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Hello,I lived in NJ-state till January 2012. Moved for

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I lived in NJ-state till January 2012. Moved for 6 Month into NY-state till June 2012.

Since July 2012 I stay only in a Hotel cross over the USA. My employer is based in NJ-state.

I like to move to Florida what I and what my employer has to do? Please explane in detail.

MyVirtualCPA : Hello and welcome
MyVirtualCPA : if you perform your work in Florida and that is your residence, you will not owe tax to other states.
MyVirtualCPA : So, to get situated in Florida you would need a place to live, to register your cars there must show that is the place you intend to live
MyVirtualCPA : as far as your employer goes, they would update you in their system and stop withholding state payroll taxes.

What form I have to fill and what my company has todo?


BECAUSE: they mean they have to open a business there ... ?


how the "system" called ?


Iam from germany and new in those tax business. ...


I live in the hotels since a year and have a mail address in FL (no postbox).

Iam a programmer traveling about 230days a year cross the USA and be 30days in europe.


what will be the best option?


my curent address was in NJ

MyVirtualCPA : You will fill out the New Jersey w-4 to indicate you are a non resident

what that means? non residence of usa or NJ?

MyVirtualCPA : New Jersey
MyVirtualCPA : You are a resident of the US for tax purposes

what for tax I have tp pay?


none state tax?

MyVirtualCPA : If you are a Florida resident you pay only federal taxes



what my company has to do


they mean they must open a business there


thats bullshit I guess

MyVirtualCPA : No they don't have to open a business there
MyVirtualCPA : they can simply pay you

where can I read about it ? is there a information form?

MyVirtualCPA : What would you like to read about?

I want approve it and to show my "smart" account manager he is wrong


so all I have to do - fill out W-4 form ... register a address change DL and bank account address etc ...


all they have to do - take me out from the system



MyVirtualCPA : That is correct but I don't know of a form that would say all that

was my guess

MyVirtualCPA : I am sorry

so very simple ....


thanks for now

MyVirtualCPA : Yes people work in other states all the time
MyVirtualCPA : If you would please take a moment to rate my response as excellent so that I may receive credit for assisting you today

yes of couse

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