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Air Conditioner Questions

What is an air conditioner?

An air conditioner is a device that heats or cools the air circulating in a room so that a comfortable temperature is maintained. Many air conditioners also control ambient humidity and filter out dust and dirt from the circulating air. Common air conditioner problems include the required temperature not being maintained, water leaking from the unit, inadequate air flow and the unit switching itself off when it is not supposed to or the air conditioner not working at all. Below are some of the most common questions on air conditioner problems that have been answered by Experts.

How to fix an  LG Multi Type air conditioner that is running water and dripping into the room?

The first thing to do is check if the indoor coil is level across the bottom. If it is, the most likely cause is a clogged drain hose. Disconnect the hose and blow or vacuum out any blockage. If the problem still persists then it could be due to a cracked drain pan which you can remove and check. Start by removing the 5 screws that hold the plastic front in place. The plastic dogs that are cast into the catches at the top and sides to hold the front in place can be loosened by spreading the sides apart slightly. The front will swing out and can be lifted off. You can now access the drain pan to check for cracks and leakage. Make sure that before lifting the front off, you decouple the links to the air swing dampers to prevent any damage to them. If you are not comfortable doing this yourself, it may be better to call in a service technician.

What is the problem if an air conditioner fan (or just below it) is making a loud buzzing noise every few minutes?

The most likely causes are a compressor or fan problem. The noise could be coming from loose compressor bolts or because the compressor is straining due to a low refrigerant charge. The capacitor should also be checked to see that it is operating within range. If the noise is from the fan, it could be caused by an imbalanced fan blade. These are checks and repairs best done by a qualified service technician.

How to fix an air conditioner unit with no air flow, the blower running and the coolant line is covered with ice?

First, check the filter and if it is dirty or damaged, clean or replace it as needed. Next you need to turn the outside unit to the off position and turn the blower on. This will help to melt the ice. Continue with this for a few hours even after the visible ice has melted – there may still be ice inside the cooling line or the coil which will take some more time to melt. Once all the ice has melted start the cooling. If there is cold air flowing, the problem should be solved. If the problem persists, the cause may be a loss of refrigerant which will have to be replaced. This will require the services of a qualified service technician.

How to fix my GE portable room air conditioner (model APH10) if water is leaking onto the floor and the warning light won’t come on when the drain pan is full?

It appears that the unit is not sensing that the drain pan is full. If the unit has a float to sense the water level, check to see if it is sticking due to dirt or mineral deposits from the accumulated water. If this is so, clean the float to allow for smooth movement. If this does not solve the problem, check the drain pan for leaks and replace it if required. If there is a drain hose connected, check it for blockages and clean it out if required. Please keep in mind that if the air conditioner is running in very humid conditions the water collection in the drain pan may be more than the unit’s ability to evaporate it, leading to the overflow. This should be mentioned in the instruction booklet.

How to fix a Carrier unit, which is part of a Unico high velocity central air system,  when the fan does not turn and there is no sound from the unit?

Check inside the air handling unit to find the “wet switch flood detector” and the low voltage float switch. Remove both from the drain pan. Dry out the pan, the flood detector and the float switch and put everything back in place. Check the drain hose. Find where it comes out of the building and vacuum out the line. The unit should now work.

An air conditioner is a complicated and expensive piece of equipment. Check the Owner’s Manual before attempting to repair any air conditioner problems to prevent injury or equipment damage. If the manual is not available or does not cover your air conditioner issues, you may need Expert help.

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