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I was diagnosed with kidney failure in January 2012 while living

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I was diagnosed with kidney failure in January 2012 while living in Boone North Carolina. Options were dialysis and/or kidney transplant. I was advised by my Doctor because of my age that a kidney transplant was far and away the logical choice. Only problem was that the nearest hospital in NC that did transplant surgeries was approx 3 hours away. This was not an option. I would need to be reletively close to the transplant center for treatment before and after the transplant and I needed to be as close as possible when the call came that they had a kidney...time is very critical in these instances when dealing with cadaver organ donations. OK, so I needed to move. I did that. I moved to the West Coast of Fla within 45 mins of Tampa General Hosp, the premiere transplant center in Fla. My question is this...
Because a transplant was presented to me as my best option for survival, by my Nephrologist in NC, the move was necessary in my mind. Can I deduct all related moving expenses like movers fees, storage, truck rental, mileage, gasoline, supplies etc on my 2012 tax return? I understand the 7.5% of AGI limitation for med expenses..

Doctor Cameron :


Doctor Cameron :

welcome to JA

Doctor Cameron :

how old are you, P?


Dr Cameron, with all due respect, I didn't ned medial help, I need professional tax help. I did select Tax as my category and somehow it got sent to you. BTW way I am 64 yrs old.

Doctor Cameron :

no problem.

Doctor Cameron :

It came under medical

Doctor Cameron :

I will categorize it.

Doctor Cameron :

I did look up the tax code and moving related expenses are not tax deductible

Doctor Cameron :

Doctor Cameron :

So keep your expectations in check. Do not reply to me.

Doctor Cameron :

I will send it for recat now

Customer: replied 3 years ago.
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My question was for a certified tax professional. It was directed to a physician for answer. Nice person, but I need TAX help.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Relist: Other.
didnt need a doctor, needed a tax pro
Hello and thank you for using Just Answer,
You have most probably read all you find about moving expenses but the requirements need to be repeated :

You can deduct your moving expenses if you meet all three of the following requirements.

  • Your move is closely related to the start of work.

  • You meet the distance test.

  • You meet the time test.

There is an exception for starting work later if medical needs are involved but there must be a job involved to claim the expenses.

Unfortunately, unless you became employed at some time after your move then you cannot claim the expenses. You did not state that you became employed and assume that you were not able to but if you are married and filing a joint return and your spouse was employed after the move then the expenses would be allowed.
You can claim an extension to be employed because of the medical. If you do not move within 1 year of the date you begin work, you ordinarily cannot deduct the expenses unless you can show that circumstances existed that prevented the move within that time.

I sincerely XXXXX XXXXX could tell you differently.

Robin D., Senior Tax Advisor 4
Category: Tax
Satisfied Customers: 13119
Experience: 15years with H & R Block. Divisional leader, Instructor
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