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I am in Miami fl. on a property in an agricultural area. we

I am in Miami fl. on a property in an agricultural area. we have been there 5 years now. we run a non profit organization utilizing plants and animals to teach people about the environment/nature in an engaging interactive way. we could not afford to buy the property when we found it but were approached by a family member who said they wanted to help us. It surprised us but we were very happy for the opportunity. This person purchased the property at a discounted price offered to us by the seller because they believed in our mission statement. We met in her lawyers office to discuss everything. We gave them our two year, three year and five year plan, and offered the purchaser 3% on her money even though she insisted she did not want to make money off us, she just wanted to help us. We would pay the monthly mortgage expense etc, with a portion going toward our eventual purchase of the property. The lawyer said that we should write all this down, but purchaser insisted it was not necessary, she just wanted to help us.We worked our buns off transforming the property to a lush tropical rainforest paradise. We had to be creative as we had very little money and had to generate funds for the landlord. We repurposed found things, got donated plants, rescued plants, rescued animals, found places that would donate discards that we could use to feed the animals etc. We provided a unique experience to our visitors and after a few years word of mouth took off and our attendance skyrocketed. Apparently the landlord figured she could take over our business, but that was not happening. She in no way could fulfill our mission statement. That pissed her off. She started harassing us that she wanted her money out at year two. we were on track with the business plan we had given her and it stated that at the five year mark with our agreement we should be able to purchase the property from her. in 2014 she just got plain nasty. She seemed mad that we were becoming more successful. eventually later that year she told us everything has changed. All the money we had paid to her was gone. Her exact words were 'poof' thats all gone. She said that she was going to put the property on the market unless we started paying $5000 a month. We paid $5000 a month. After a year she put the property on the market anyway. She asks a price $150,000 above the appraised value, insisting that was the price we would have to pay for it. Eventually she dropped asking price a little and says we can buy it for that price plus 25% of the business with none of the liability. It was not the first time she demanded 25% of the business. Now she has sent a letter ( with some lies in it) saying she is not renewing rental, and gave us a few weeks to move out, or buy the property at the too high price, or sign a year lease with increased rent and lots of not good for us things in it. I feel that there is extortion. There is no way we can possibly move all our animals and enclosures and supplies in that time period. People trying to help us mentioned improper enrichment, breach of contract ( although verbal contracts are binding in Fl, I guess it's not so regarding real estate)..She deceived us. And apparently just wants to take all we have. I dont know what recourse i have. But am determined not to worry myself into a heart attack again. Any ideas?

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J. Warren


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In a divorce settlement I offered to pay my ex a certain

In a divorce settlement I offered to pay my ex a certain amount of money ( the money owed to the appraised value to make it about 50 percent at time) the housemy thought was to just buy her out but I decided to put the houseup for sale this was allowed in the divorce docs.but if after 2 months the house wasnt sold she could have entered a judgement for the money owed. she did that and got a judgement for the money i gaureeteed to herthe house has a buyer and is being sold. is she responsible for the realtor fees and other fees asscoaited with the house.this was NOT in the divorce settlement about any fees??she is on the deed of the house. it was not turned overGary

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Albert Marmero

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What does it mean: "together with all the buildings thereon

What does it mean: "together with all the buildings thereon and the appurtenances thereto belonging", (2000)? In 1960 there was only one house built there, but in 2000 there were more than one house and sheds built then. Does this phrase means to include all the additional houses and the sheds built by 2000?The appraised value for the additional properties on this Deed of Gift in 2000 does not justify the true value of all the properties that existed then in 2000, but was undervalued. If this is fraud and is this sufficient to void this Deed of Gift. I need to void this deed for dementia, undue influence, fraud by the Donne's lawyers which I know and understand all, but difficult to prove for lack of sufficient evidence and as I was living abroad I am at a terrible disadvantage!

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TJ, Esq.

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I am getting bought out 50% of a home that I own, the other

Hi RichardI am getting bought out 50% of a home that I own, the other owner will be doing a cash out refinance on the home which is fully paid off. I expect to get $230,000. What tax amount I would have to pay on the money I receive?

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I received a quote from a probate lawyer. He would 40%.

I received a quote from a probate lawyer. He would 40%. Isn't this high? I was researching and what I saw was the going rate is 4% if the money was $150,000 and under. What is the going rate?

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I entered into a contract purchasing an Condo-60 days

i entered into a contract purchasing an Condo-60 days closing, inspection waive, COE on 06/04/2016.i have removed loan contingency in time, on 05/02 due date of appraisal contingency removal i signed the cancellation without appraisal being ordered but seller rejected to sign it, also the realtor who is the dual agent told me that i am not allowed to cancel the contract without appraisal report, so appraisal was in forced and value came in as the sale price, but i still feel i over paid because an identical unit in the immediate area is listing with 37K less ,i reject to signed the removal of appraisal contingency even though appraisal value is supporting the offer price.i wanted to know do i have the right to cancel the contract at this point when appraisal contingency has not signed yet? i suppose to sign Notice of Perform to remove appraisal today as per agent, can i reject it? will seller keep my deposit of 15K if i reject to sign the Notice?what should i do at this point?

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Lucy, Esq.

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I have some questions about Prop 13 and it transferring into

Hi I have some questions about Prop 13 and it transferring into my name with the house in 2008. and how value of home is determined if no appraisal was done at time of transfer?

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If you added onto your house more that double it. But you

If you added onto your house more that double it. But you recently found out that city hall may not have that info. How do I go by getting it updated? So if I ever sell my house, the price will be based on the correct size of house. Also, would I get penalized on past taxes?

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David L

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Second mortgage company in Kentucky is suing me foreclosed

second mortgage company in Kentucky is suing me for my foreclosed home back in 2012, first mortgage "Chase Bank" foreclosed, tried to short sale twice the second mortgage bank rejected 10k offer to settle a 35k debt they want to sue me in my current state of California where I had to move to due to a job relocation.

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