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I have a CPA do my taxes for my S-Corporation. In April, I

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I have a CPA do my taxes for my S-Corporation. In April, I received a letter from the IRS with a Penalty for Failure to File S Corporation Return. I informed my CPA about this, and he said that he would handle it. However, my CPA kept putting it off, and I don't think he ever spoke with the IRS. The deadline to pay the penalty was May 13. Today (May 22) the post office left me a note that they attempted to deliver a certified letter from the IRS. I'm guessing that it is because my CPA still has not addressed this issue. What can I do? I should not be responsible for paying the penalties and interest, since I turned in my tax information to my CPA in January.

Robin D : Hello and thank you for using Just Answer,You should first go get the letter from the post office. Then contact your CPA. If your CPA had the information to complete the S corp filing and did not then they should assume the responsibility.If you feel that your CPA has not followed through with their responsibilities you should contact the Kentucky Society of CPAs.
Robin D :
Robin D : The society has strict regulations for their members
Robin D : You can contact them by Phone:(NNN) NNN-NNNN/span>
Robin D : I agree with you when you state you should not be responsible especially if the CPA had all they needed to complete the work.
Robin D : Can you actually view my posts?
Robin D : I hate to switch to regular Q &A if you can really see my posts in CHAT
Robin D : because
Robin D : we will not be able to switch back to CHAT and talk real time.
Robin D : If you have a small S corp (10 or less shareholders) your CPA can request an abatement for the penalty. Perhaps they did this and the letter is in response to the request.
Robin D : Let me know if you wish to add more.
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