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Arthur Rubin
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My sister in law got audited by the IRS and was informed that

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My sister in law got audited by the IRS and was informed that she owed the IRS $30k. I do not have the details on how she owed the money. Anyways, the question is, she plans to hire a Lawyer who advertises on the radio that he can negotiate with the IRS on the money owed and can get down the amount upto 70%. Is this really possible that these Lawyers can negotiate with the IRS? Are there any criteria on what can be negotiated? My sister in law is just worried that these Lawyers just advertise this to get you hooked in but can't actually do anything. It would just be a waste of money getting a Lawyer if that is the case. Any thoughts on this is appreciated.

Arthur Rubin :

Well, there are programs where the IRS can reduce the amount owed, but only because of uncertainty (on the part of the IRS) of the accuracy of their version of the return or the ability to collect.

Arthur Rubin :

Some lawyers are better at negotiating with the IRS than others, but there is no reason to believe that the ones who advertise are better than the ones that do not.

Arthur Rubin :

The most common reduction program is called OIC (Offer In Compromise). You can file the forms without expert help, and, unless there's a complicated situation, you might do almost as well as a lawyer.

Arthur Rubin :

I'm afraid I might not be the best expert to answer this, but I'm not sure what the qualifications of such an expert would be, other than not advertising on television.

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