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My husband and I both claimed Head of household last year because

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My husband and I both claimed Head of household last year because there was an error on the tax prepares part and an error in the address. We both received tax credits for our children. We both received a pretty hefty return. I was reviewing my docs from 2011 and noticed the discrepancy. Should I file an amendment and fix the address? This will effect the refund we received and I will probably wind up owing money, but I would rather do this than the IRS see it first. Is this a good option? Should I leave it alone?

Welcome to Just Answer,

You should file a 1040X, which is an amended return and clear up the error. You don't want to leave it alone. Most tax web sites like Turbo Tax will allow you to complete a 1040X and amend a prior year return. Please let me know if you have any questions before you rate my answer. A positive rating is what I strive for. Regards, Dave
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