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Tax/payroll deduction question.Both of our student loans are

Resolved Question:

Tax/payroll deduction question.Both of our student loans are in default. I am housewife, my husband works. We were sent garnishment order on January...have been garnishing 15% of net income since then. We filed taxes they seized our refund on my loan. Filed injured spouse...then, they sized on husband's loan. We are obviously on hard times, is it possible for GC services to garnish abd seize? Is there any way to recoup some or all of the money or stop garnishment?

Thanks in, advance.
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Tax
Expert:  InfoTaxes replied 4 years ago.

InfoTaxes :

Thank you for using

InfoTaxes :

You may want to fill out the following form----- and show that the garnishment would case financial hardship

InfoTaxes :

If you don't call them and make payments arragement they can go after your wages and there is nothing you can do to get the money back, the best solution will be for you to fill out the form above.

Customer: Thank you for answering..... Will this form stop the garnishment, and help get some of our refund back....
InfoTaxes :

The form will help you showing them that at the moment you don't have enough funds to pay the loan and they may stop the garnishment or give you a lower monthly payment plan

Customer: We have made payment, arrangements......this is why we were surprised they took our refund
InfoTaxes :

Fill out the form and show them everything the more information you give them about your financial situation the more they will understand why they need to stop the garnishment

Customer: So, in your experience our refund of $15,000 is forever gone....
Customer: I will fil out the form asap!
InfoTaxes :

If you have made payments they can give you some back if you were on time with your payments

InfoTaxes :

and show them that you have a payment plan with them

Customer: The garnishments are set to stop in June and monthly account deductions are set up. Is there any way to ensure they give the 15,000 back...or is it up to GC Services.
InfoTaxes :

It will be up to GC services

InfoTaxes :

I have to leave my office but I will be back in around 1 hour if you need more information I will be able to help you in about an hour or so.... Let me know if you need more information and please don't forget to send the form ASAP

Customer: Thank you! I doubt then, that we will see any of our $$.. Collection agencies never want to part with $$. If there is no statute or law to enforce. Thank you very much for your time!
InfoTaxes :

Let me know if you need more information!

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