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yoy have not sent me an anser

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yoy have not sent me an anser

Generally, the person who files first claiming a child will get the exemption and the refund, unless the IRS has previously flagged the account. Once the second person files, the investigation can begin. If the first person did not qualify, the IRS will send a bill for repayment of all or part of the erronious refund.


Next year, when the person tries to file, the return will be flagged and blocked until that other taxpayer can prove she is eligible to claim the EIC.



You will get the refund only when the IRS determines you are entitled to it. I can't predict how long the IRS investigation will take.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
well im supposed to receive the refund april 10th..i filed in febuary..i have not received anything tp prove im head of house hold..she doesnt pay taxes because she does not have a social you think the irs n
knows this

The IRS cannot and will not discuss anybody else's account with you. I do not know and nor do you know exactly what this other person put on her tax return. It is pure speculation.


As for your own account, you can check the Where's My Refund application (right side of the home page) at


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