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I met with my tax preparer last March and gave her partial

Customer Question

I met with my tax preparer last March and gave her partial information for my taxes. I had a change of residency that year and moved into my rental and now rent my former home. I TOLD her not to file taxes until I had all the documentation and she agreed.
She made a mistake and hit the button and filed my taxes incomplete, even using the old address as my primary home.
Today, I have to meet with her and I want the entire taxes redone as there is much to change and redo. She says she wants to do an amendment.
Can I do a full new taxes?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Tax
Expert:  Lev replied 1 year ago.
Hi and welcome to our site!Because the tax return has been already filed - you may NOT file that tax return again as if it were not filed...The IRS will NOT accept another tax return.The ONLY way to correct mistake - is to file an amended tax return.You will attach explanation regarding your amendment return - and may mention that original return was filed by mistake.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
How this is handled could cost me my home. I have been approved for a Hardest Hit assistance program which will allow me to save my home. I moved from my former home to what was my rental mid year last year back into my original home.
This program requires that I am residing in this home.
She fowled up and applied the expenses to the wrong home, didn't declare the right income to the right property and put on the taxes I was still living in the old home, not the one I am really in.
This means everything to me and I have to file the ammendment now and the goverment will see that I just did this.
What should I ask my tax preparer to say about this on the letter?
Expert:  Lev replied 1 year ago.
Sorry for your situation.
First of all - the tax preparer should NOT file the tax return without your signature - that is a violation from her side.
You may file a formal complain against that tax preparer with the IRS - and may request the tax preparer to compensate all damages resulted by her actions.
However - that would be a civil matter between you and the tax preparer - if she refuse to compensate or you do not agree on the damage valuation - you may only sue the tax preparer.
Your tax return is NOT shared with any other government agencies.
The IRS only deals with you and your appointed representative.
If you are required to provide the tax return to the third party - the most common way - to order your tax account transcript - that basically shows all information from your tax return.
Be sure to order transcript AFTER your amended tax return is processed.
When you file an amended tax return - there is no need for separate letter.
On the amended tax form 1040X
see Part III - "Explanation of changes. In the space provided below, tell us why you are filing Form 1040X."