I am seriously concerned that this will cause termination of my employment please advise. Sincerely, *****

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P. Simmons


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My name is . I got in a car accident a year ago with no

Hi my name is***** got in a car accident a year ago with no insurance in Nh. No one was hurt but the other drivers insurers company wants over $8,000. From meIn the meantime, the state took my licence, I lost my job because now i can't driveI went to court last month and the attorney was bullying me telling me my boyfriend should help pay itNot his responsibilityWhat do I do?I have a payment hearing today

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Have a question.. bout 5 years ago my son had a car accident

hello have a question.. bout 5 years ago my son had a car accident , well long story I co signed for him when he bought the car had a accident then the other persons lawyer sent me a letter saying I have to so much money all at once are monthly, if I don't then my license will be sup. well since then I moved out of state retained a new license I check on my old license and of course it has expired, do I still have to pay them.. don't get me wrong im not trying to get out of paying but its been 5 years and I was not the one that had the accident. thank you

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My son is being discharged from the Army after having an

My son is being discharged from the Army after having an automobile accident involving a DUI and car accident even though he wasn't the one who caused the accident, but because this is the rules of Government he has been told he will be leaving within the next few weeks. My question is will he be able to file for unemployment benefits?

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The insurance company received my demand letter and despite

The insurance company received my demand letter and despite that fact that the ruling was reverse and I was award for my car 20 % and 80% the other driver. As for our injuries the adjuster said they will only honor 20% of the injuries. I told her it was reverse and your company has 80% to pay. She says they are staying at 20%.***** ***** MarshallDemand Letter:Martha *. **** states the following statement:I was involved in a car accident with another vehicle, on the 30th of June 2015. The car accident happened in the intersection of Debarr Road and Edward Street, Anchorage, Alaska. On that day, around 4:45 p.m., we left Walmart heading west on Debarr Road going to our home. It was daylight and you were able to see clearly, with no visible obstacles in front of you to block the road.Marvin was driving my 2005 Kia Amanti, State of Alaska license plate ******, speed was about 30 miles per hour. The passengers were his sister Melody Crawford, who was visiting from Utah, and myself. I was sitting in the front passenger, his sister M.C., was sitting in the back behind the driver's seat.While travelling west on Debarr Road, we were in the furthest right lane of the street. As M.L. made his way through the intersection, this lady Sara Chivers was driving her Nissan, State of Alaska license plate EMB 673, heading east on Debarr Road. Then, right as we were approaching the center of the intersection, in the corner of my eye, as I was about to look at M.L., I saw this vehicle turning towards us. Then I noticed, M.L. turned the steering wheel left abruptly to avoid getting hit. Even with his attempt to veer away it still wasn't enough to avoid the crash. S.C. struck our car with a big bang! I screamed Marvin's name as I closed my eyes tightly. When both vehicles collided, my Kia came to a complete and sudden stop immediately causing my washer fluid tank to crack open. There is a mark on the ground as evidence of where the initial point of impact happened. S.C.'s vehicle kept going after she hit our vehicle, then she stopped before the white line of Edward Street. M.L. looked at us and asked if we were okay. I was scared and shocked that we were hit and said,"I guess I'm okay."; however, M.C. said her right knee was hurting. Her hard plastic drinking cup was sitting in the pouch behind the drivers seat and the force of the impact caused M.W. to smash her knee into the cup. Then M.L. called the police and got out to take pictures of both vehicles and of the horrific scene of the accident. S.C. got out her vehicle taking pictures. We moved our vehicles off the roads so people could get by while we waited for the police, it was recommended by 911 dispatcher. About an half hour the policeman came and didn't give any citations, but asked all of us one by one of what happened. after handling the police report we had to bring M.C. to Providence Hospital for her obviously, injured knee.Excellence In Health$3,575.00Providence Emergency Room$954.47Alaska Native Medical Center?Total: $?The next two days after the accident I felt like I was slowly feeling more soreness set in my body. Then on 3rd of July, while I was at work attempting to try to do my job as a housekeeper, I started having pain and discomfort on my lower-mid back area as I tried to make a bed. I notified my boss about what was going on and was granted the day off to go to the hospital. M.L. told me he felt more pain in his back also, so the both of us went to Providence Hospital. The doctor told me I had a strained back and was prescribed Naproxen and Flexeril for pain and then sent the prescriptions to Walgreen Pharmacy. Upon arriving at Walgreens, I learned that my Medicaid didn't cover the cost for either medications prescribed. I asked the Walgreens pharmacist if she would be able to transfer the prescription to the Alaska Native Medical Center Pharmacy and ANMC said I was required to be seen. After getting a second opinion ANMC went ahead and prescribed Naproxen and Flexeril for my back pain, and said if I'm still having pain to do a follow-up on Monday-(July 6, 2016)with Family Medicine.This accident caused me pain both physically and emotionally. My occupation as a housekeeper is a physically demanding job and the injuries I sustained kept me from being able to go to work for eleven days. The time I had to take off was during a very busy season for us housekeepers, and I felt as if I was letting my coworkers down. When I returned to work I was folding towels until I was healed enough to return to cleaning rooms. However, I was confronted by my supervisor because my title was a housekeeper and if I couldn't perform my duties I could be let go. Stressing over losing my job was a huge deal for my family, particularly since I am the breadwinner. Not only was I forced to miss wo

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Pearl. I returned home from work this afternoon and found a

Hi Pearl. I returned home from work this afternoon and found a Sheriff's Notice left in my door, with my name and a sheriff's reference number on it, advising me to call or e-mail the noted sheriff's deputy. Jurisdiction, New Castle County DEJA: Because employment law varies from place to place, can you tell me what state this is in?Customer: Yes. DelawareJA: Have you talked to a lawyer yet?Customer: Negative.JA: Anything else you think the lawyer should know?Customer: I did contact the telephone number and was directed to a voicemail. I simply mentioned I was replying to the notice and left a number for the deputy to contact me back.JA: OK. Got it. I'm sending you to a secure page on JustAnswer so you can place the $5 fully-refundable deposit now. While you're filling out that form, I'll tell the Lawyer about your situation and then connect you two.

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I have a question regarding subjugation. I received a letter

I have a question regarding subjugation. I received a letter from an attorney, concerning am accident I was involved with in Massachusetts. I live in NH. At the time I was not insured. I was not cited but the opinion of the other side is I'm 100 percent at fault. O don't believe that's the case. Now after 2 years they are threatening suit.

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